Friday, December 31, 2010

The end of a brilliant year and the beginning of a sparkly shimmery new one.

I had a great day in the studio today... building stock for Tucson. I still have a long way to go, but I've got a good start. Here is the bounty that came forth from the kiln yesterday...

Lots of little bitty beads waiting to be cleaned and bundled into pretty color-combos. LOTS of work still ahead.

So, now that work is done... it's time to get pretty and go OUT for New Years Eve!!

Wishing you all a very sparkly shimmery New Year!!! I already know it's going to be a great one!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - skipped it
music - same playlist as yesterday, but added Cee-Lo's "Forget You" :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I can dance and play with fire....simultaneously!! It's a rare talent.

The secret is a great soundtrack that you can't KEEP from dancing to.

(I know that's a grammatical error, leaving that preposition dangling there, but I just couldn't think of a way to say that without sounding like a stuck-up English teacher or book-editor... so live with it!)

So now that we have covered the fact that I am neither stuck-up OR any form of literary person, and I dance to a great soundtrack while playing with fire, you might be wondering...

1. What did she make today?

answer: What the Blackboard of Bossiness told me to make!


2. What made the monotony of making small beads fun?

answer: A ROCKIN' soundtrack!!!

Songs you can't HELP but dance to, the playlist...

Yeah! - Usher
Word Up - Cameo
When I Grow Up - Pussycat Dolls
U + Ur Hand/Respect - Pink
Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
She's a Bad Mama Jama - Carl Carlton
Shake It - Metro Station
Rock Your Body - Justin Timberlake
Low - Flo Rida

(I'm sure at this point some of you are disappointed in my taste in music... but let me tell you, I can ROCK glass while "dancing" to Mr. Flo Rida and these others)

Let's Go Crazy/I Would Die For You/Baby I'm a Star/Kiss - Prince
I Want You Back - Jackson 5
Hey Ya! - Outkast
Groove is in the Heart - Deee-Lite
Golddigger - Kayne West & Jamie Foxx
Girlfriend (remix) - Avril Lavigne & Lil Mama
Girlfriend - Pebbles
Crazy in Love - Beyonce
Bootylicious - Destiny's Child
Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jett
All Night - Damian Marley
Ain't No Other Man - Christina Aguillera

And THAT ladies and gentlemen, is a playlist for dancing and playing with fire! (but don't try this at home. I'm a trained professional)

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce latte "sponsored" by my wonderful Aunt Janie and Uncle Jim!
music - well, you already know don't you??!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Blackboard of Bossiness is back.

I think I've talked about this blackboard before (I don't re-read my own blog, so I'm not sure if I've talked about this before or not... if not, go read my Facebook fan-page and you'll see lots of info about it)

I have about a month to prepare for Tucson and I HAVE to keep on track in order to have enough inventory for the show. Having not done this show since 2002, I'm really unsure what to take, but I have a plan and I need to stick to it... thus the blackboard.

It's very easy for me to get caught up in creative ideas and stray from the "plan," but I HAVE to get these beads made, so I am going to try my best to obey the blackboard. Hopefully it gives me a day off every once in a while to create something new OR to have a social-life!!!

It's going to be hard to have a social-life this month, but all work and no fun isn't good for me! or anyone, for that matter!! I've lived a life of all work and no play and I don't intend on doing that again.

SO... off to attack the to-do list and make some small beads. NOT my favorite activity, but it's necessary and I must obey!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - Cinnamon Dolce latte - FREE!!!! "purchased" with a Starbucks coupon! YAY!

music - UNSURE! We'll see what rockin' tunes will get me moving... probably 80s music!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Almost New Year to me!

My friend Janice Peacock who is an incredible glass artist ALSO is a haiku-writer extraordinaire. She writes them as her daily status on Facebook and I always enjoy reading them. Well, today she wrote one JUST for me! (not really, but I felt like it)

With her permission, here it is...

Brilliant twenty ten
Comes to a close, whispering
What joy lies ahead?

I love this. It totally captures what I feel today. I had a BRILLIANT 2010. So many fun surprises, successes, unexpected coolness abounded in the past 12 months. It was a sparkling year. Yet, this week, between holidays there is a quiet hush in my life.... but an underlying excitement of what's to come in the new year. Thank you Janice for capturing my thoughts in those 3 lines.

My goal for the New Year is to live in the moment... enjoy right where I'm at... not get ahead of myself... experience and soak up the joyful moments.... because there WILL be joy. No matter what the downs might be (and I'm realistic enough to know that there will be bumps on my life's twisty turny road) I know that there is a joy-filled year ahead.

My friend Erin told me this fall, "God is about to bless your socks off!" I was in kind of a crazy time at the moment and I wasn't sure what she meant, but I keep seeing signs of this... over and over. 2011 is just going to get better... I know it.

I might need to buy some extra socks. :)

Wishing you a joy-filled 2011!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - brought to you by my Aunt Janie (a.k.a. Oh Stubborn One) and Uncle Jim. Cinnamon Dolce latte!

music - Florence and the Machine "Dog Days are Over" (SUCH a great song!)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas eve-eve to you, my friends and blog-readers!

It's been a wonderful year full of fun surprises and I'm looking forward to an exciting 2011.. Truly! Each year has been an adventure lately (each week sometimes) and for someone who normally doesn't like the unknown... I'm embracing it lately.

I have NO idea what's in store for me this year... I have a plan, business-wise, but if 2010 is an indicator, I should expect the I am prepared to just roll with it (whatever "it" turns out to be and as much as the perfectionist in me will let me "roll" lol)

I definitely have no idea what is around the corner personally...but you didn't come here to read about my personal life, now did you? ;)

What I DO know is that I will meet it all head on and will definitely have a rockin' soundtrack and probably a cup of coffee nearby AND I know that I will be here to keep you posted (on the beady news... NOT the personal news...unless the hot guy at Starbucks starts buying my coffee again and then I will be forced to share that info in the "shout out" section of the coffee report....which has been way too quiet lately! I have a feeling that might change after Christmas though. Somehow people always know that the perfect gift for me starts with a Star and ends in Bucks!).

