Friday, July 22, 2005

Still here

Still not in the studio, so I haven't felt a real need to post what I'm not making.

I haven't felt great since Bead and Button...a whole month of draggy-ness. :(

Hopefully will be able to make beads again soon and thus...make a living!!!

My tivo came home yesterday after being away being fixed. Am very happy to have it safe at home. ;)

music today? - no...just kids and tv and radio in the car

starbucks today - no, I can't go w/ kids or they want something too!!!!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

nothing real to say, but need to keep up with blogging since I've been erratic about it in the past year.

Have not made beads in a while. Still not feeling great...better, but not great.

Been beading and thinking of beading more than beadmaking. That's the way things go with cycles of beading/beadmaking/beading/beadmaking....

so...hopefully next week will be beadmaking again.

had starbucks today - mint mocha frappucino (didn't I say it was a one time thing?)

music - no, but listening to book on tape (well, ipod not tape, but it just sounded better to say tape) - Janet Evanovich 11 on Top. Not wild about the narrator and might want to actually read this again instead of listen.