Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Oh there's no place like home for the holidays...

Well, I've been house-bound for 3 days now and am going crazy!!! AND I can't make beads!!!!! arghhhhh

Harrison has pneumonia and strep throat, so he is down for the count for the rest of the week and being Mom is my only job this week. At least he'll be better by Christmas! (I hope!!!)

Rob got a job and I'm a much happier camper.

Other than that...nothing to talk about except to say "Let me outta here!" :)

Monday, August 23, 2004

I haven't been very diligent about posting here. I also never spell check, so if I'm spelling things incorrectly in my own bee it.

I've been swamped with getting e-bay things up and going. Also with some changes to the Clothesline project, adding them to my website in a new way, adding them potentially to e-bay. Not sure why, but thought I'd get more exposure that way.

Am tired tired tired. Watching olympics late into the evenings, but really enjoying them.

have starbucks in hand today...need that jolt!

Friday, August 13, 2004

Didn't get a ton of beads made today, but kept organizing the studio. I'm actually almost at a point where I can find my beads! They are there by color, style and in clear boxes so that I see everything!!! Hooray!!!

Auctions still bite.

Me - I'm creating fun things and trying not to obsess over the above statement.

Pizza delivery on its way...beading in the meantime

should have had a starbucks today. feeling a bit draggy.

Thursday, August 12, 2004


If I were not feeling so darn creative tonight I might be having a nervous breakdown due to the fact that most of my auctions right now have absolutely NO bids. I am deleting any whiny-ness just because I'm not whining...just puzzled and a bit miffed.

I have good stuff up there!!! I have low starting bids!!! Even the ones I raised to $19.99 are good prices...they're $70ish bundles!!! So, why they are receiving no bids is one big mystery to me. I really feel they are some of the best things I've had up in a while (not that I don't like my other stuff, but I was really happy with these) I was really happy (am really happy) with the photography too! Whazzup? I just don't know.

That said, I'm feeling really creative right now, so I'm pretty stable emotionally about this. Still, it would feel much better knowing I actually had some income next week! LOL

I have been beading new things today, so am happy about that. I'm ready to create..not just produce.

Off to create more.

Monday, August 09, 2004

School day 1 - complete.

Sylvie made lots of beads

Kids happy with classes

Harrison changed his name to Ethan. Apparently the teacher called roll using his first name and he said "ok" and at that moment chose not to rock the boat, but to go by his first name since the teacher used it. That's my little "pleaser". I told him to let me know which name he wants me to call him. If he wants to be be it.

I did get a lot of beads made. It was a crazy quirky day of color.

Received a shipment of something I had ordered through e-bay. It was something I was saying I was interested in selling on e-bay...I'm just wanting to avoid directly mentioning who and what I purchased.

I just have to say, that though the product received was just what I purchased and quite fine. The packaging was the absolute most atrocious (sp?) thing I have ever seen. It was a small jar (of what I ordered) wrapped in paper and postal tape sloppily then in some paper then into a USED business reply envelope which was then re-taped and stickered with return address and my address. I might have to photograph this just to show how absolutely unbelievably bad presentation it was.

I KNOW that I am so much better than this in my packaging and presentation. These people selling this product are just so so not artists, though I don't really know who would be interested in this product were they not artistic. Their photography stinks, the ad copy is ok, but this was just such a crazy way to ship (and the shipping charge was around $3.00 for FC) I would understand that if it was well packed, but for that???? Oh well. It was exactly why I ordered. I wanted to see what the potential competition was doing.


off needing some dinner. Griffin is asleep due to the no nap factor of 1st grade. Ugh. Won't be easy to wake him and he won't want to go to sleep tonight if I don't.

starbucks today! _ Iced almond latte (I'm on a kick of that I guess, but today was the last for a while due to the shakes I get from Starbucks) :(

Sunday, August 08, 2004

twas the night before school starts... and no kids could sleep. It's going to be a challenge to wake up tomorrow! BUT I am planning to spend some quality time (after Starbucks of course) at my torch. I don't have anything specific in mind, but I think I need to make beads. Not small beads, though that might happen, but I feel like i need to MAKE something. Not sure what, but SOMETHING.

will keep you (me) posted. :)

Saturday, August 07, 2004

It's Sylviebead news day. I sent out an e-mail to my customer list telling them super secret stuff and letting them know there is new stuff in my storefront. I am finally happy with my photography. And...hopefully, now that I know what I'm doing (sort of), I can photograph some of my larger focal beads this week and post them to the store as well.