Anyhoo.... Stay tuned for another exciting year! The 10th anniversary of the blog...can you believe it?!

Music- Christmas of Course! I'm very into singing along with Mariah this week. :)

Coffee - nope. I'm doing the Dr. pepper thing today.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Today is going to be crazy!

Sooooooo many different things to do... Not busy crazy, but dis-jointed crazy!

I'm starting in the studio because I need to keep some consistency in there working on "the list on the. Blackboard". I set up the new torch the other day so that I can get used to it. It's sweeeeeeeeeet! (thank you GTT, Flametree and voters!!!)

Next hat im wearing is shipping... I really need an assistant again. I'm so bad at this part. I have things that HAVE to go out today. I'm hoping the self-serve line at the PO isn't too bad (wishful thinking)

I have to wear the mom hat, making sure my kids do everything they need to before going away for the weekend. This is always a challenge. I've tried to give them responsibility for this, but there is always second-guessing by me of wardrobe choices...did they get schoolwork, etc. (honestly, I've Pretty much stepped out of the wardrobe department. They are so opinionated about their clothes these days. If they choose to take shorts for 30 degree weather, I can squawk, but it probably won't change what they pack.

Next I have to wrap presents for the party tonight. I'm going the gift bag route because there are odd shaped items and it's low effort!!!

I have to make myself look fabulous for my night out with the girls. Fabulous takes time (and glitter). To me, it's much more complicated getting dressed for a girls night out than it is for a date! Girls appreciate the clothes and makeup way more....and it's fun to be over the top glamorous for a night!

Lastly, I have to let my hair down and have fun! That part is easy!!

Hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend! (I will be Christmas partying the weekend away...I have one tomorrow night too!)

Coffee- yes! I needed a cinnamon dolce latte to jumpstart this busy day!
Music - I'm about to play pandora's Otis Redding's a great one!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Day Thursday!!

Ok... it's not snowing, but it IS a snow day...the kind of day that kids love where they hear on the news "no school" and then they play all day.

Only for moms, it is NOT a holiday... it's a work day with kids home. Ugh. And to make things worse... there is no snow to play in, so I just have bored kids at home. Nothing getting done in my studio today. Hopefully I'll get stuff done on the home-front. I still need a black-board of bossiness for that!

Off to try to "negotiate" the roads that kept us home...which are now just wet and not icy because the temperature is WAY above freezing.

Hope your day is more exciting!!

ONE day till GGM Christmas Party!!!!!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

music - nope. we'll see what's on the radio in the car
coffee - nope.... but I need some!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Tuesday Blog-world!

Today begins the OFFICIAL countdown for the Girls Gone Mild annual Christmas Soiree. I know I know I know... you all don't care. My mom has told me this. And you know what???? I don't care!!! This is my blog and today I will talk about my favorite day of the year.... The GGM Christmas Party!!!

If you've been with me the last few years, you KNOW that I'm obnoxiously excited about this occasion each year. My very best friends and I get together for our own Christmas celebration... to celebrate another year past, an exciting year ahead and that our friendships have stood the test of time. I mean... how many people have the same best friends they've had since the age of 13??!! We have! (plus add one that we've been friends with since our 20s that we couldn't live without!) And it's this friendship we celebrate!

Drinks at "our" bar which we fondly refer to as Tiffany's (because nothing bad can happen's our escape on days when things are NUTS or when things need a celebration) even though the owners of the place seem to think it has a REAL name...and I don't even know what it is! We're excited because they've rennovated "our" bar...just for us, I'm sure and we'll be enjoying it's art-deco poshness, shimmering for the holidays!

While we're there we will open gifts.... similar to Oprah's favorite things, where she gives her audience her finds of the year... we do the same. Each of us gives OUR favorite things to the group. It's always an adventure trying something new that someone else loves. I'm excited about my gifts for the girls.... and to see what's in store for me!

We'll move on to dinner after drinks. This year, we won't have to travel far, as dinner is just down the street at a new French restaurant that opened this year.... and we'll talk and laugh forever (or at least until the waiter makes us totally uncomfortable for staying too which point we will beg him to take our pictures and record for history the 5th annual Girls Gone Mild Christmas Party)

SO... come Friday night, think of your very best friends... and make a toast to friendships that last a lifetime.

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - no. Iced tea... what was I thinking? It's like 15 degrees today!
music - christmas christmas christmas

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Monday!!

And it really is! It's freezing, but it FEELS like Christmas and I'm loving it!

I'm going to venture into the tundra that is my studio in a bit and start making the list of what needs to be made for Tucson. I need to have the same organizational plan going in that I did for Bead and Button. It's a different crowd, so the inventory plan will be different, but I still need a PLAN.

After that, the "blackboard of bossiness" can track my progress and I'll hopefully be ready with a full table of beads by January 30th!

Hope you are having a happy Monday and are ready to "smash it" (as my friend Rashan says.) I am!!! So, ugg boots on, sweaters layered, time to head to the studio and get busy!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

music - radio
coffee - Keurig (hoping for Starbucks giftcards for Christmas!)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello. My name is Sylvie and I'm a "pink and green person" and I make CUTE stuff.

I can write those words now and claim them, but back in the 80s, when I was in art school, those were used as insults by both professors and other students. This all came to me when doing shows/classes this fall. People kept saying "how cute!" and I had to think for a minute and adjust the volume down on that inner critic's voice that remembered the words from college. Because I AM a green and pink cute person and no matter WHAT was told to me in art school, I'm still an artist.

Art is about emotion. I'll be the first one to tell you that I have spoken about lampwork beads to others in the past and divided people into "makers" and "artists." I've never felt like you had to be one or the other exclusively, but I do feel that some pieces have SOUL and other things are just made from a "pattern" recreating something someone else made that probably had SOUL the first time around.

It doesn't make it any less of a glass piece, it's just different to me. Art is so subjective, however, that something that I see is a piece that's got soul, someone else might see as something meaningless. That's what's so interesting about art... and challenging.

