Wednesday, September 21, 2005

pattern writing again today.

Nothing big to say other than that. Am trying to keep up with blog...just to keep some structure in my studio life. I did have a good beadmaking day yesterday. Now, I'm trying to get all the quirks worked out of my pattern and actually make it a good pattern.

watching sappy movies on tivo while I do. :)

it's big premiere episode week, so my tivo is very busy. LOST is tonight and I am really anxious to see what happens. to bead more.

coffee today -iced hazlenut latte. mmmmmmmmm

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Am busy working on pattern. No beady pictues,etc.

worked hard at gym today.

No coffee, chik fil a.

boring entry, but that's the way it is.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Rhoda Regrets..............

I didn't post this one the day I made it because I was in a bit of a rush. I realized this weekend that I can't keep up this pace. I wish I had the time to make a new girl each day, but I don't. This one was hard. I didn't even have a story until the very last minute and it was a bad one at that. All of a sudden, though, it just spoke to me and the sea monkeys just came out of the blue! I have no idea what warped things happened to me in my childhood to make me come up with these stories. Mom? Anyone?

I double checked with non-beady friends to get a read on whether these were funny to normal people too. They gave me a thumbs up. Now I just need a non-friend/non-bead view of them. Wish I knew how and where to market these! Might need to go do craft shows again or something.

Here's Rhoda.....
(click image to enlarge)

no coffee today, but I need it!
bought lots of seed beads...does that count?
burned over 300 calories on the elliptical, so i bought a chicken biscuit. :)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wanda Wishes..................................
(click to enlarge)

This is today's funny. At least I think it's funny, and as long as this is my blog, well that's what it's all me me!

I am still not at the torch. Have been on computer all day (other than quick fast food run)

no coffee- though I was totally tempted after writing "yesterday's entry"

I went back to find the original image that I used to do this picture...just to show how way far off I ended up from the original, but i discovered that I had overwritten the old picture with the new one. oh, well. When I have time, I'll post the other pics that go with the earlier girls.

off to work doing something, not sure what yet.

music - allison Kraus, Diana Kraul (I'm just going reverse alphabetically through my music...not!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No Big Haired Girl today..............

It's not really Wednesday, but I'm going back in time to post about yesterday. I tried to log on and blog, but for some reason the computer wasn't letting me. It was not a day to get to do anything creative. :(

I work at a real job on Wednesdays, so there was no time to play with beads or pictures. NOT THAT I SHOULD BE PLAYING! I have too much real beadwork to do right now to be playing!!! So, with that said, I'm going to pretend that Wednesday is over and go to Thursday, where I will also say that I should be working and not blogging!

coffee - yes, I had coffee on Weds - iced Hazlenut latte...yum, makes me want to get another (but then I wouldn't be working and that wouldn't be good)

music - classical stuff in the office...forgot the ipod.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Vanishing Violet Verjongen

Today I edited photo. Notice I said photo and not photos. I am going to have to get with it.

Am watching the newest round of Biggest Loser. I love the inspiration that the show was last summer. I need that kind of motivation. Have been to the gym twice this week already. Goal is 4 times. 2 is a must, but would like to do some sort of workout 4 times.

This is the first time I've done a before and after of the "big haired girl" photo. I'll do the after first.

I'm not quite as happy about this story as I have been others, but I really like the picture. I can't be witty witty every day. :)

Here's the before (well I just realized I didn't upload the before, so I'll have to do that later.

no coffee, but did have chik fil a tea which I love.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Princess Josephine

Here we are on Monday! Woo hoo! (not...I'm just acting excited about it)

Today's big event...I now have a clothing line! Well, I have a pseudo clothing line. It's not pseudo-clothes, but pseudo-mine. I have a "storefront" at cafe press where they make custom printed items. hooray for Sylviebeads! Buy t-shirts, tote bags, notecards, etc.!!!

I have listed the big haired girls in addition to a "generic" Sylviebead Mermaid/Fairy t-shirts, etc.


here is today's little bit of humor...

music today - not really

Chik Fil A tea instead of starbucks.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Posy Pouts

Sunday's funny

Brought to you by the letter P and the number 3

and Starbucks Venti Mocha. :)

Nell Nocturna

I'm going back in time to post pictures that I didn't post earlier. This was Saturday's "girl du jour"

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Velma Volunteer

Another missed posting.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Red Hat Wannabe


I am avoiding work. Hmmm. Not sure why, but I am. I've been having fun doing digital art to go w/ my bead bundles (which are not selling very well). Now I just want to spend time doing that. I think I'm funny and I like the stories I've been writing.

Here's the one from today...

It made me laugh. I'm my own silly audience.

no coffee no music - maybe that's why I'm so wacko today!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Queen Matilda De La Mane


Ok...I'm way off task this week. Harrison came home sick yesterday, so I didn't go torch. Instead, I doodled around on the computer for HOURS and came up with much silliness. (I also edited photos, so that was productive at least)

Here is my creation from Wednesday...

I said it was silly!

Hopefully today I'll get a little pattern work done because that needed to be done by now! I'm pushing that deadline too much.

coffee today - venti 2 pump mocha
music - John Mayer on the ipod

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Queen Matilda De La Mane

started the day not feeling well. ick. went to dr. ick took way too long and ate up my studio day. double ick.

