Friday, May 30, 2008

Quick post to say....

The puppy has a name!!!!!!!

His name is Cooper and he's adorable. I'll post pictures later, but wanted to bring the latest news to the blog.

There is NOTHING beady to report on... not spending any time on beads... lots of time on puppy!

And here he is... presenting... Cooper!

tiny blah blah blah...

No coffee - Chick-fil-a Sweet tea instead
No music - forgot to bring my ipod to work... what is the world coming to???

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Days of the Week...

Last night I was laying in my bed, singing the song from the Mamas and the Papas in my head (before my time music-wise, but I'm pretty sure my mom must have played it for us). ANYWAYS... I was mentally singing "Monday... Monday..." which was how I started yesterday's post.

And then I realized... It's NOT Monday!!!!! It was TUESDAY. I DO know the days of the week!!! I guess it was because it was the first WORK day of the week that I was feeling like it was Monday.

I don't really have anything important (as if I ever do) or beady to say today, but I did want to clarify that I knew that yesterday was Tuesday before someone (mom) corrected me!!!

Here's the tiny blah blah blah...

Coffee - Same as usual these days... Iced Venti 3 pump Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Music - Jason Mraz... just put a mix on of all the stuff I have of his on my ipod. His newest album is listed over there to the right. I LOVE his music... it's witty and fun.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday Monday.....

It's the beginning of the week (work week that is... I DO realize that weeks start on Sunday) and the end of a FANTASTIC weekend!!!

I had such a great weekend. I traveled to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to see a good friend... bought cute shoes (on sale!), ate at good local restaurants, and saw a GREAT exhibit at the Frist Museum in Nashville. It was European Impressionists to Expressionists (I think) and it was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! It was SO cool to see so many famous paintings all in one place... and somewhere that was actually driveable for me!

After visiting with friends, I went to get my new puppy on Sunday!!!! He's the sweetest dog EVER and I'm so glad he's mine. I'll put up some pictures later. He has no name... yet. My boys are out of town and I'm not going to give him a name until they meet him and help me decide which of our choices seems best for his personality. He really is a sweet laid back dog... which is PERFECT for me!

And to end my weekend... I saw James Taylor in concert last night and it was an INCREDIBLE concert. I'm hoping that there is an album coming out soon which includes some of the songs he did. (and I think there is... and you can BET that I'll be including it as a recommendation in my side-bar over to the right!) In the meantime, if you don't own it... go buy James Taylor's Greatest Hits Volume One. I really think it is the absolute BEST James Taylor album to date. He played most of the songs off of it last night and I just LOVED LOVED LOVED it!

He did NOT play the song that I refer to sometimes in my blog called "That's Why I'm Here," but I'll forgive him. ;)

There's a new song of the week!!! This one is buy a up and coming British songstress named Estelle and she's done a song with Kanye West which is really a cool song. Perfect for summer! So take a listen! (thank you to Denise's XM Top 20 station for introducing me to it!)

here's the tiny blah blah blah for today...

Coffee - Iced Venti 3 pump Cinnamon Dolce Latte with Light Ice and Cinnamon/Sugar sprinkles on top (yes... I'm the obnoxious high-maintenance coffee-ordering girl in front of you in line!)

Music - Nothing so far! Must go put on some tunes!!!!!!!! I'm thinking some James Taylor will be perfect for today!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Whatever Wednesday...

Warning: This post has NOTHING to do with beadmaking. If you were hoping to read that I am actually making beads this week... check back next week when you MIGHT be correct (but don't hold your breath). Today's posting will be all about music! YAY!!!

I was listening to the radio on Saturday and this station in town has started a new thing called "whatever weekends." What that means is that they now play WHATEVER they want to during the weekend. It was INSANE!!! They played Jingle Bell Rock!!! Right after some mellow Celine Dionne-esque song and some TLCish song. I can't remember the actual combination of songs, but it DEFINITELY was Jingle Bell Rock! In May!!!!!

Of course, that's probably WHY they went to this format... so that I'd keep listening to what insane combinations of songs they played (and annoying my friends calling them saying "you have GOT to hear what this station is playing!!) I won't be in town this weekend to hear what zany combos they choose, but rest assured gentle-reader... I will definitely update you the following weekend when we join Atlanta's B98.5 in their new weekend feature "D.J.'s on CRACK!" (I think they're going to officially rename it that!)

See? No beads involved at all. Sorry. :(

Time for the daily blah blah blah...

Coffee today - ICED 3 pump cinnamon dolce latte. (I'd like to send a shout out to my REGULAR Starbucks who always makes good coffee. I didn't go there yesterday which is probably why I complained. Hooray for the Holcomb Bridge/Old Alabama Starbucks crew!!)