Head Over Heels is winding down and I'm feeling a bit bummed about it. I know that I wanted to make room for myself to do something new, but I'm wondering if that's a big mistake!!! Am I a one hit wonder that is retiring my HIT????? It's one of those things where I was so happy with the Clothesline, but it doesn't seem to have the appeal to other people as head over heels does. I also love the angel piece, but what if it receives the same reaction?!!!!

I'm over thinking things probably, but I just had my 2nd class cancellation due to low registration. I know it's summer, and I think that had a lot to do with it, but I'm still having a lot of self doubt.

The boys start school on Monday, so I'll have a bit more time to spend on designing. Maybe there's another "hit" in there somewhere????? If Rob would get a job it would make it much easier for me. Being the beady breadwinner is not an easy thing and does make for more of a production lifestyle than a creative one. Head Over Heels has paid the bills this summer. When that stock is gone...then what?!!!

I'm sitting here with the smell of sharpened pencils in my nose. Griffin was supposed to sharpen 48 pencils for school....he did 15 I think! We'll see if he gets a few more sharpened later, but I don't think 48 is going to happen!

Bookbags are ready to be packed with fresh supplies. I think I'm having more fun with that than they are. I always loved having new school supplies. The first day when all the crayons are organized and pristine! Makes me want to buy a box for myself...just to sit around and not use! LOL

am off to pretend to work on something important while I continue to work through this blue funk.

i think i need starbucks

Friday, August 06, 2004

This is one of those "what the heck is she talking about entries" that I just need to write and then laugh and be done.

I am a dairy queen dip cone.

Smooth and somewhat stable on the outside, but still very fragile and one good thunk and I'm just a mess.

I felt thunked yesterday, but I think I'm better today.

I'd rather be Brewsters I think...maybe Ben and Jerry's....better yet, something that doesn't melt at all!

coffee - Starbucks iced Almond Latte (it was one of those days that I needed it!)
and a Krsipy Kreme was REALLY one of those days! LOL

Watching: Court TV a new LIVE trial (finally) about a guy who might have killed his wife, but if he did, he was truly stupid (though he is in real life a rocket scientist). It's one of those trials where I'm not sure if he's guilty or not. Those are my favorites...I get to decide as the trial unfolds rather than having an opinion right away.

Reading: The Edge of Reason (again) - Want to remind myself how funny it was before the movie comes out. I laughed harder at this one than Bridget Jones.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Yesterday's posting was quite whiny. I hate when I do that...and I did it publicly, so everyone (if anyone reads) knows that I am a real person who has those days.

In light of my recent e-bay failures, I am considering a new line of work...

I have been watching e-bay and the MAC cosmetics section. Some people know that I am a total MAC junky. You might not guess that if you ever saw me because I don't even wear makeup half of the time. Only a fraction of the time do I do wild MAC-like makeup. Most makeup days are fairly subdued (though I'm still using MAC)

Ok...what is all this rambling about. No, I'm not going to become a makeup artist (though that might be fun). I have found that e-bay has auctions for mac products. Most of them being pretty ordinary, like someone has purchased a lot of discontinued color from an outlet store and they're re-selling on e-bay.

BUT there is this crazy market for these things called Mac Pro Pigments. They are the color that is added to eye makeup or lipgloss (even nail polish) WHATEVER to change their color. They are what they say a "pure pigment". Well....I'm dying to try these and they don't sell them at most MAC stores (only the PRO shops).

So what is all this about you say? Well......there are people selling 1/4 teaspoons of this stuff on e-bay for $2-5 per 1/4 teaspoon!!!! So, I says to myself, I says "hey, I could do that!" There aren't very many people doing this, and there seems to be a consistent market for the items since they are scarce in most towns. PLUS the people who are selling this are NOT artistic in their presentation of the items. Their photography STINKS and they're marketing COLOR!!

The whole thing reminds me of how e-bay bead sales got to be so hot. People didn't have access to them, so e-bay became the primary place for the general public who didn't live in a big bead show town to buy them. I'm truly considering making PRO purchases either via some sort of ordering (and I do have a source to do this ) from the PRO stores OR making trips to those PRO stores (oooh!! that sounds fun!!) and then re-packaging and selling these samples the way others have.