Without naming names of people's work that doesn't move me, I will tell you that among lampworked glass bead artists, Jen Geldard, Sara Sally LaGrand and Karen Ovington all make things that make MY heart sing when I look at them. (there are others, but these 3 particularly sing to me right now)

That said, my own work, as silly as this sounds, doesn't make my heart sing when I look at it. Because that's something that's left to the viewer. The art that comes from my end is about the making of the piece in the first place... the emotion that goes INto the piece. Sometimes I make things that convey emotions that I want to experience, but sometimes, as is the case right now, I'm funneling how I already feel into my work. And my work, as it is now, is all about HAPPY. It's easy for me to fluff my work off as something of no substance because of that, but HAPPY is an important emotion and I need to remember that.

If my pieces bring HAPPY to someone else who isn't having a lot of happy in their life, if it is a reminder of the HAPPY that they do have, or used to have, that's just as important as someone whose work evokes thoughtfulness, sadness or anger. I'm going to work hard to remember that HAPPY is an emotion just as worthy as any other.

And if the adjective that comes out of people's mouths first, when seeing my work is CUTE. I think that's a good thing. Cute and happy go together.... and I like cute! I've ALWAYS liked cute, which is why the word was hurled at me as an insult in art school. I made things that often were... cute, fun and colorful. A painting professor sneered at a piece I'd done and said it was "cute" (imagine that spoken in a villainous way... it just doesn't have the same effect typed,) as if the very word "cute" should send me hurling myself out the 2nd story window of the Georgia State University art building. "Quel Horreur! I make cute happy stuff!!! I must end it now!!!"

But it did intimidate me, and make me think less of my work for quite a while... that people who were making dark and gloomy work or work with political subject matter had more to say than I did. I'm not saying their work isn't important... not at all. I'm just saying that it was very easy for fellow students and professors to gang up on me because I took a different route and channeled a different emotion into my work.

So, in closing, I would like to dedicate this posting to my weaving professor, Zenaide Reiss, who I oh so affectionately referred to as "the weaving witch." (and who seems to still be around since I found this link to her work.) Ms. Reiss, within the first 2 days of class, looked at me and said with a sneer "I can see that you're a pink and green person," as she looked down her nose at me. For the rest of that semester, and the others that followed with her, I felt inferior, as if my choice of colors made me less of an artist than anyone else in the class. (and for anyone who clicked on that link... did you happen to notice the prevalence of pastel colors in her work now? Just sayin'...)

Well, here's what I've got to say to you, Ms. Reiss.....

My pink and green work, though it's now in glass rather than fibers, has meaning and worth. Several years ago, 2 women came to me at a trunk show that I did in California. They brought in 2 necklaces that their mother had made. Each necklace centered around one of my mermaid beads. They wanted me to know that when their mother passed away, each of them received one of the mermaid necklaces and that they were so special to her and to them and that it made them happy that they had these reminders of her. THAT is why it's ok to be a pink and green person who makes cute things.

So I'll say it loud.... I'm cute and I'm proud!

Have a nice weekend everyone!! (even you Ms. Reiss)

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - I love my Keurig!
music - Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Hello friends!

I've been absent a lot lately because I've been so busy getting ready for shows, but I've taken a few days to re-group and be in the present before starting preparations for the Tucson show this year. And in re-grouping, I've been trying to blog, but it hasn't happened. sorry.

I wrote a long long long long long post the other day and then didn't post it.... I've decided to sum it up in a few sentences instead of paragraphs (editors note...I apologize because the sentences turned into paragraphs again!)

A reminder, this is my blog and if I choose to write about my feelings/opinions/beliefs and not glass/beadwork every once in a while, that's totally my prerogative. If you don't feel like reading... don't. If you feel like reading and criticizing it... don't do that either. I'll know and I'll banish you forever!!!! (just kidding. I'll just ignore you and/or stick my tongue out at you from this side of the monitor)

So... here goes...

I had spent the last 4 years dreading Thanksgiving. Things that occurred during that week in 2006 made me associate the holiday with that instead of what it was truly about. (when big things happen in mid-March or January it might not have the same effect as when they happen in conjunction with a holiday... in my opinion) So each year, I was dragged through the "OMG that sucked" hole again, only to return to normal happy life in December, after the holiday had ended. It was just that the reminder of suckage (and that's a word) was an annual holiday that wasn't going to go away.

ANYWAYS... I needed to learn to love the holiday again, so I focused (at the suggestion of a friend) on the holiday being about being thankful for the circumstances that occurred AFTER that time, things that never would have occurred in the same way had those events not transpired so that in a way, I could be grateful for the event.

And I am SO thankful for the twists and turns my life has taken the last 4 years. Lots and LOTS of people have commented over the past few years that I'm a different person...that I'm "better off" that I look happier, healthier, younger, etc. That living well is the best revenge or that I'd made lemons out of lemonade.

Although the compliments are wonderful, I need to shift those opinions because they really are NOT what happened. I was running on auto-pilot for a while...the "fake it till you make it" approach. The changes that took place in my life were not a matter of ME making lemons out of lemonade... because I would have made some pretty sorry lemonade with artificial sweeteners if I'd been left to my own devices. It was God making something out of the situation instead. He's taken my life as it was at that moment (in total suckage)...opened doors, brought people into my life, given me direction and clarity and over-all worked the circumstances out for my good.

Lots of you reading this are people who I really feel were put in my life for a reason... and I'm so thankful for you and the way He used you for the good in my life (even if you were unaware you were a part of the plan) because I love my life and I'm thankful for all of you who are a part of it. (even if I waited until after December to tell you that)

tiny blah blah blah....

coffee - wonderful FREE Cinnamon Dolce latte. Gotta love free!

music - none right now, but here's a link to a song that I've been playing a lot lately... one that talks about how He works all things together (no matter what they are) for my good. Your Love Never Fails

Monday, November 22, 2010

SO far behind in blogging... here's what you missed....

1. Sylvie goes to Oakland for the BABE show (which is nowhere near as racy as it sounds... but it does sound fun to say I'm in the BABE show. It's the Bay Area Bead Extravaganza) Picture above is part of my display.

