Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that just about covers it. :)

Happy Halloween everyone!

I'm going as an angel tonight... but that would have been the obvious choice, right?????

tiny blah blah blah...

starbucks coffee - the usual

music - Dave FM, which I turned off a little while ago to answer the phone and forgot to turn back on! I just realized I've been IMAGINING the music that's in my head... Jason Mraz

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Thursday... FINALLY.

It's Stress-free Thursday... and it BETTER really be or I'm going to start asking for a refund!!!!

I'm a little more settled than I was yesterday. It doesn't mean that the things that were bugging me yesterday are any more solved than they were... I just am feeling a little more settled about them. (this makes no sense... I know)

I have a weekend to myself and plan on decompressing... hopefully that will help too.

TONIGHT, however, I am with my "G" just the two of us. I'm going to see if he wants to make beads... he might, he might not... you never know with him. Just depends where his mood lands. I think it would be fun since it's just the 2 of us and he wouldn't have to share torch-time w/ his brother... but we'll see.

My weekend plans are changing a bit, so I'm going to see if I can sneak some beadmaking time in where I might not have had some before... we'll see.

If nothing else, I need to get my photography stuff set up!!! I need to find a place for it that's sort of permanent so that I don't have to put it up and take it down all the time. I'm not sure where that will be yet... but I need to get it done because as I'm making beads, I need to take pictures and get them posted to the net.

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee today - Cinnamon Dolce with all the toppings! I deserve the whipped cream!!!

music - listening to Dave FM and they're playing really really good stuff today. Thanks Mara Davis! (right now it's Matthew Perryman Jones - "Save You"" great song!)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Topsy Turvy Wednesday

I'm having lots of days like this lately... where things just aren't as they should be. No explanations necessary (or going to be given) but it just is NOT normal around here lately and I don't like it. It effects my mood, my work, my art.

I'm longing to make beads this week and I really haven't figured out how that is EVER going to happen mid week, unless I become a night-owl (I think I said this yesterday... so you can tell I'm really struggling with it). And it's not just for financial reasons that I'm thinking of this. I'm really feeling the NEED to make art... not just make things like jewelry, but make ART.

I have wonderful ideas swirling in my head and no time to explore things.

(I found it necessary to erase a lot of stuff I felt like writing today)

The more I lead this workshop, the more it reminds me of my capabilities and gifts and how a lot of them are being wasted right now which really sucks. For the last year and a half-ish, I was so focused on non-beady things that required ALL my focus... it was totally fine with me to bottle my creative side. But now it's starting to bubble up out of the bottle and it's very difficult to keep a lid on it. And I hate wasting the bubbles!!!!

I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to help other people grow creatively... but I really need to also.

ok... this posting is not nearly as optimistic as yesterday's was. I'm just really frustrated.

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - same ol' cinnamon dolce latte

music - Dave FM who changed their morning show... HOORAY! More music less talk!!! Right now I'm listening to John Mayer's "Daughters"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Tuesday to me!

And it really is pretty much a happy Tuesday. I don't know that i could have said that much in the last few weeks, but I do feel a little more on an up than an "aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" today. Not that things are DIFFERENT... just that I'm feeling a little less on edge. But enough about that...

let's talk beads!

How in the WORLD am I going to find time to make beads????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My schedule is totally topsy-turvy now due to family stuff and I have NO clue how i'm going to find time to make beads... and I DESPERATELY need to make beads... for the creative reasons AND financial ones. I have absolutely NO idea when I'm going to be able to do this... do I treat it like an after-hours job and START at 10:00 at night when my son is in bed??????? Work until midnight??? And what can I get done in 2 hours anyways???

I am TOTALLY stumped as to how I'm going to do this, but I have to. I don't want to be an absent single mom who goes to work instead of spending time w/ her kids... but I totally understand the necessity of it for so many people in my position. I'm stumped, but will have to figure it out. I don't really have another option.

Online class - wow. just wow. I can't BELIEVE the incredible stuff that's being made. I'm posting a link to the collection of beads that have been created as of today. I'll be adding more as the class progresses. The group is also posting their follow-up creations as they use these beads as inspiration for future work. If I can, I'll post some of those later.

In the meantime... Here is a collection of fun work from beadmakers from around the WORLD!! (isn't that too cool???!!!! I have participants from as far away as India and South Africa!)