What I need to find out is if it is really something that could be profitable, or would I just be asking for more trouble than it's worth. I would be able to own all the colors myself (which is a fun fun fun thing for me and probably why I love MAC so much, the colors are endless and using these pigments you can mix NEW colors!!)so that might be a draw, but I'm just not sure yet.

I have to find out how many 1/4 teaspoons are in one package and if when adding in the new packaging for the samples it would be at all profitable. I have to guess so since there are people doing this, but I would want to make sure.

I will keep my journal posted on this idea. So, I could quit making beads and be a cosmetics mogul OR I could just hook my bead customers on this stuff and MAYBE cross market to the makeup girls out there too and get them to buy jewelry or beads! (this is sounding more and more interesting!)

ok...must do bookkeeping work for my Dad today and just think on this more (talking MAC is more fun)

had Dunkin Donuts latte today, which really is pretty good!

Monday, August 02, 2004


I'm just about dying now.

I have auctions with NO bids. I have a bundle of beads closing in 4 hours with a high bid of $14. This is a $70 bundle of beads and I'm really really close to thinking twice about e-bay.

I know I know I know I need to sell beads to pay bills, but the idea of selling cheap just hurts my pride. :(

I did get a new bra this weekend though and it made me happy. silly thing, yet happy about it. Was terribly controlled on a shopping trip and limited myself to a very inexpensive PTA outfit (long story) and did not buy shoes (though I was quite tempted to go to the Nordstrom big sale).

Have my new photo setup and am working today to learn how to use it. Learning curves stink, but I'm needing a day to figure it all out.


off to work again. enough whining.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

free beads. get your free beads.

That's what I feel like I'm saying right now with my beads on e-bay. I am practically giving away those beads. I have to sell right now, though, since Rob doesn't have a job and I can't say "no, I'm just not going to sell my beads if I don't get what they're worth", but it hurts to see $70 worth of beads go for barely $20. I just don't have the luxury of saying "I just won't sell right now".

I can go back to the worrying about how my beads stand up to others and why are others selling and mine not...or I can just be glad that I'm making what I'm making without having to be a secretary. That's pretty much where my head is at right now.

Making beads for e-bay is my "job" and I have to do it just like I would have to go to another job that wouldn't be nearly as pleasurable.

I am currently watching a bizarre movie while I type and I think I'm going to have to go watch it with my full attention to see how BAD it really is! LOL

Am not depressed, just filled with philosophical art vs. money questions that have plagued me for the past 8 years!!! (or more!)

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Ikea in Atlanta!!!

It's a short entry, I know, but it's an important life changing one. :)

Until summer 2005, I'll be loitering in the Atlantic Steel future Shopping area in midtown. I'll be the one in the soon-to-be parking lot with a big empty truck, ready to back up to the loading zone! :)

Hooray for the Braves who beat the Mets tonight. Go Braves!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Here we go....

Sort of lots to talk about, but nothing really important (like there is usually something important here?)

1st...I want a Mac Pro store in Atlanta. Why? I don't know, I just don't like NOT having something that other cities have! I want to play with the Mac pro pigments and they don't sell them here! Why do I care about these makeup items when I hardly EVER wear lots of makeup? Because like playing with glass colors, playing with makeup colors is really fun for me. These pigments can be mixed into lipgloss/lipstick/eyeshadow, moisturizer, NAIL polish....the list goes on. I'm just fascinated by the thought of mixing my own colors! Bring the Mac pro store to Atlanta...pleeeeeeeeeeease!

I priced last night the following options...

Paying for Rob's next semester of college
Buying 4 pairs of Stuart Weitzman boots (I don't really need 4, but it's a math comparison here)
Flying last minute to the Gathering in Portland
Flying to NY or LA to buy MAC
Buying an Oxygen Concentrator (or 2)

All of these options add up to pretty much the same figure. I see, looking at the list, that only ONE of these does not directly offer any benefit to me. Sure, I can hope that there would be future income based on the tuition, but no guarantees. I would not gain any real happiness by having Rob go to school. HOWEVER, buying shoes or makeup would be a happy thing. Buying an oxygen concentrator would directly benefit the income making ability...since right now I'm out of oxy and Rob is out of town, so I'm stuck w/out oxy until MONDAY! Finally, the Gathering would be a happy-ish thing. If not happy, at least educational.