2. Sylvie cries with customers at the show. It's always emotional hearing how my work effects others... even though I sometimes see my work as shallow or silly. Long story about this later.

3. Sylvie returns from BABE to get busy making stock for her next show.

4. Sylvie freaks out realizing that her next show is in only 2 weeks!!!!!!

5. Sylvie works all day making pretty things for the people of Atlanta to come buy!

Here are the details on the last show of 2010...

Decatur Holiday Marketplace

December 3-4
Clairemont Elementary School

see their website for all the details

back to work!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee -not nearly enough
music - CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

posting 2 days in a row??!! could it be??!!!

I'm taking a quick break from the studio for a few minutes to clear my head and try to get back on track...if there's any chance of that.

I have a show this weekend... a BEAD show, yet I am not making beads... I'm making Christmas ornaments and sculptural stuff. WHY??!!! I can't answer that. I am just NOT in a beadmaking mood and my hands (and brain) just want to make these other pieces.

Let's hope that "my public" in California this weekend is ok with that.... because I don't see myself getting back on track when I go back into the studio in a few minutes.

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - yes. Cinnamon Dolce Latte which was a yummy way to start the day

music - yes. I started with mellow stuff then moved to the Glee cast version of Rocky Horror Picture Show...which is only adding to the madness of what I'm making.

Monday, November 08, 2010

It's Monday and I have soooooo much to do before the BABE show that I really shouldn't even be ON the computer (but I'm posting quickly then getting to work!)

LOTS of things to make this week to re-build inventory that is thankfully low, but also sadly low and will look bad on my table if that's all I have!!!

The black-board of bossiness will have a looooooong list of what I'm supposed to make. Hopefully I can knock a good portion of the things off the list today.

So, I'd better get busy!

Time to make the Donuts!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - oh yeah... desperately needed for a day like this! CDL
music - starting with Al Green then moving to Adele then onto ???? we'll see.

Friday, November 05, 2010

It's been a bleck week so far. I've been sick and haven't been on the torch except a tiny bit. Coughing and making beads don't mix.

SO... I'm going to give it another try this evening, but not have big expectations. Instead, this morning, I'm.... drumroll.... GOING TO PICK UP MY NEW TORCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

I'm sooooo excited. It might be a bit of a learning curve getting used to it, so I'm not going to take my old torch out of circulation yet... just in case. If I adjust to it quickly, however, I plan on selling the phantom to purchase one smaller torch for Thing 1 (A GTT Cricket)....and using the rest of the proceeds to rebuild my glass inventory. I seem to be FLYING through glass since I started making beads again AND I'm making bigger stuff, so that makes it even worse.

Off to the glass store... YAY!!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - yes! CDL and it's yummy on such a cold morning!
music - not yet, but I'll be singing along with the Christmas tunes in the studio later while I make ornaments!

Monday, November 01, 2010

It's Mixed-Bag Monday!!!!

On the "down" end of the mix (I'm putting the down first because it's short and I don't want to dwell on it) I'm sick. Same icky crud my kids had. I guess it was bound to catch up with me...but ick. I want to feel better so that I can get back into the studio tomorrow.

On the GOOD end.... it's another BIG good (I told you guys that there were ups and downs and if there weren't some downs, the ups would be UP at all). The BIG UP is that I won the Flametree Halloween Glass Contest!!!!!!!! This is HUGE for so many reasons.

1. I finally got my nerve up to enter something.

2. I won a SCORPION torch (those of you who don't do glasswork won't know what a big deal that is... but it's the absolute IDEAL torch for doing the work I'm doing AND it's out of my price-range, so I wouldn't have bought one myself anytime soon. But now I don't have to buy one!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! There were SO many great entries that this is a big honor.

3. The piece I made really inspired me to go in some new directions with my work. This filled the void that the "lack of inspiration" posting was talking about. I now have a great new path I can explore. This path will make room for some other non-beady possibilities. I'm sooo excited about it.

4. That win gave me the courage to enter another contest and other juried shows! Watch out world!!!

ok... back to real life and hot tea. Hopefully I'll be back in the studio tomorrow where I can explore these new ideas!!

tiny blah blah blah..

coffee - nope. Hot tea.
music - nope. Project Runway CANADA marathon. It's pretty good, ey?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Friday Bloggy Friends!!

It's been a day of computer-work, which was NOT my intention, but was a necessity and it's DONE! (well, after this posting it is)

I loaded the store-front with goodies (the Sunshine Ring kits are FINALLY in the store) as well as sent out the newsletter!

If you're not on my newsletter list, there is a link on my website where you can sign up. If you can't find it, leave a comment here and I'll help.

Here's a link to the news that went out today...

Sylviebead News Autumn 2010

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Morning Blog Readers!!!!

Happy Tuesday to you!!!

I had an exciting weekend in a class with a fabulous glass artist, Jari Sheese. She taught hollow beads using a tool called the "puffy mandrel" which combines the type of glass-work I normally to do (which is solid-core) with blown glass. Something I'd been exploring with my Christmas ornaments, but was having trouble mastering. This class really helped! She also taught button-making which was a blast (but I'm really bad at!!!) It will take some practice, but I see lots of interesting applications for the buttons other than use as a traditional button.

The OTHER exciting thing I did this weekend was enter a contest. Those who know me well know that i NEVER enter contests or juried things. My ego can't stand the possibility of rejection. This time, however, I stepped out of my comfort zone and entered. The top 4 prizes are all GTT torches...which ROCK. The TOP prize is a Scorpion torch which I have reallllllllly wanted since they first came out. There are fabulous entries, so I'm not going to hold my breath, but being honest here... I'm holding my breath.

I'm really proud of my entry. It's a direction I've been headed in, larger sculpture, so to put it together and actually get it entered in a contest is a big deal. Watch for other pieces in this manner in the future. Not the same subject matter, but the same idea sculpture-wise.

Here's my entry... and a link to go vote!

She Stepped On Anyone to Get Ahead
(but who did she need to step on to get some arms?!!)