And speaking of far away... I'm up to 22 countries for my blog! Look out Pinkie... we're taking over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tiny blah blah blah

coffee - cinnamon dolce latte (I need another one)

music - listening to Dave FM... a great collection of music today. Thank you Mara Davis DJ extraordinaire !

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Monday and it definitely feels like one.

I was listening to the radio and they were playing Jackson Browne's The Pretender this morning... which was the perfect song for a day when you've got to just...

"get up and do it again... amen"

I'm dragging... both physically and emotionally. I'm not going into it, but stuff is really getting to me and I'm SO glad I have the distraction of my online class. I'm really feeling good about what's happening there. It's exciting to see the things developing through the activities. It makes me smile and makes me feel good about what I'm doing.

I hope that the people participating are feeling as good about it as I am. It's not an easy process, challenging yourself, going outside your comfort zone... but it's good for us.

I've got an assignment bead to work on this week and I'm hoping to find time before Friday. I'm out of town for the weekend, so I need to make sure that I've got it done before I go. It's a really interesting assignment (if I do say so myself) and I can't wait to see how people interpret it. It's more esoteric and emotional in nature than the other assignments, so it's either going to be a hit or a bomb. I've not done this one before in one of my classes, so this is a test. I think it could be really cool though... so hopefully it won't be a bomb.

ok... need to go "struggle for the legal tender" in the words of Mr. Browne.

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - no, but I probably should have. I'm trying to eliminate starbucks from my daily routine to save money and just prove that i'm stronger than my habit... BUT it's not going so well.

music - no... I turned it off after Jackson Browne was on. I like that song and it's sort of haunting, so I've just got it on "repeat" in my head.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's "stress free thursday"

Boy... I sure hope so. I neeeeeeeeeeeed a stress free day.

Lots of beady things going on, but no beadmaking. Bummer. I wish I could say that I've been making tons of beads and doing all sorts of creative things myself, but I can't.

My tremors are back. :(

I had figured out some time last year that they were stress-induced, but boy, I can really tell that this week. A lot of the stress had disappeared from my life in the last couple of years, but the events of my life recently have multiplied that stress times a gazillion (yes, that's mathematically possible) and my hands are back to shaking again.

I'm hoping that life finds a new normal and the stress lightens so that I can do what I love.

In the MEANTIME, I'm thrilled with the online workshop. Everyone seems to be really enjoying it (or pretending to anyways) and I'm loving watching people have "aha" moments that I helped them to find. That is SO rewarding.

It's hard to watch everyone else get to make beads though... I'm dying to. I'm actually going to give it a try tomorrow, but I'm not going in with too much expectation because lately, I'm having trouble even typing. We'll see.

Back to the class though... one of the people participating suggested that I think of writing a book about the process. I really never considered anything like that and it did make me wonder if people would read something like that. Not sure.

I've always believed that the same processes could be translated to other mediums, but I think if I did write a book it would focus on beadmaking. Still... I don't know how many people would actually be interested in something so esoteric. It seems that a LOT of the beadmaking world just wants "how to" and not something so crazy as I'd be offering.

something to think on anyways...

tiny blah blah blah for today...

Coffee - maybe later. I'm having iced tea with lots of lemon this morning

Music - random stuff on my ipod. I found a playlist called "recently played" and I have NO idea how it collected the songs it did because these are NOT recently played songs. I'm liking it though. So far it's been a cool collection. Right now I'm listening to Jason Mraz sing "At Last" (the etta james song) which is a really cool cover of that song.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

quickie post...

My quest for world domination is closer to reality!!!

(very Pinky and the Brain of me don't you think?)

ANYWAYS... we now have readers in 44 of the 50 states (plus D.C. and some "unknown"... not sure what that's about... do we have a state called "unknown"??? Is it close to Montana???) and 20 countries!!!!! WOW! That's crazy!!!

(Kentucky, West Virginia, Delaware, Vermont, Alaska and Hawaii are the non-sylvie states. I wonder what color those would be on the big election map...I'm not sure I could be represented by just one color (the Republicans and Democrats aren't very creative... obviously... red states and blue states... BORING) I think MY states would be "purple and green polka dot states".

ok... I have nothing really beady to talk about today, but had to share that little factoid/silliness.

And tomorrow night...

"We'll take over the World!!!!!!!!!!!!" (and if you haven't ever seen the cartoon Pinky and the Brain... that was just totally lost on you. oh well)

tiny blah blah blah...