Music - Sylvie's New Groove Tunes (will have to update the sidebar soon!)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Absolutely nothing beady to say today, but I must make a blog entry simply to say...

MY COFFEE IS TERRIBLE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no idea why!! It's the same thing I always order, but ick ick ick it doesn't taste good and Starbucks is TOO expensive for bad coffee!!!!!!!!!

the end

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Monday!

WOO HOO!!! (just pretending to be excited.)

I had a busy busy weekend and didn't get a single bead made, which should end this blog entry since this is a BEADMAKING blog. BUT you know that I won't do that (just like you KNOW I won't use proper grammar most of the time) because I've always got something to say.

I spent my weekend going to games (1 high school football game, 4 5th grade football scrimmages and 1 Braves game) and wore myself out with all those sporting events!!! On Sunday I did church and laundry. Not a single spare minute for beadmaking (look! I talked about beads again!!)

This week is all about final exams for one kid and last week of school activities for the other. PLUS they go on a vacation the next week w/ their Dad so I've got to get them packed and ready to go.

PLUS I've got to finish getting my house ready for our new puppy to arrive on Sunday!!! YAY!!!

I'm taking a road-trip with my best friend to visit another best friend who happens to live close to my puppy's current home. I'll hang out with her for a day and then pick up my puppy before heading back home. So it's going to be a FUN and busy weekend yet again... with no time for beadmaking! (look! yet another bead reference!)

I'm hoping to have some time the next week to work on beads a little. I'm not planning on making beads, but I'm hoping to get more organized in my studio while the boys are gone so that I can spend some time this summer in the studio!!!!!!

Thank you to the people who wrote me recently to tell me I'm missed in bead world. I needed that kick in the pants to help me get motivated. I have a lot on my plate and juggling it is hard, but I really really want to find a way to bring that part of my life back into the mix. I miss it! I miss my customers too!!!

Ok... that's it for today. Note that I have a NEW song of the week!! It's a GREAT song by a new artist named "Duffy." It sort of reminds me of Amy Winehouse, but even a little more retro than Rehab. Take a listen! I also left last week's song up for those of you who missed it.

daily blah blah blah...

Coffee Today - Venti 3 pump cinnamon dolce latte (if only Starbucks would give me credit for plugging them!!)

Music - Sylvie's Mellow Mix (again!)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quick post!


I've added a song of the week to the sidebar! This week's song is by Jason Mraz and is called "I'm Yours." I love love love this song. Take a listen...

tiny blah blah blah

coffee today - Venti 3 pump Cinnamon Dolce Latte

music today - Sylvie's New Groove (lots of funky songs... need to add it to the lists at the side. Will do that later)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Bead and Button Blues

Here we are almost half way through the month of May and I'm bluesin' (I guess that's not a word... spellcheck didn't like it, but I'm going to officially make it a word from now on).

For years, this was one of the weeks that I was cramming for Bead and Button. It was a total adrenaline pumping, full-out beadmaking work-out that lasted a couple of months, but the last 2 weeks of May were the craziest.

And here I sit with my biggest challenge this week being how do I get one kid to football practice while the other needs to go to an orchestra concert. Quite a change. (I would have had those challenges PLUS how to make inventory and get ready for the show, so I guess I should be thankful for the reprise.)

But I miss Bead and Button. I miss that connection with people who were buying my work. Meeting them face to face and getting that Sally Field moment..... "You like me! You really like me!" that came when I had something that sold really well, or that people brought back things they'd made with my beads the past year.

I miss that. A LOT.

I got an e-mail from a friend this week (hey friend!) that is also a former Bead and Button vendor. She was asking me if I'd like to go next year as an attendee... that she missed just being at the show.

I really WANT to go. In fact, I was trying to figure out how I could do it this year, BUT the more I think about it, the more I know I'll be sad when I'm there as a shopper. I'll miss being the one on the other side of the table.... talking to my old-friends... my customers that came back year after year.

I miss that. A LOT.

It's time to find my way back there again. I have NO idea how I'm going to balance things, but if I miss something THIS much, it's something I need to find a way to do. Whether I can make it onto the wait-list is a whole 'nother thing. But I need to work this year and try to find a way to be back on the other side of the table again.

ok... enough bluesin' for today. I have a TON of other more fun stuff to talk about, but this is not the venue for that. Maybe some day there will be a blog for that too. But I doubt it!!!

Coffee - 2 Venti Cinnamon Dolce Lattes (bad bad girl!)
Music - none. maybe that's my problem!
Fashion report - I have nothing to report on this one either!!! I haven't seen anyone today other than my kids... and I actually could "out" one of them as a Glamor Don't, but I won't.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hello whoever you are!!!!!!

So, I'm noticing that people are coming and reading this... WHO in the heck are you guys??!! I'm not asking for a "roll call" or anything, but it's funny knowing that people are coming and reading every day (and I know you are because I can read my site statistics and know there are a certain number of hits happening just about every day... it's just funny to me for some reason).