I've pretty much narrowed my choices down to oxygen concentrator, boots and tuition...for various reasons....Hmmmmmm what to do?!

I'm going to spend my non-beadmaking weekend beading. I'm really wanting to play a bit with creating something new and I need to finish up a couple of samples, so that will be the real alone time accomplishment of the weekend.

I have ordered a new photo setup. It was expensive, but I spend SO much time trying to get photos to look good that I decided that the $ spent would be worth it. I hope so.

Ok...this whole entry has been about shopping. Hmmmmmmmm. With Nordstrom having a sale this weekend, that might be a BIG temptation.....I hear shoes calling. People go bid on my auctions I want some boots!!!!!


did my workout today with the evil piece of equipment which looks so UN-evil. Beware the exerball! Really a good core workout, but OUCH!

off to find food (funny that the food thing came after talking about exercise?!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I should be here saying important life-changing/affirming things.

I'm not.

I have absolutely nothing of real importance to say, so instead I'll go back to what I used to do and just say what I made today.

Today I made beads. I spent the morning playing with techniques that I learned from Michael Barley last year, interpreted with a Sylvie-esque spin (can't really say what that is other than the fact that they don't look like Michaels! LOL) I made a series of beads...not trying to make any 2 the same...this is a BIG deal for me! I love matching things, so this was really living on the edge.

I later came back to the studio and made some smaller more monotonous e-bay esque dot beads. Played with color to make it more interesting. THEN found out that I'm down to relatively NO oxygen and Rob is leaving out of town early a.m. I thought I had a back up tank, but turns out...this WAS the backup tank!!!!

I immediately began planning a weekend alone WITH NO OXY! Can you believe it? I have a whole weekend to make beads in peace and NO OXYGEN!!!!!!!! I'm a little frustrated with myself for getting in this predicament. Guess I'll paint the house instead. :(

Not happy about this at all. In fact starting to really pout about it.

In other things...I want a mac pro shop here! I just saw a bunch of stuff on e-bay that came from can make your own eyeshadow colors, etc. I wanna do this! Guess I'm trying to do something else since I can't make beads.

I'm bummed bummed bummed.

Can you say "going to buy a concentrator?????" I thought you could. :)

no starbucks

(been really really off of it lately. No starbucks = no shaking hands)

Chik fil A tea and 2 dunkin donuts. Breakfast of Champions.

Swam 800 yds in 30 minutes...thus negating the donuts (sort of)

no weight gained, nor lost

court tv viewing in studio - stupid but true

Friday, July 23, 2004

Dear Blog,

This has absolutely nothing to do with beads or beadmaking, but I must voice my feelings somewhere and this is it.

My radio station has changed. In one day they went from classic rock to a new format of mixed alternative/today and some David Bowie and Clapton. This is not classic rock. How will I continue to teach my children what is right and wrong with music? Yes, many of their programming choices are good, but they have fired my DJ's and hired a computer. And worse...they named it a cheezy name Dave FM!

I have listened to some of these DJs since I was in high school! This is too much change for me. I don't like it one bit....ok only one little bit where they played John Mayer, but that was only a tiny bit.

Please let me wake up and find that this was only a dream or a bad April fools joke or something. Let me wake up to a morning DJ not a computer.

I will not be able to listen to the 5:00 whistle today, which has happened every Friday afternoon since before 1984 (the earliest that I remember listening to it) Is radio dead? Am I doomed to getting satellite radio? Will satellite have a 5:00 whistle? I think not. :(

Video killed the radio star? No, big corporate media conglomorate (sp?) killed the radio station.

waxing sentimental,


Thursday, July 15, 2004

happy happy day.

have finished editing photos and loading beads into the storefront!!!!!!!!


am e-mailing the sylviebead list tonight to let them know.


this bunch of beads has crazy names. Even Griffin says so :)

Saturday, July 10, 2004

It's Saturday. I've spent the last few days making bead bundles. I'm photographing (I hate that part) and getting names/measurements so that I can list these in my storefront and then to auction. It's about time! I'm even getting e-mails asking if I'm still making beads! LOL to do photo stuff. ick ick ick. I'm just too picky about my photos and they're never ever THAT good. I've tried tons of things and still don't have the magic ticket to gorgeous photography.

had starbucks today. it was awful. go figure!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I feel like talking in Meow Kitty language (remember Mr. Rogers...the cat who lived in the tree next to the owl?)