Here's the link to vote:

(if that link doesn't work, go to the Flametree Glass Page and use their link to the 2010 Halloween entries)

Hope you have a great day! I'm off to make beads/ornaments for my upcoming shows!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - Cinnamon Dolce Latte - YUM!
music - not sure yet!

Friday, October 22, 2010

So, I've been avoiding the blog for a few weeks... sorry.

I just haven't had anything wonderful to say. I came home after 2 totally inspiring classes/shows and was truly UN-inspired on my return.

I have SO much to do, SO much to make and my muse has disappeared. I know it's temporary, but I hate that it went on vacation right now when I need it.

Shows that are upcoming are really important for marketing purposes and I need to kick it into high gear... BUT I need to always have something new and exciting on the back burner. My burner is empty at the moment. :(

I hate for this to be a depressing posting, but I'm keeping things real and being honest about the ups AND downs of doing art as a profession. There were some SOARING times in the last few weeks... truly high points of my year.... and for every high, there has to be a bit of a low (otherwise those wouldn't be high points after all)

I'm going to the studio today with no expectations other than making something. Sometimes the good ideas appear in the middle of the mundane. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for that.

tiny blah blah blah...
coffee - I apparently need more
music - too early to tell you what I'm listening to. I'm predicting something motown-ish

Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Monday and this blog posting is LONG overdue!

I have been lax in updating my blog lately. I've just been swallowed up with show-prep/class-prep for all the upcoming fall events and the blog was put on the back burner. There are SOOOOO many readers, however (cough cough... not really...just making it sound good) that I felt guilty leaving them without something to read about me me me! ;)

What's been brewing in the studio???? New beads. Beads for ornaments and kits. I've been experimenting a lot with color, which is really fun, but also can lead to non-pretty beads that go into the "I think not" pile. (which I need to go through and take to the Beads of Courage dropoff!)

I've been really into hollow beads lately...mostly because they are the core of my Christmas ornament collection (and this year the halloween ornaments too). That is what I spent today on... orange, black, purple, lime and a little white. They're really cute and I can't wait to assemble them and see a finished "halloween tree" :D I'm hoping to have a good selection of these for the show in Detroit next month.

So... I apologize for my absence, but hopefully you will forgive me. I will be posting lots of pictures of new things (as soon as I get a chance to photograph them) on the Facebook fan page. If you haven't visited there... check it out!

have a wonderful week!! (but hopefully I'll be back before the end of the week. I'll try to do a better job of blogging)

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - yes! yummy starbucks cinnamon dolce latte

music - my "Chick Flick or Should be" playlist.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday... already??!!!

Seems like time is flying by lately!! Maybe because it's getting to be show crunch time and I've got so many things going at once.

After returning from California, I've been tweaking the Flora Flora project, working on my samples for the kits and doing some research for a new project that will be WAY down the road, but I want to do some work on before the idea escapes me.

I'm ALSO working on pieces for upcoming shows in Nashville and Detroit. LOTS to do between now and Detroit especially. I want to have a couple of new special things for that show. (not that Nashville doesn't merit special too... I just don't have time!!!)

The Blackboard of Bossiness in my studio is full of "to-do" list and attitude this week. Hopefully I'll make my way through some of the list. (and for those California girls reading this, the baby faces for Sunshine Ring ARE on the list!!! I promise I'll have more for you soon!!)

ok... back to work!

coffee - oh yes! Today was a Starbucks day... Cinnamon Dolce Latte!!

music - my Christmas playlist...which had nothing to do with what I was making. It was just what I was in the mood for today.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hi Wednesday Blog-reading friends!!!!!!!

I'm back from California, teaching the girls at Creative Castle. What an INCREDIBLE weekend of fun and beads!!! I love Carole's store and it was soooooooo tempting to snatch up every little bag of seed-beads she had, but I showed some restraint! (I didn't even LOOK at the crystals!! I knew she had some good ones too... but I was a good girl and stuck to what I needed...a thread zapper and size 11/0s and delicas in shades of blue and blue/green)

My classes were full of incredibly fun people who also happened to be talented beadworkers. They made my designs shine...adding their own personalities to their pieces. I loved that!!! The first day was the Sunshine Ring and we had a smaller group for that one, but it really let me get to know those 5 beaders before our larger class on Saturday/Sunday. I can't even begin to tell you how special they all made me feel. I can't imagine another job that would make you feel so personally appreciated...not just professionally, but to be appreciated on a personal level.

By the end of these classes, I knew that I had truly been missed in bead-world. It wasn't just me that missed it, but I was really missed as well. That was huge. I also left knowing that THIS is what I do (which is exactly what NanC Meinhardt told me back in 2001 and I thought she was crazy) This IS what I do...and it's what I love... and it's what I truly can make a living doing. It just requires working my butt off to do it. And I intend to!

So... Flora Flora was a big success. I loved the way all the kit colors turned out (only 2 of the 7 kit colors remained un-beaded, so I need to get samples done of those ASAP... people need to see the subtleties of the pastel one and the richness of the grape-colored one) I'm not going to sell the project on my website for quite a while, so the next months will be dedicated to finding teaching venues for it and then I'll launch it at Bead and Button in the summer (2011)

Between now and then Head Over Heels limited editions will continue, Christmas decorations and glass sculptures will be created and I will work on another new design to have ready to teach at Creative Castle in a year. I PROMISE I will be back there, girls!!!!! You won't have to wait another 7 years for me to teach!!!!

In the meantime, I need to get other classes booked, get all my shows scheduled and get busy making more things!!! Off to do that!! (after I get Thing2 to school)

coffee - oh yeah... I have it in hand. We had an EARLY morning and I needed the Cinnamon Dolce jump-start!

music - not yet, but I'll be playing CHRISTMAS music in the studio today. Time to start prepping for fall shows where I'm selling my new ornaments!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


A very exciting week and a lot to do today! Very excited about the new project I'm teaching this weekend. FUN names for the kit colors. YUMMY colors in the kits and more lampwork beads than I have EVER put in one project. (I'm re-thinking my pricing for future classes now that I've done the production work for this one.)