Coffee - being delivered by my dad (who I work for... he went on a Starbucks run). I TOTALLY need some. Chick fil A tea just wasn't enough.

Music - Sylvie's long mellow playlist - Norah Jones "Don't Know Why" is playing now (I'm on my 2nd time through today)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hello beady/bloggy world!

I've missed you!!

Unfortunately, until things calm down in my non-beady real life, things might be quiet here.

My online workshops are rolling along and I think everyone is enjoying them so far. We're still in the "forced experiment" stage, but some of the people are using the ideas and moving in new directions with their own NON-forced work. That's the exciting part to watch. I hope more people post pictures for everyone to see what they're doing (if they're doing something) with the inspirations from the group.

I have people on a waiting list for a 5th group. I really am not sure if I can do that or not. I'm going to wait and see how these 4 groups go first. I MIGHT do it, but I have to make sure I'm not taking on too much. Once things calm down in REAL LIFE, I'd like to get some beads made myself!!!

So much for marketing a Halloween Head Over Heels, huh???? Maybe I should shoot for May Day!!!

ok... time for the Tiny Blah blah blah

coffee - SO needed this morning. Cinnamon Dolce Latte and I'm predicting there will be more than one consumed today.

music - my long mellow list. We just switched from Jack Johnson's "better together" to Corrinne Bailey Rae's "Breathless" which I absolutely love. YAY for my ipod!

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Friday.

That should come with a huge sigh of relief, but it's not. This is going to be a challenging weekend (those of you who know what I mean know what I mean) and I don't have that "whew! the weekend!" feeling that I normally would.

In beady news... the creativity class count is now up to 36!! OMG! And that's with 2 people that had to drop out!!! Crazy! And exciting.

I'm happy for the little bit of distraction that it is. The beads for this week's challenge are beginning to be posted and I'm already WOWed. It's SO cool to watch this process happen. It's too hard to describe, and it would start me on a long rambling dissertation again, but I really do love seeing the "aha" moments that it brings. So, even though personal stuff is crazy, this is a good thing.

It was my intention to participate in the workshop... not just moderate. BUT I'm not sure if I'm going to get any torch time this weekend. We'll just have to see. I might see if Griffin wants to make beads with me for a little while on Saturday morning. Of course, that would probably mean that Griffin makes beads and I sit there wishing I had the Y connector so that we both could!!! LOL

ok... going to run and get through this day. I feel like I have lead feet and I keep having to remind myself to BREATHE.

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - Cinnamon Dolce Latte from a foreign Starbucks. I like Omar's better.

music - My chick flick playlist (right now it's Elvis Costello Allison)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

quickie Thursday post.

Stress Free Thursday?

I sure hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not going to talk personal-life other than to say, I'm taking a deep breath for a minute. I'm appreciating the small things. (that makes sense to only a few people and that's ok... it's MY blog!)

beady things...

My class groups are started. People are working on their assignments. It's funny that each group sort of has its own personality already. They're all doing the same thing, but there is a different vibe in each group (all good... just all different which I think is cool). The first assignment is due Monday and I can't wait to see what everyone has made.

I have 3 people on a wait-list for a group. I need about 8 to form another group. It's not fun with just a few people. I'm still not ready to say "open call" on Lampwork etc. because I think i'd get TOO many people and I wouldn't be able to handle the work... especially since this is a volunteer thing. I'm hoping that I'll have one evening a week of REAL work on this and the rest will just be monitoring/moderating a little. BUT I didn't expect to have 33 people either!!!

ok... must get back to real job and real life. I've just missed my blog this week.

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - nope. Chick fil a tea

music - Sylvie's "Chick flick soundtrack or Should Be" playlist

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

As you can see I've taken SEVERAL personal days. I'm hoping to find a new sort of normal, but it might take a while.

I'll keep you posted on beady things if they develop. No beads for now....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hi all....

It's Monday night and I'm just now sitting down to blog. Life is totally crazy right now and it's not the type of stuff to blog about, so I'm not going to.

BUT just know that if I'm not here for a day or so... that's why. No need to alert the media or send out an all-points-bulletin like you sometimes do. I'm just doing

Friday, October 10, 2008

taking a personal day...

no beady stuff is as important as family.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


We're almost there... the week is ALMOST over!!!!!!!

I have a lot of personal junk going on today, so this is short and sweet.

