Saturday, April 30, 2005

Saturday of Rain.

No little league....yes Krispy Kreme (just made sense on a rainy Saturday morning)

Trying to do Clean Sweep in playroom went over like a lead balloon. Met with tears and frustration, I finally gave up and told them just to find trash and I'd ask their Dad to clean it w/them next week as a Mothers Day present for me. Doubt that it will happen, but you never know.

I'm trying to psych myself up enough to do my own room. Which is pretty scary to say the truth! I could easily be a "Clean Sweep Candidate"

So, off to do what I need to do...laundry and floor finding. :)

no coffee, but it would have been a good idea!
Music - ipod mix called "music to clean a playroom by" (I thought it was a good idea, but didn't seem to help)

Friday, April 29, 2005

It's friday!!!

Today was silent auction day for the school and my class project sold for the most (happy dance!) and in's going to be the cover of the school directory.

rob says I shouldn't be so happy about this because it just means more people will ask me to do things next year! :)

I'm proud though. I wish I had enough $ to bid as high as the bids went. I am going to go to Cafe Press, though and get myself a poster of it! I took pictures of the painting and I'm going to turn it into a poster for the other parents to buy via cafe press. tres cool n'est pas?

This weekend is "clean sweep" weekend here. We'll see how that goes. I'm not really sure I have the energy to do it, but it needs to be done! After baseball we're doing the keep toss piles!

music today - no books on ipod today. listening to the davinci code.
snapple du jour - diet peach tea...yummy!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ok...I'm on a roll! More than 2 posts in a row!!!

So, I have nothing really beady to talk about. I'm working on the patterns and am close to presenting them for public consumption. I've done a pretty good job about keeping them secret, but have slipped info a few times, so I might not have the surprise element I hoped for. (ok, remember, i know what I'm talking about journal, my thoughts, doesn't make sense to others, it's ok)

So, today I worked for Dad and didn't do beady things. Tomorrow is 1/2 and 1/ probably not much beadmaking, but I'm going to try!!!! I need to!

Here's one of those thoughts for the day. If you are at a restaurant that has a "roving magician" who visits tables as people eat etc. Can you ask for a "no magic" section??? I wish! We went out to dinner and had an obnoxious majician come to our table 3 times during the night. We found out mid-meal that it was "free kids" night. Was that worth the magic? I don't think so.

It's no magic seating for me from now on!

Music today (even w/ out torch, have ipod will travel) - Everything But the Girl
Coffee - Venti 2 Pump Mocha.

I'm back! :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ok, here we go again...

I'm in the studio being productive, but not having fun.

I'm on the computer, being productive, but not having fun.

I'm not a happy camper lately and need some sort of fun-injection. I feel work-driven not life-driven and that's a bummer.

Here's what I'm up to...
Writing Patterns
Making beads to go with patterns
Doing internet stuff - updating and restructuring website as well as trying to stay present on WC which I think is important, but is hard to keep up with.
Doing family stuff, miscellaneous dental/medical appointments in addition to working once a week for my father.

My weeks are not really what I want them to be schedule wise. I'm scared about summer because it's just me and the boys unless I find a way to fund summer camps (which are expensive!!!!!). and such. It's been definitely bi-polar music selections in the studio. I've loaded my i-pod and put it on a speaker system in the studio.

First - Southern Rock selections, then Sade!!!! (told you bi-polar music choices)

Today - Maroon 5, Marvin Gaye (because the M's were next to each other in the menu) then Dixie Chicks because I just arrowed up and let it stop wherever and hit play. LOL

no coffee - snapple

right now, getting ready to go to the kids school to read for 30 minutes, which honestly I know is important, but really hate to do AND it cuts up my studio day which I hate. I like having a block of time to work rather than little spurts of work time. Once the boys are home, I don't work on the torch, so it makes my "career" limited to a few hours a day IF THAT. :( Who else can do a career on those kind of hours? I'm not sure that it's "working for me" as Dr. Phil says.

When I get back, I need to change out OXY tanks. I'm ready to buy a concentrator or generator SOON!

Monday, April 25, 2005

I have things to talk about today and feel totally drawn here to do so, but at the same time...this is one of those personal-get your feelings hurt kind of thing and I don't know that I wish to hash it publicly now that I'm here.

So, I'll just write it invisibly and then get over it.


I hope that helps. I'm really wallowing a bit on this one. It's something that I think I need to discuss, but just not here. I'll call an impartial friend and then move on...hopefully.

I am avoiding work for some reason. I've been working on my written instructions and apparently need to finish them very quickly so that I'm credited for them. It's one of those strike while the iron is hot thing. So...I'm trying to work on that, but probably need to be making beads.

Art/Craft as a living is a difficult thing, but we've been over that before. No news there.

I haven't made beads in my studio in a long time. I need to devote tomorrow to doing that...even if they're not beads to sell, I need to make beads just to get myself moving again.

today there has been no music, but I have a new music player! I got a thing to plug my ipod into so that I can listen to it in the studio. Hopefully that will get my creative juices flowing again.

off to work on my book-ish thing.

no coffee today, no music. Snapple and HGTV

Monday, April 18, 2005

It's been so long since I've been here....

I missed talking to myself so I came to chat today. :)

It seems that sometimes I have time to "play" on the computer and sometimes I don't. It's when I probably shouldn't be playing on the computer that I end up doing so. It is a fine line between playing and working, though. This blog began as a work-related thing where I talked about what I did in my studio each day.

I think I need to focus and return to that. It keeps me honest about working...or not.

I taught 2 classes this past weekend and they totally drained me. I had a wonderful time and hope the students did too, but it takes a toll...teaching glass. It's such a different thing than teaching beadwork. When I'm teaching beadwork, I'm teaching a project...something in particular and everyone is on the same page...working along on that project. It's a very laid back atmosphere.

When I teach glass, students are there to learn pretty much everything I know (and that's because I'm willing to share that much) in the 2 days of the class. After spilling all of my heart/soul/knowledge of glass for the days of the takes just about everything out of me. BUT...I want to be exhausted like this more often. I totally loved teaching these classes and was reminded how much I miss teaching as often. So I'm sending those messages out to the internet...I want to teach more!!!

So happy am I, but I need to take a break before going back to work. In the past, I didn't know that and tried to keep going at full speed...even after teaching a class. Now, I give myself permission to vegetate for a day. So for my resting day (today) I surfed and did computer work on my upcoming project, so I'm not sure that it was all relaxation, but it was definitely low stress, low mobility day.

I hopefully will have work related things to say in the future and maybe I will do my positive thinking things now to do some sort of self-fulfilling profecy that I will work when I should and be successful...

or not. I'm not sure I wish to do all my self-help things on the web for the world to see....sufice it to say that I am positively thinking. :)

And now for the old favorities...
No music, a couple of old movies.
No coffee, just you think they'd hire me as the new snapple lady? Might be another career choice....drinking snapple and smiling a lot...answering people's letters, etc. Seems like a sweet job!