Lots to talk about next week, but had to stop in and say WOO HOO! Class-time is almost here!!

tiny blah blah blah...

music - James Taylor greatest hits.

coffee - definitely! Might need 2 today!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Totally weird blog phenomenon Thursday!

ok.... if you've read my blog for a while you know that I get a little obsessive over my blog statistics... where readers come from, what they search, etc.

So there was this weird thing that happened yesterday... weird weird weird. More than one actually!

1. 25% of my viewers were from U.S. Government servers. CRAZY! I'm paying you to read my blog???!!!! (ok... not just me, but all citizens are paying taxes so people can read MY blog????) weird. At least 2-3 government entities are listed as readers a LOT, so this shouldn't surprise me... it just hit me as a bit weird when I saw the percentage (that said... I didn't have a lot of readers yesterday)

2. WAY weirder than #1 is that 2 different people visited my blog yesterday and read the archives from the same month in 2002 within 30 minutes of each other.... in 2 TOTALLY different foreign countries. I think that's just bizarre. Truly bizarre. It made me have to re-read the entries from that month and see if there was anything worth reading that happened then. Nope. It was same old same old from 2002... me working my butt off making beads for kits and classes. Nothing truly earth-shattering.

SO... that was the weird news of the day.

In other news.... I'm making beads like a mad woman. I'll be ready for my class in California next weekend, but I've got a lot to do between now and then.

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - nope... Dr. Pepper reigns supreme this week

music - Groove Tunes. Singin' with Gladys

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

It's "Wigging out Wednesday"!!!

No, we're not wearing fun wigs at the studio today.... although that sounds fun. No... I'm just wigging out a little over all the stuff that has yet to be done before my trip next week.

I'm trying to remain calm and just plug through the list, but the list is loooooooong and just seems to get longer.

and typing this entry isn't helping it get shorter, so I'm going to go eat a quick lunch and go back to working and wigging! :)

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - nope. It's an iced tea sort of day

music - Pandora

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy busy Tuesday to you!

It's been a full 2 days of studio production work for me. A lot of the stuff I was making today was the same... over and over again the same colors, style, EVERYTHING. So, while I sat and grooved on dots and pixie dust, I dreamed of new stuff.

That's the cool thing about production work. The monotony allows me to not think about what I'm doing... I'm on auto-pilot at some point, and I can use that time to create. I can't follow up on those ideas until I'm out of this production phase, but I had some great ideas that I really look forward to exploring in a couple of weeks.

But first, I must finish all my Flora Flora beads! only a week to go!!!!!

have a great day everyone!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - nope. It was a Dr. Pepper morning

music - oh yeah! It was Groove Tunes day in the studio. Lots of Prince, add a little 80s funky stuff, a dose of the Black Eyed Peas... totally danceable!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Happy Friday to you!!!!!

The weekend is here. Which doesn't always mean the work week is through, but it DOES mean that I'm taking a break for the evening to go out and have fun!!!!!

I've been hard at work in the studio this week making flowers and stamens for the Flora Flora project. I still have a lot of work to do getting kits ready for my California class, but it's coming together slowly but surely.

I'll be back in the studio melting glass tomorrow.... but for tonight, I'm signing off!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - much needed Cinnamon Dolce Latte (getting up at 6 is not my forte, but we've rocked the schedule for 5 days now!)

music - my mondo eclectic playlist

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Writing pattern... diagram-palooza. This pattern is sooooo pretty (which sounds crazy...that the actual pattern would be pretty. The project is pretty, but the diagrams are pretty too!)

On a completely different note... my youngest son has commented that my facebook (and probably my blog too, but he doesn't read it) postings look like an elementary school girl wrote them. He's disturbed by the liberties I take with punctuation.

Oh well. I told him that I'm an adult and I KNOW how to write correctly. I just CHOOSE to be creative with my punctuation marks and sentence structure. I've earned that right! :D

back to work! Have a wonderful day everyone!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - yes!!!!!!!!!!
music - Otis Redding Pandora Station. It rocks! I love that they include Van Morrison in the mix along with Aretha and Al Green (luuuuuuv me some Al)

Monday, August 23, 2010

It's finally here!!!!!!!

The first day of school!!!!!

Back to "normal" work days for me!!

Long to-do list includes finishing my pattern, cleaning the studio, ordering beads for kits.....

ok. I'm already intimidated by my to-do list and that's only a tiny part of it! This will cause a short blog entry, so I can get back to work!!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - yes!!!!! treated myself to Starbucks this morning
music - nope. Gilmore Girls on TV... almost as good as background music! Love them!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Friday everyone!

I told you yesterday that I was taking a day off. I am, BUT I thought I'd run this ad in my absence.

I've been using the site since February as my search engine. When you do, it randomly awards you with "bucks" that you can trade in for gift cards/merchandise. Since February, I have earned over $120 in Amazon gift cards as well as about $60 in merchandise from other retailers.

There are no strings... it's a google search engine that just puts some extra ads in the search results. Have questions? Feel free to message me. I'm hooked.

Here's a link!

Search & Win

SO... go search and win! (and help me win... when you sign up and search, I get extra bucks too!)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just a quickie post...

I just saw that I have over 500 people who "like" me on Facebook. I feel like Sally Field, but that's pretty darn cool...that people take the time to click "like" about my work. I don't recognize most of the names, which is even cooler...knowing that there are people out there who like my work that I don't even know.

Kind of mind-blowing actually. (and just about the coolest thing of being an artist...knowing that something I create resonates with people I don't even know. How many other jobs get to say that???!!!! Very cool, indeed.

There are days, however that the "like" number goes down and I wonder... what made someone UNlike me??? I don't take it personally, but it's a bit odd.