Meow meow busy meow.

Meow meow $%&^! meow meow.

Meow money meow meow shoes meow.

Meow avoiding meow meow.

Meow computer meow.

Meow sleepy.
I feel like talking in Meow Kitty language (remember Mr. Rogers...the cat who lived in the tree next to the owl?)

Meow meow busy meow.

Meow meow $%&^! meow meow.

Meow money meow meow shoes meow.

Meow avoiding meow meow.

Meow computer meow.

Meow sleepy.
spent the holiday weekend sick...allergies hit and turned into icky sinus stuff. Makes it hard to make beads when you can't breathe!

I did go back into the studio yesterday to get more beads made for bundles. I'm desperate to have enough to sell on e-bay again. I need to have enough stock to do that though. I seem to have a ton of beads...none of them work together. :(

Hopefully, after at least another 2 days or so, I'll have enough colors to make SOMETHING to sell. Need to sell. Time to make some money.

Hating the relation of money to beads right now. I am just telling myself that my "job" right now is a beadmaker and making little beads is just a job...not an art form for me. There are those whose small beads are art. I just don't view mine that way. My heart and soul are not in those beads.

I'm wanting to have the freedom to make whatever I want without having the monetary factor in there. I really really would like to spend more time doing one of a kind mixed media sculptures, but for now, that's just not happening. to do other work stuff (not even bead work stuff)

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

made beads today....not very exciting beads, but at least I got back on the torch again.

This time of year is ALWAYS the time of year that I just don't feel like making beads. I questioned last summer whether I even liked it anymore. I'm still unsure.

I like what making my own beads allows me to do artistically (sp????)

Just pondering life and my reason for creating things.

Off to do other stuff now...

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Some days you need to whine...some days you don't.

I think I'm done whining. I'm still not getting anything done...spinning and creating, but not getting anything productive-wise done. Sadly, the productive is what pays the bills.

I need a benefactor who will allow me to just create...and they can pay the bills and buy me great shoes! :)

Saturday, June 19, 2004




less confident




done (for today)

Friday, June 18, 2004

Posting again!

I gave myself a few days break after coming home and now it's time to get back in gear!

I need to contact bead stores to book future classes...finish my angel sample and make beads for e-bay.

Just paid Rob's tuition, so selling beads is a must right now! Not even for shoes this time (my normal e-bay money goes to shoes LOL)

Off to do stuff...

no starbucks in a LONG LONG time. I've pretty much kicked the habit.

I developed a donut habit, but have also kicked that one too!

M&M habit still here, but as long as I keep exercising, hopefully it won't be damaging!

Sore from being back in the exercise swing again after a big break getting ready for show/classes.

ok...really off to work this time!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

It's me.

It's actually a posting. We'll see if it happens more than once. I'm home for a little while. I taught for NanC Meinhardt in her new studio this last weekend. I had a wonderful time and I hope the class did too. They were lots of fun and great beaders. Hi to anyone who was there!!! <--Sylvie (this Sylvie) waving to you.

For being in a good mood about that class, I'm also bummin' a little bit. My classes just don't seem to be filling like they did before. I didn't have the response to the new project...The Clothesline that I had hoped.

Am I a one hit wonder?

Do I have to go back to doing shows and put teaching on the back burner?

Is there any hope for my hair?

Can I give up sweets?

Will I ever go below ____ lbs? (I'm at a plateau due to my love of sweets)

Can I still afford new windows for my house?

For the answers to these and other questions...

Tune in next year for "Sylvie's Blues Review"


this is one of those postings that is written without really thinking about what I'm saying. I reserve the right to deny anything said here when I re-read it later.

Friday, April 09, 2004

I'm actually here.

I don't know why I haven't been as into making entries as I once was. Maybe I should just go back to the whole beginning of what I made and just keep it simple and up to date.

Maybe it's because I have basically stopped drinking starbucks! it's true. I even have a full giftcard....I've never had a FULL giftcard. They would get spent in a big big hurry. I still have one that I got from my Dad for Christmas!