Very excited about the workshop. TONS of people are signing up. I don't know most of them, so it's kind of crazy. I think it's going to be a good thing.

We're gonna get "maverick-y" on the bead world!!!!!!!! LOL

ok... wish me luck with my day. NOT going to be a fun one. At least I have art-stuff to think of when things get wacko... and they're getting wacko FAST today.

tiny blah blah blah....

coffee - OH YEAH! Totally having my starbucks today.

music - Norah Jones - the starbucks of music. Trying to decompress with her. Not sure how much good it's doing, but it's better than other choices.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wednesday - Half Way Through The Week!!!! WOO HOO!!!

I don't know WHY this week is getting to me... it shouldn't be. I'm in a really good mood, but BOY am I living for Friday!!!!! I just keep waking up in the morning SURE that it's the weekend. That's the problem!!!

I'm very excited about what I'm going to talk about today. More musings on the creative process. I had 14 people sign up yesterday for my online workshop which is great, but too many people for one class in this format, so I'm going to have to split things.

I didn't expect a lot of people I didn't know to request membership in the group, so it grew faster than I was ready for AND I can anticipate it continuing like this once word gets out. Because it's SUCH a great thing... seeing people develop creatively. (I know that might sound stuck up since it's my workshop, but it's not ME that makes it exciting... it's seeing people find inspiration and develop creatively and have "aha" moments. THAT is what's so much fun!!!

I want to share my own creative development here today and if it gets too long, I'll continue it tomorrow (or another day... we know how that goes!)

When I taught the "creativity class" (as it was first known) the first time, I participated along with the students and one of the beads I made in the class spurred my work in a WHOLE new direction and is really responsible for the whole tone of my work now. This will be funny, but it's all from THIS bead.....

Hard to believe, huh??? That this WEIRD bead could be where my WHOLE body of work today comes from!!!

That THIS bead
<----- led to THIS bead --->

And a whole lot of other things along the way.....

So... How did that happen??

You KNOW I'm gonna tell you!!! (and it won't be short, so non-beady people might want to "fast forward")

Here's the story. In the class,
I gave the assignment to make a bead based on a black and white photograph by Karl Blossfeldt. I picked one at random, so my personal preference did not come into play.

<---- this is the picture I also had the parameters that it had to be done in 4 colors... and only those 4. AND if those 4 colors weren't available in the glass I had, I had to do my best to replicate the colors using other materials (such at enamels).
These were the colors (i forgot to add the green square...oops) ----->

So, that's what I had to go with and the funny bead at the very beginning of this post is what resulted from the assignment.

The class met together and gave each other ideas for future beads, based on the bead that they were looking at (they didn't see the photo or the colors). One of the class participants said "it looks like one of those crazy cool cakes where all the layers are different colors" (think "Ace of Cakes" because even though this was way before that show... that was what she was talking about)

I went home from the class and had this bead sitting around and thought... I'll try to make one of those cakes as a bead!!! (it's funny... I just realized that this beadmaker made cake beads herself!! Never thought of that till this moment. Melissa... do you remember this at all??)

ANYWAYS... the bead inspired me to make a crazy cake bead, so I did. I made a funny birthday cake bead. UNFORTUNATELY that bead was in my old house and didn't survive the fire, so I don't have a picture of it to show you. Let me tell you, however, that it was HORRIBLE!!!!!! It wasn't cute AT ALL. BUT it sat around on my table for a while and made me think of something else...

Girls with birthday cake hats on!! I have no idea WHY I thought of that, but i did. SO, I made a bead like that. And it too was HORRIBLE and didn't survive the fire. (be glad... it was truly tragic... very scary to look at!!) BUT it sat around on my work table with all the other bead castoffs that I just couldn't bear to toss.

And one day, after taking a Sharon Peters class where I learned to make multi-bead sculptures... I came up with this ------->

The birthday cake hat made me think of crazy tall hair... very B-52s or Marge Simpson. The candles caused me to make the raised dots on her hair. She was wacky and honestly... her face is pretty scary. BUT I learned something and THIS set of beads was a springboard taking me to the next thing...

My Head Over Heels Project which was a beaded version of the multi-part bead made with seed-beads. Because it was made of seed beads, she was a lot more flexible and could bend over backwards to be a bracelet!!! And my beadmaking life changed right then and there. I won't give you the long story about that. I think I've told it here in my blog at least once.