Monday is back to normal day. I laughingly call it Margarita Monday, the day mothers everywhere celebrate....THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!! In reality, my day will not be spent as a "lady who lunches," but rather a hard-working single mom who is busting her butt to have things ready for all the fall classes and shows....while at the same time juggling regular life with teenage boys. I feel like I'm "one monkey short of a circus" a lot of the time, so I'm not sure how effective my juggling act really is. BUT, I'm having fun and really enjoying the show! :D

(and I realize that the last 2 sentences...and this one too have horrible punctuation and grammar, but I am beyond caring about those things... sorry mom and uptight grammar-police who happen to read this blog. I'm a creative person and I can write well when I want to, but I like extra punctuation marks and I like starting and stopping sentences whenever I please. My apology above is simply to acknowledge that you probably are bothered by my grammatical liberties.)

Have a wonderful rest of your week everyone! I'll be enjoying our last day of summer vacation tomorrow and won't be checking in.

tiny blah blah blah...

FREE Starbucks today! HOORAY for coupons!!!
music - not so much... well, there IS music, but it was chosen by Thing 1 and Thing 2 and today their taste and mine don't go together as well as they do other times!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've been singing the Cure's "Friday I'm in Love" all day. Probably because a friend on FB posted some of the Monday lyrics yesterday. Now it's stuck in my head and I can't get it out.

SO... I'm channeling the Tuesday lyric apparently...

"I don't care if monday's black
tuesday wednesday heart attack
thursday never looking back
it's friday I'm in love"

I'm a little at heart-attack stage here. I have SO much to do and not enough time to get it all done. SO we'll skip over the Friday lyric... no time for that this week! Maybe next. :)

So, what am I so busy with??? Writing my pattern, updating my website (which has had a big overhaul in the store if you haven't visited lately) and making beads and kits. Not to mention all the regular every-day life stuff of week-before school starts. School supply runs, last-minute haircuts (Thing 1 finally relented!), registrations and open houses... that kind of stuff. Just run-around busy-ness.

SO, I'll try to keep from having the Tuesday Wednesday heart attack, as I don't have time for a trip to the Dr.! :D

back to work!!!!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

no coffee - don't need it today, but it sure would be yummy!
no music - it's awfully quiet!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Monday everyone!!!

It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood (said in my best Mr. Rogers voice)... hope it's the same in yours. After a few days of grey, we're back to sunshine. If it's going to be hot and muggy, I'd rather it be hot and muggy with sunshine than grey!

I'm busy in the studio and out of the studio getting ready for all the many things I have coming up.

If you are a fan on Facebook, you've seen the announcement about my classes in California next month. If you would like more info, you can click below (see the big blue F) to go to my facebook page where there is an item under "events" about the class OR you can click here and go straight to the Creative Castle website. That's where I will be.... Newbury Park, CA, just to the North of L.A.

I'm looking forward to my trip out west. It's been a LONG time since I was there and I loooove the girls who work or take classes at her shop (right now I'm waving to Carole, Jane, Lisa and Corrine) so I know it's going to be a lot of fun. I'm HOPING that the great BBQ restaurant that Carole took me to last time is still there! I still crave a salad they had on their menu!

I'm using social media like Facebook and Twitter a lot more lately to keep my customers notified of things. In the past, I'd send out newsletters more frequently, but lately, if I have something quick to let people know about (a sale, or new merchandise), I will just put up a quick message. So far, it's working great. Now there are 4 ways to keep up with me... one of them you already know, my blog. Here are links to the others...

Time to get back to non-bloggy work. I'm updating my website today. I've been listing beads/kits all weekend. Hopefully you'll take a moment and see what's new!

tiny blah blah blah....

Coffee - nope and my new-ish coffee maker isn't working today!
Music - again, nope. Watching (listening) to shows on the computer while I work. After you've seen all the Gilmore Girls episodes 4 times, listening works just fine. I love that show! As soon as my kids are grown, I'm finding a Stars Hollow to move to!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Writing patterns, writing patterns, writing patterns.

Not much exciting stuff to write about. The above seems to be the focus of everything studio this week. Here's a peek at my pattern. This diagram is soooo very pretty.... had to share! (and who would think a diagram could ever be PRETTY??!!)

See what I mean???? :)

tiny blah blah blah
no coffee no music.... but I probably need some of both!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Summertime..... and the livin' is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

(that's supposed to be accompanied by music, but you'll just have to put in an imaginary soundtrack)

Just wanted to let my readers know I'm still alive....just not as bloggy as usual. Our one computer household has left me without computer a lot of the time, so I'm picking and choosing how to best use my "ration" of computer time and most often other business things are higher in priority order than blogging.

In a few weeks, we'll be back to normal schedule and I'll have a bit more time to keep in touch. In the meantime, imagine me beading, making beads, writing patterns and signing up for shows (while at the same time managing 2 teenage boys schedules).

Countdown to margarita Monday begins this week! (check back through prior years blog entries during other back-to-school times if you need a definition for that one!!)

Happy Friday everyone!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

FINALLY got some Starbucks today! YAY!!!

music - Cake

Thursday, July 08, 2010

2 days in a row???? Could it be?????

This is accountability blogging. If I say I'm going to the studio to make stuff, then maybe it will get done! I have a long list of "to do" that needs to be written on the blackboard of bossiness. The reaction to some of the new things I took to Bead and Button and then to Best Bead Show in Baltimore told me what I need to make more of (and less of) before the Gathering in NY late this month.

SO... off I go to the studio to make tiny faces.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

coffee - SOON!

music - we'll see what's on the playlist for today when I get there!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

So very far behind in blogging.

Very busy creating.

Here's what's been brewing in my studio the past few months...

Flora Flora Bloom Boom!

This project will be launched at Creative Castle in Newbury Park, CA in September, so if you're in that area... come see me!!!

ok... back to work!

no coffee, but I really need some

no music - it's summer and I seem to be competing with kid's choices.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Home again, Home again, Jiggity jig!

I'm back from Bead and Button!!!!! I was actually back a day ago, but I let myself "turn-off" for a full day to re-energize. It was a LONG trip, but it was great!

Quick notes, then I've got to get back to work....

1. As usual, whatever you have is NOT what people clamor for. lol I had PLENTY of Head Over Heels kits.... the ones people always complain that I don't have anymore, but what did they want???? Splish Splash and Clothesline!!!!!!