I am a busy beadmaker these days.

Made little beads today (don't know how many...a few mandrels) and 3 angel faces. Must make HOH faces/feet next week.

Am officially a smaller person than last week. I weighed at the Y again today and I'm 5 lbs lighter than the last time I weighed there a few weeks ago. I have not been as diligent about going to the gym and need to get back on that too.

So...note to self...

Blog beads and gym....not court tv?? on demand movies?

Today I watched Bullets over Broadway (no good court cases on today)

Made beads

Swam 500 yards in 15 min.

Lifted 5000 lbs (not all at once! LOL)

Had chick fil a tea and m&Ms for lunch. (I had a sandwich too, but the m&m's were the best part of lunch) I like to eat the same number of calories in fluff food like candy that the gym computer says I burned today. I figure...they're free calories if I do it that way!

Monday, March 22, 2004

On a happier note...

I'm teaching my newest project THE HALO NECKPIECE in April. It's a beta testing of my new project before its official "launch" this fall at Pam's Bead Garden in Michigan.

I'm hoping to see some of my local favorites at my class. It would be fun if out of town favorites came too. Just a shameless plug of my own class which will be at Beads by Design here in Atlanta (Marietta, specifically)
A quick update...

I bead

I make beads.

I do taxes...I cannot do all 3 simultaneously and it bums me out!


Thursday, February 26, 2004

It's been forever since I wrote!

I just have to say...

I miss teaching Beadmaking

I taught in MI last weekend and it reminded me that I really love doing it. I had not made any real efforts to try to teach and thank you to Portia who invited me to do so anyways.

I truly had fun and now need to find more glass teaching 'gigs'

off to fix kid's frozen computer

Wednesday, January 21, 2004


Making beads today. I have cold feet (literally) so I'm taking a break to thaw them out!

I'm heading back down to the frozen studio in a minute. It's very very cold in Atlanta today...sunny but very cold.

I just needed to check in here. I'm trying to go decaf, so I haven't been to Starbucks in a little while because that real coffee is just too tempting.

Ok...that was a quick entry, but I only have a quick break.

ta ta

Friday, January 16, 2004

Totally bummed. Really a bit ticked is the better word for it. I have to be cautious about what I say here because who knows who ever reads this...

I lost my great booth space which I had last year...up front. BECAUSE some big vendor wanted more room and took my space.

Here's what ticks me....I lose MY good space, yet those with other decent spaces got to keep them and those of us who lost spaces are put on the end of the new booth assignment we get what's left.

I ended up with an "ok" space, but it's not nearly as good as what i've had before and I just don't think it's fair. There...I whined about it and hopefully I can let it go now.

It will just mean informing customers in a BIG way where I am...BOOTH 434...Booth 434...maybe search lights. :) At the least I'm going to have to pay for a color ad in the show directory....ugh

I didn't exercise today.
I ate a candy bar instead
I made beads and once again NONE of them were on my "to do" list. I'm beginning to think that the to do list is a "whatever you do don't make these beads" list. Maybe I should use reverse psychology on myself and name a lot of color families that are NOT what I want to work with that day. Today was dusty blue and topaz day. I have no idea how I got on that track from what my original list was...ivory, topaz and lavenders, but there you go...a bunch of silvery earthy "un girlie"...hopefully they are at least interesting beads when they imerge from the kiln.

I had a whole bunch of icky beads imerge yesterday. Got on a pink kick, but the pinks weren't how I wanted them. I think I liked 2 beads out of the whole bunch. My beads kept growing, so that they became too large for anything that I would use. Arrrrgh.

So...this was my day. Pissyness about booth space, candy bar, and weird beads.

Tomorrow is another day.

(hey! I notice a complete lack of coffee in my recent journal entries...perhaps I need to change that so that I can get back in the groove beadmaking-wise)

Thursday, January 15, 2004

All of a sudden I have that stupid Right Said Fred song in my head...

I'm too sexy for my hat...

Only I'm changing it to...I'm too boring to make beads...too boring to make me!

I am still trying to get used to making beads again and it's not encouraging. I WANT MY EBAY BEADS TO SELL!!!!!!