And Head Over Heels was a springboard to 2 other big projects... The Clothesline and Splish Splash (but we're not even talking about those here... so WOW that cake bead did a LOT!!!)

Head Over Heels led me to doing other things... more "big haired girls" and I started making these fun drawings which were sort of interpretations of my head over heels girls. The pink picture here is an example of this.

And THAT led to something else...

The Halo neckpiece.
<----- In the drawings, the faces were more subdued, so I made beads that were faces more along those lines... angelic. Inspired by those drawings AND by renaissance paintings where the angels have halos that almost look like big hats (or gilded "big hair"), I created these new face beads. I turned them into a necklace.

THEN that piece took me back in a different direction.... making little beady versions of my older fairies, but with big hair. I call them Fairy Godmothers.

THEN I looked at that pink drawing and the halo faces and thought that I could make a vessel where the hair was the vase.... or maybe it wasn't even hair anymore... it was just a face peeking out of the patterns... sort of Gustav Klimt-y....
And the vessel up at the top was born. Taking us to where I am today as a beadmaker!!!

SEE??? One thing led to another. ALL because of that ONE crazy "cake" bead that was an assignment from this class COMBINED with an idea from another beadmaker. THIS is what is possible!!!!!!!!!! And even though it's sort of "tooting my own horn." Not a ONE of those pieces looked like ANYTHING else that was out there in bead-land at the time.

THIS is why I'm teaching this class!!!!!!!!!! and that is the end of my long long story. It made me happy to see how far I've come. :)

Thank you again Melissa. I don't know that I ever realized until this week what a PROFOUND influence on my beadmaking your ONE little "crazy cakes" comment made.

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - Starbucks Mocha - I needed some chocolate today. Some days are just that way.

music - OMG. I was just in a store and they were playing a DANCE version of Total Eclipse of the Heart. That song was BAD the first time around. WHY would they re-make it with a dance track???!!!!!!!! And I have NO music with me here at the office today to get rid of that horrible memory!!!! "turn around bright eyes....." AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's Tuesday!

And I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started my online workshop yesterday. It's not really STARTED. I just formed the facebook group, invited the first round of people and got things structured and ready to go. (if you didn't get an invitation and you wanted in on this workshop, let me know as soon as possible because we're getting full. Go to facebook and look up the group "Finding Your Voice as a Glass Beadmaker" and request to join. If you would include a note saying you read about it here that would help.)

I was going through my photos to show how my own participation in the course caused such a big turn in my work and DID bring me to find my voice. It was very exciting to re-live that. AND very exciting to know that I might be the catalyst for other people to make those leaps as well. (I think I'm going to share the pictures here of my own journey later this week... if there's time)

Without starting a big argument... I was REALLY discouraged when I was on the other day. I had REALLY hoped (although I shouldn't have) that the whole "what's copying/what's not" discussion would have gone away by now. UGH!!! This is EXACTLY why I need to teach this workshop.

ENOUGH of people saying "well, if so-and-so posts a bead online isn't it free game??? Can't we all do our own interpretation of it without being in trouble??" OY!!!!!! (that just made me think of a funny Gilmore Girls line... "oy! with the poodles already" <--- I have no idea what it was about, but it made me laugh)

ANYWAYS... back to the subject... When I read the posting about what is public domain - I just wanted to post... BUT WHY DO YOU CARE???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT would you want to do that for???? Sure, you can learn a technique by looking at someone else's work... figure out how they've done what they've done... what colors they've used.

But WHY would you want to spend your time making beads that someone else is already making????!!!!! (ok... I KNOW the answer to this. I just don't want to know it. They're doing it because that's what SELLS OR because they love those beads and don't really want to PAY the person who thought of them first so that they can have some.)

i KNOW I'm stepping on toes here, but it's really how I feel and this IS my blog after all. (and if you're not a beadmaker... just fast-forward through today because I'm on a roll...)

And this is EXACTLY why I am teaching this workshop. To STOP the insanity of beads inspired by beads. It's just plain BORING!!! I was looking through the galleries (postings on lampwork etc. NOT a real gallery) the other day and saw these beads and thought "OMG! I have NEVER seen beads like that before!!! Those are SO SO SO cool!!!!" But then started to page down and low and behold.... there were at LEAST 5 posts (if not more) of beads that looked just the same... only different colors. I was SO disappointed!!!! It was only because I've been out of it for 2 years that I didn't know that these beads were all the rage and that EVERYONE was making them. BORING!! It totally ruined those gorgeous beads for me. :( And maybe it shouldn't.... but it did. The beads that had been so special when I first looked at them became common-place because they ALL looked the same!!! Beads inspired by beads inspired by beads... blah blah blah.