Now am editing photos (took TONS of pics yesterday) getting ready to post bead bundles for storefront and e-bay. Want to make more of the "big hair girl" prints, but I'm not sure I'll have time.

have not cooked in 3 days...not a good thing. I was on a roll, so I need to get back on it!

coffee today - no chik fil a tea
music - Alison Kraus on ipod

Monday, September 05, 2005

Amelia Overwhelmed

Labor day - laboring in the studio.

I-pod on and I'm listening to "chick tunes" which is my list of songs that could be from the soundtrack of a "chick flick". All different types of songs, but mostly girl tunes. :)

I actually started my day w/ Starbucks!! Woo hoo! Had a mocha and was ready for the day! I'm only doing starbucks about once a week (if that) now and am feeling very in control of my habit (I sound like a heroin addict or something!) "hi my name is sylvie and I'm a starbucksaholic. It's been 7 days since my last cup" :)

I am doing non-beadmaking studio work today...taking pictures, making bead bundles, measuring and naming beads. Hopefully later will make another silly bead picture. I really enjoy doing that and am wondering if it's a sideline business in the making. I can really see some of these as t-shirts or greeting cards. hmmmmmmm. Maybe having a Patience Brewster (see right) card sitting at my desk is pushing me that way. hmmmmmmm (I said that already didn't I)

"hmmm" is the word that my therapis uses frequently. I think it's just when she is getting bored and wants to sound like she's really considering what I'm saying. ..which is actually pretty boring on my end too. LOL to work.

(here is picture of newest bead print...I think I'm quite clever and since this is my very own journal, I can say that and no one can say anything contrary to that and if they do...I'll just delete their comment! - though no one reads or comments anyways!)

Sunday, September 04, 2005 beadmaking, lots of beadcleaning. My least favorite part of being a beadmaker. My fingers are pruny....though I dried them off a bit to type. :)

Ebay seems to be a tiny bit better for me. I do have those crazy girl prints and I'm proud of them...even if the beads don't sell for as much as they should, I loved doing the prints, so I'll probably do a few each week. Probably not for every auction, but I do like doing it enough to do several a week.

Need to get down to work this week on Sylvie work! For some reason I just haven't been doing that kind of work that I needed to the past few weeks. Not sure why.

Ok, off to finish cleaning beads.

tv, not music today
no starbucks. :(

Friday, September 02, 2005

3 days in a row!!

But who is counting? really?

Well, I'm cooking each day and posting auctions each day, so you never know...I could even blog each day (well, let's not get carried away!)

Am at present, loading Harry Potter CDs onto computer so that I can listen to book6 on my ipod today. Need to escape reality for a while...That's actually how I started the Harry Potter thing in the first place. After 9/11, I was so down and couldn't listen to the radio w/ out bad news and when I listened to my own music, my mind wandered and I got sad again. So...Stephanie who worked at the bead store (where my studio was at the time) brought me the books on tape and it was a great escape.

I've alread read book 6 (the day it came out and the following day actually...was in Las Vegas, bought the book at the airport, read it on the way home, finished it the next a fast reader), but I love listening to the man who reads the books on tape. It adds so much to the story. Unabridged, so you don't miss any real text, but adding character voices makes it so much fun.

Once ipod is loaded am off to make beads (several days in a row...almost...of that too!). I'm a virtual organized/beadmaker! Not!

Have a new auction up with one of my old-school "paintings" that go with it. Her name is Flora Whodunnit and it is very cute if I do say so myself. The picture is a seek and find of all different elements of a bead set. Very fun to create and will have to do more. Wish I had the ones I'd made in 2001 (fire) because they were fun too and it would be great to see them again.

off to make starbucks, still saving gas...have iced tea (homemade!) instead.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thursday morning and I'm actually blogging 2 days in a row.

I spent a little time re-formatting the blog to make it prettier and I'm happy for now with how it turned out.

Am going to make beads next. Not driving today, made kids take the bus (gasp). Am a bit paranoid about all the gas stuff on the news. Of course, I hadn't watched the news for about 4 days and had absolutely no idea how bad the hurricane situation was. I was a bit shocked and freaked out when I did see the news. (I'd been watching tivo stuff instead of actual tv for the past week...old movies, recorded reality stuff...definitely NOT the news)

I was a bit worried last night about all the stuff that might have an effect on me personally (which is totally selfish when you look at the big picture) but my mind went straight to..."oh no, what if we can't get gas...what if groceries can't get to stores...what if I can't afford the new prices that everything will be...I need to plant a garden...) So I got a little carried away and today I am trying to calm down a bit about it all. I am avoiding driving, though for sure. What finally caused me to watch the news was the line I saw at our corner gas station yesterday evening when we went to ball practice. It wrapped around the building at least once. I thought there had been some freak accident that caused everyone to have to detour through Texaco. Once I figured out what was going on, I had to watch the news and see what the heck I'd been missing.

So...I'm going to try to make my 1/2 tank of gas last as long as possible. I'm afraid of driving to the pump only to find they're sold out and then having to drive around to find gas and then running out of gas before I find someplace. See...I panic when I start to think of it all.

Ok...this is my beadmaking journal, not my freak out journal, so I'm going to go make beads now. I have to grab my ipod first, though. I can't make beads w/out music.

Coffee - not right trip to starbucks is in site, but maybe I'll crank up the espresso machine...but NO! I'm out of milk!!! DRAT!
Music - planning to listen to my groove tunes play list, but might have to move to something calmer, depending on the mood.