I hate that I use $ as an indicator of the value of my work, but I do and I put e-bay as a "every bead person" thermometer of how on my work is. Apparently, it's boring! I'm not getting bids!!!!! I know I've been gone awhile and that there are tons of auctions out there (4,000 something I saw today), but dammit (you have to say that version of the word in a very specific, a bit snotty way) I have some good beads up there! I rock at colors and these beads are rockin'! Hey!! Why am I selling them anyways???? If no one appreciates the wonder of these particular beads....I should keep them!

I'm saying a lot of things in a very sarcastic tone here...I don't think I'm all that and a bag o' chips, but I do like the colors I blend together. I think my work is different because I don't sti down to "make sets". I make beads and then blend them into color stories...all different and I think all really nice. I just wish that the e-bay buying public could see the same differences that make my work a little different.

I'm thinking of doing boro for a few days. I'm just not having fun and need a play day.

On other completely different notes...

I am now a swimmer! I have known how to swim since I was a kid, but not to SWIM with good techniques and controlled breathing, good strokes, etc. the urging of my kids' swim teacher...I have been taking private swimming lessons so that I would have the stamina, control and "not looking stupid in the pool"-ness to swim laps at the pool instead of treadmill icky-ness.

Well....I began in November and was a dismal failure at breathing. I just didn't get it...wanted to hold my breath until I was out and then come up for air....couldn't for the life of me get the blow out air while under so that you can come up quickly for bigger breath. I'm sure this makes no sense to anyone but me, but remember...this is my journal and I'm keeping my baby (I have no idea where that little Madonna-ism came from in this sentence).

So, back to swimming...It took until the end of December for me to get the breathing thing down and swim the length of the pool (25 yards) without dying!

So, the big news......

Yesterday I swam 1000 (yes, that's right ONE THOUSAND) yards in about 45 minutes with my instructor urging me on, making me keep going even when I thought I was going to die.

So even better news....I went to the pool solo cheerleading/slave driver and .....

I SWAM 700 yards in 30 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am no longer weirded out, feeling like too much of a novice to swim in the "big pool". very proud of myself that I was self motivated enough to do it on my own.

off to do other stuff.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Here we are...Sunday.

It's been almost a week since I've been here. I'm just not as bloggy as I have been in the past. I'm STILL working on doing store/auction listings for the umpteenth day in a row. I have a BUNCH of bundles of beads going to the store and HOPEFULLY they will be there by today and ready to send out the Sylviebead news....which I wonder if it ever makes it's way to the people who wanted it in the first place....

They never call! ;)

So...once finished today...notice I say TODAY ...I am determined to FINISH FINISH FINISH this by 2:00 today so that I can send that e-mail and hopefully see the fruits of my labor start pouring in. Maybe not pouring, but at least dribbling.

On other not so newsy news. I am spending lots of time researching private schools for my kids for next year. I have favorites, but it's so hard to get into most of them, I have to have several other choices. I'm just wanting to be done with our public school in which my good kid (not that they're not both good...just one of them is getting lost in a non-disciplined world because he's not a squeaky-bad wheel.) gets the attention that he deserves and that my other child gets that same attention as he gets into classes with higher student teacher ratios.

So...once again I'm busy with life and trying to keep everything balanced and STILL make some money.

off to edit.

need starbucks, but can't leave the home. where is that delivery service when you need it!?

Monday, January 05, 2004

I made beads again today.

I was at the post office and wrote the date...realized it's the 5th and got kind of weirded out. I guess that this is just one of those dates that will stick with me.

just needed to jot that down.

ate too many cookies today. Not sure why I am losing doing absolutely nothing to cause it. Haven't been to the gym through the whole holidays...eating junk junk junk....who knows!
I made beads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is huge!!!!!!!!!!!

it had been 7 months since I had made beads in my own studio...WOW it felt good and weird. I'm a bit out of practice having only made beads in classes.

I did miss it, which I was worried that I wouldn't...but I did.

Today, I'm going to try to make faces again. Hopefully I'll be able to haave the control to do it.


and I've lost another size...which is so cool!


Saturday, January 03, 2004

I am well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sitting here making bead bundles...bored with current bead stock. Must make more beads SOON!

Rob finishing new ventillation system for studio...HOORAY!

I am less of a person than I was a week ago (lbs less I mean)

Bringing the grand total to 38 lbs....hooray!

lots of hoorays!

no coffee

shouldn't have caffine anyhoo....need to buy decaf

back to work.