I don't have a LOT of beady things to talk about today, but I do have a few. I'm going to make beads again this coming weekend while the boys are with their dad, but I'm not sure how much time I'll actually get in since I'll also be going to spring football scrimmages.

The boys will be gone for the next 3 weekends in a row and will be gone the entire week after Memorial Day, so that's a LOT of time to myself to get things done. BUT.... I'll have my new puppy by then, so I'll probably be spending more puppy time and less beadmaking time.

I'm SO excited about my new puppy. Here's his picture...

He doesn't have a name yet, but he will! We have a lot of possibilities, but haven't totally agreed yet. I'd love an art name, but that's not gonna happen. Looks like he'll have more of a standard DOG kind of a name. I don't want anything too silly. I loved the name Einstein because he's going to have crazy hair when he gets older (he's a Goldendoodle) but one of my boys vetoed that one. Too bad! :(

ok... gotta get back to work. Just wanted to check in with my "faithful" readers... whoever you are!!!

the daily blah blah blah...

Fashion report - nothing bizarre seen today, although my 10 year old looked SHARP in his suit he wore to school today! (which is bizarre... he's never dressed up!) He was giving a speech since he's running for school council president! We're not expecting a win since there is only one girl running and 3 boys. The boys will probably split the boy vote and the girl will get all the girls, making her win by a landslide. He knows that already, so it won't be a big let down. But he's got a great slogan! "Don't be Trippin' Vote for Griffin!!" (cracked me up when he told me that!

Coffee - Venti Cinnamon Dolce Latte - which is NOT good today! They forgot the cinnamon syrup and I swear they put in an extra shot of espresso, so it's really bitter without any sweet to balance it. PHOOEY!

Music - Sylvie's New Groove (will have to post a link to those songs later) and now Sylvie's long mellow list

Friday, May 09, 2008

Good morning beady world!

This post has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with beads, so if you're here for my scintillating stories about life... stick around for a doozie. If you are looking for insight into glass beadmaking... tune in another day.

Here's my funny story of the day....

I always seem to see the funniest things when I'm out and by myself. I NEVER see them when I'm with someone. I've started "documenting" these occurrences by calling my friend and telling her what I've just seen. I'm sure at some point in my stories she's rolling her eyes and thinking "do I always need a play by play of Sylvie's bizarre sightings? NO!!" ANYWAYS, today she had to suffer through another description of craziness that found its way into my sight today. It was funny enough (to me) that I called 2 other people and told them too.

Here's what I saw... (I totally need a camera phone!!)

I was at the Sprint Store getting a phone repaired (part of my REAL job) and had to sit and wait for it. For some reason, this particular store seems to draw the "glamor don'ts" of the world and I've seen more than one big "car-crash" of fashion here before.

Today's was so funny I almost started laughing (snorting kind of laughing) right there next to the guy while I waited.

Here's what he had on...

1. Badly shaped Afro
2. Gold trimmed BIG feminine Gucci Sunglasses
3. Gold chains (of course!)

ok... at this point I have to interject that this guy sort of had a body-builder kind of look. "sort-of" being the appropriate words because with his bulging bi-ceps he had a bit of a beer belly (just wait...)

SO the outfit description continues...

4. Orange mesh (yes, you read that right) vest. It was some sort of sporty vest. Almost looked like what Water-skiers wear... but not puffy like a life vest. It zipped up the front like that though. OF COURSE he wore no shirt with this and it was a "bare-midriff" sort of style which left his belly hanging out. OH BOY... it just gets worse...

5. (holding back the laughter right now just remembering this...) He had on black M.C. Hammer pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ok, not holding back laughter now) they were TRULY TRAGIC M.C. Hammer baggy pants. "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em" I wanted to yell.

but wait! There's more!!!!!

6. PATENT LEATHER black high-top 80's Rebok looking tennis shoes.


THAT, my friends, was one of my funniest sightings in a long time! Better than the woman who had the "parting of the red seas" hair-do!! Better than "dancing jogging man." Better even than the "Steve Harvey's Showtime at the Apollo Menswear Store" at the redneck mall!

ok... I'm going to compose myself and get back to work. I think I might have to add my fashion sightings to the list below as a daily feature. I'm sure they are out there everywhere if I look hard enough!

Daily blah blah blah...

Coffee - Cinnamon Dolce Latte (admitting to having TWO of them today. bad girl!!)

Music - Jason Mraz (see side bar for a link to his new album. I LOVE this guy!!!)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Flight of the Hampsters.... the mystery continues!!!!!!!