SO it's time for me to shake things up!!!!! I'm REALLY hoping that the people who participate in this workshop will leave with the knowledge of how to take themselves to the next level. To be the beadmakers who inspire the boring beadmakers who have no source of inspiration other than other beadmakers (ouch!) I can't WAIT to see what happens!!!!!!!!

(I am back and adding this... My mom just read my post and e-mailed me to ask if I'm channeling Sarah Palin today. She was looking for me to add the word "maverick-y" and "you betcha" a few times in my "gonna shake things up" rant. Very funny.)

tiny blah blah blah

coffee - Cinnamon Dolce Latte (YUM! and I'm wondering if they put extra shots in there because I do admit that I am a bit wired... but I'm also excited, so hard to know if it's the caffine or the inspiration)

music - NO!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! I keep leaving my ipod at home!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Monday Monday.......

I need it to be Friday... ALREADY!!!!! And I've barely started my week!!

I had a fairly quiet weekend, but not a very beady one. I DID spend a lot of time yesterday cleaning beads. YUCK. I hate that part of beadmaking. I had mandrels full of beads piling up and needed to make some head-way on cleaning them, so I did that for a while. Now I have a slew (is that even a real word??) of clean mandrels ready to go!! YAY!!!

I wish I had more beady news to report, but it just wasn't one of those weekends. I knew I needed to catch up on some rest, as well as see friends, so I concentrated on that instead. Hopefully there will be more beady news later!!! (once I clean all these beads I've got to do SOMETHING with them, so hopefully the news will have to do with that!)

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee today - Cinnamon Dolce Latte of course

music - it's very quiet again... I forgot my ipod! If I DID have it, I'd be playing something upbeat to wake me up!!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

FINALLY Friday!!!


I am REALLY looking forward to this weekend. HOORAY, it's almost here!!!

I am finally feeling better and have a whole weekend to myself with no big plans, so I'm going to spend time relaxing and doing beady things (in addition to some normal "gotta do" weekend stuff)

I didn't have a beady day yesterday, but knew it wouldn't be. Some days are just about being a kid-taxi and that's what it was. That's ok.

But, no beady stuff means no long beady entry here, so that's it for today!! I'll hopefully have lots of beady news on Monday after spending some quality time ALONE with no junior beadmakers hogging my torch!!!!

Happy weekend everybody!!!

tiny blah blah blah

coffee - the most WONDERFUL cinnamon dolce latte ever (I'm not sure why, but it was even better than usual... so thank you Omar, my favorite barista!!)

music - absolutely nothing! My son stole my ipod from my purse last night and I forgot to ask for it back this morning!!! Must do that before he goes to his dad's for the weekend!!!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Stress Free Thursday?

Really???? I KNOW that's what my friend calls it, but it's SO not been stress-free lately. No details, but it's been hectic and today will be no different.

SO I really doubt that there will be any beadmaking today. I'm basically just a children-taxi today.

I did make a few beads yesterday and I think they turned out pretty cute. I didn't look at the beads when I turned off the kiln, so I'll find out when I get home! :)

I made a couple of little witches for Head Over Heels and one Bride of Frankenstein (ish) cutie.

Can't wait to see them. NEED to get pictures taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, that's it for now.

tiny blah blah blah

Coffee - totally changed things up today and got a mocha. Omar the barista was floored!!! really!

Music - nothing. I'm just enjoying some silence.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Worn Out Wednesday

I'm still feeling yucky. I tried to work in the studio for a little while yesterday, but my hands were shaky, so I didn't get much done. I did play with a few new color ideas and got some cool effects.

I also made a really pretty encased bead. Those usually take a lot of concentration, so I was surprised I was successful. I just knew after a couple of bigger beads that I wasn't going to do much good because I couldn't hold my hands steady and focus the way I need to. Cold medicine and beadmaking = not good. I hope I'm not shaking for other reasons... but that's always possible.

I'm going to give it another try today.

I DID finish my Halloween Head Over Heels though!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

I need to setup my bead-photography stuff and take pictures of things. Must do SOON!!!

tiny blah blah

coffee - nope. still doing iced tea

music - nope. forgot ipod.