OK... after yesterday's post, I, being the Nancy Drew kind of girl that I am, decided to go do some research and find out WHY someone who did a search in google would find MY blog by typing the words "flight of the hampsters" in the search. WELL... what I found out FIRST is that I spelled Hamsters wrong!!! SO, once again, people found my site by doing the same mis-spelling that I did. BUT there were over 368,000 entries for "flight of the hampsters!" So, what made this crazy person say "hey... sylviebead blog. THAT sounds like where I'll find information about a video game!" (I also found out that Flight of the Hamsters is a video game).

BUT I didn't find out HOW my blog is connected to this at all!!! I found an entry in my blog where I refer to a book that my kids used to have called "10 minutes till bedtime" and it had cute little hamsters in it. BUT there was no "flight" involved.

So, the mystery continues...

That's it for today. No beady news to report. Will not be a beady weekend either. I'm with my boys AND cleaning house, puppy-proofing it (like baby-proofing) for our new arrival. He comes home at the end of May. HOORAY!!!

big news... I know you're on the edge of your seat waiting to hear the daily blah blah blah...

Coffee - nope. Chick fil a sweet tea with 3 lemons (I'm picky)

Music - nope. I forgot my ipod!!!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nothing big and beady going on today, but in visiting my own blog, I noticed that I'd had a lot of hits for something that I hadn't really advertised or anything.

SO, in curiosity, I went to my website to look and see how many visits I've been getting lately. One thing led to another and I looked at the statistics and how people find their way to my site.

Here's something REALLY funny. Someone found their way to my site through google by typing...

flight of the hampsters as their keywords for the search.

HUH???!!!! I have NO idea why I showed up with those words. Makes me curious how many sites come up when you put those words in the search AND how far down the list I am! How many sites did they browse through looking for information on flying hampsters (LOL) before they found my blog???!!! And what was I talking about in my blog that even MENTIONED hampsters!

It's always funny to look at my site statistics and see stuff like that. A long time ago people who were searching for the Osbornes but spelled it incorrectly kept going to my site because I had spelled it incorrectly in my blog. TOO FUNNY!

And what do these people think when they get here? Are they totally enthralled with my so-called life???!! Did they come to just look at the carnage after my "car crash" of a life??? Were they deeply disappointed when I took a hiatus? (no, I seriously don't believe any of that to be true. It would be SAD SAD SAD if a stranger wandered unknowingly upon my site and decided to visit it AGAIN!)

The whole thing is too funny.

ok... gotta run and do my REAL job.

Coffee Today - very disappointed, Starbucks was out of Cinnamon Dolce syrup, so I had to have a mocha. Wasn't in the mood for a mocha. :(

Music - Currently listening to Kate Nash on my ipod who is a strange strange girl... going to have to change to someone else, because I'm just not in the mood for her bitter ramblings today. Time for some Jason Mraz I think.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Hello World! It's MONDAY!!! woo hoo (ok... not really woo-hoo, but it sounds enthusiastic, so I'm trying to think positive and be excited about getting up early, getting kids to school, getting to work, etc.)

I'd RATHER have Saturdays all week long! YAY!

THIS Saturday was great! I made beads again!! YAY YAY DOUBLE YAY!!!

I had made an appointment for renting torch-time at the bead store on Saturday morning, so I got up early, took my already loaded bead-making tote and headed to Marietta. I made beads for a few hours and had no problems with shaking and made 2 fairies and a mermaid! WOO HOO! I'm BACK!!!!!!!

These beads are going in the collection for my boys, but I'm hoping that at some point I'll be ready to put some things up for sale again. In the meantime, I'm just going to enjoy making beads when I can.

I THINK I'm going to work on cleaning my studio a little this week. No unrealistic goals to have it completed by a certain day or anything, just going to make an EFFORT to get started. baby steps.

For now, I'm enjoying the social aspect of going over to the bead store... it's just too far away to do any days except Saturday mornings when I don't have the boys. I stay busy on my no-kids weekends, though, so bead-making time will be limited even then.

So, this concludes the bead news for today. Any other news is just not for this blog (like the part about my getting NEW PUPPY in a few weeks !!! But I'm not talking about that here.... this is a BEAD blog NOT a PUPPY blog!)

coffee today - of course! Same ol' same ol... Venti 3 pump with whip Cinnamon Dolce Latte (I'm the girl in front of you at Starbucks that you roll your eyes at when she says her complicated order!!)

music today - still listening to my long mellow playlist. Right now it's playing the Police

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Beady Bloggy Thursday!!!

I have bead news! I have reserved more torch time AND I bought some new glass, bead release and mandrels!!!! I'm ready to make beads on Saturday!!!!!

This is a short entry... I just wanted to say "out loud" that I'm making beads this weekend!!

Coffee Today? - nope. Chick-fil-a Sweet Tea w/ 3 lemons
Music - Sylvie's long mellow playlist (currently playing Sade)