2. People love a sale. I am clearing out colors of my Halo kits because I'm re-designing the project. I've never sold so many of those kits! They had been overlooked for a while and suddenly, they're the belle of the ball! I'm not going to get the big-head and think it's because it's the best project known to mankind. I know it's just the sale.

3. I have to decide how much I want to travel and how far. Being invited to international venues is very flattering, but the logistics are difficult to figure out.

4. My customers are SO fun! Every year we spend a lot of time laughing at my booth!

5. I was brave enough to make a bead at the flame-off!!! That was a huge step for me, and was a bit trying (since I didn't bring tools or my glasses with magnifiers), BUT I successfully made a cute mermaid baby for the auction that benefits breast cancer research. (I have no clue what she sold for... hopefully she sold!)

6. I came home with more work to do than when I left! My blackboard of bossiness is about to fill up again with "to-do" lists!

that's it for now...

tiny blah blah blah
no coffee or music so far today. Sorry to disappoint. :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fairy Godmothers instead of Fairies and Mermaid Babies instead of Mermaids...

I just realized that I'm not making any of my "traditional" Sylviebead focal beads for Bead and Button (see the redhead in the title heading...that's what I'm talking about). I think I've just moved on from those and don't need to make them anymore. Not sure, but I'm thinking that's where my head must be at or I would have spent time making them for the show.

I got the Glass Bead magazine today from the Society of Glass Beadmakers and there was a whole article about various glass mermaids that are out there. Mine weren't in the article, but there were several that were similar to my "old school" mermaids... the ones I was making in 1996-2000ish and then again here and there after that. BUT my heart wasn't in it after 2000 and I guess I finally acted on that realization for this show. I don't WANT to make those mermaids anymore and I'm not going to! (unless I change my mind LOL)

SO... the mermaid babies, which I love, will be at the show and the Fairy Godmothers. I was looking at them today trying to figure out where they came from in my head (I know the mermaid babies came from an old book my mom had that had the story of the water babies. I loved the illustrations and my tiny girls sort of took on that look.)

But where did the fairy godmothers come from???

As I was making them today I had an OH MY GOSH moment and realized that they were inspired by none other than Holly Hobby... truly. Truly sad, I might add, that this bit of pop culture from my 70s childhood has rooted itself in my subconscious.

(I had a home-made version of this one... not sure who made it for me or where she is today)

But why Holly as a Fairy Godmother??? I then had to figure that out and was pleasantly surprised by the answer... it's not Disney's Cinderella's fairy godmother that I was thinking of.... it's Sleeping Beauty's!

I love love love that Disney movie, for 2 reasons... I love Aurora dancing with the prince in the forest and I love the 3 fairy godmothers who took care of her. They were so quirky funny... their battle over the cake and dress is my absolute favorite scene from the movie.

Fauna, Flora and Merryweather

So, my little fairy godmother is an homage to Flora, Fauna and Merryweather (but mostly Merryweather...she's my favorite!)

And thus concludes... why I'm making what I'm making part 1 (because I needed a break from beadmaking/bead-cleaning/kit-making/jewelry-making and thought I'd share my thoughts)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!! Back to work for me!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - a FREE Frappucino! (cinnamon dolce of course!)

music - my long mellow mix which seems to be on repeat a lot lately AND a crazy old-school dance music playlist that makes me laugh whenever I play it!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Wednesday!!!

Looks like I'm blogging weekly instead of daily now.

I have been cleaning and sorting beads tonight and WOW! There are a LOT of beads!!!

Right now I have...

64 sets of heads and feet for Head over Heels kits (26 sets to go!)
75 tiny faces for the You are My Sunshine ring
24 alternate centers for the ring (no face, just colorful and fun)
and enough miscellaneous beads to make several bead totems and pendants

I'm not sure how many mermaids and fairies I have. I need to check with my old stock and add the new ones to that number.

ANYHOO.... I've got LOTS of beads.... and soon a good number of them will be packaged with their kits (thanks to Marie, the bead fairy!)

Hope to see some of you in 2 weeks!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Wednesday world!!!

I know I'm way behind in blogging still...and I'm not going to promise to catch up anytime soon. I'm just WAY busy getting ready for the Bead and Button show in June. It seemed SO far away a couple of weeks ago, but now it seems SO close and I'm a tiny bit freaking out.

I have about 1/2 the inventory that I plan to have for the show, so I have a long way to go, but I think I'm on track.

I can't make the quantity of beads that I used to in a day. I'm not sure why, but I don't have that kind of stamina for bead-making that I did in the past. It's a bit frustrating, but "it is what it is" and I just have to accommodate for the difference.

(ok... I just read this posting and it's really boring, so I'm going to save you the blah blah blah and say "see ya!")

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - OH YEAH!

music - all over the board. Ended with a country playlist FULL of guilty pleasure kind of songs like "Boot Scootin' Boogie" (yes... you read that right)

Friday, May 14, 2010

The studio has a blackboard.

The blackboard is boss.

Sometimes I rebel and make things that aren't on the blackboard's to-do list, but then I migrate back to the list again.... I'm working my way through the list slowly but surely.

I have 3 weeks (and one weekend) left till I leave for Bead and Button in Milwaukee. I have expectations of having a very full booth with lots of new and wonderful things... but I have to obey the blackboard to get them all done in time.

This is one of the reasons I've been visibly absent from the blog... I'm just SO focused on this list... getting all the things in order to Rock OUT at this show. I'm feeling good about it all coming together the way it should. I started prepping for this WAY earlier than I ever have and I love the pieces I'm making. YAY RAH, me!!

ok... time to head back to the studio. I just had to check in with my badly neglected blog first!

tiny blah blah blah...

no coffee - tea instead
music - Sara Bareilles (good for a sing-along sort of day)

Thursday, May 06, 2010

SOOOOOOOO... far behind in my blogging.

The quick update...

I've been making beads like a mad woman!
I've been making samples like a mad woman!

I was glad to check a few things off my "to make" list yesterday. I have all the ring samples complete! YAY!!! I also now have all the beads for the Head Over Heels kits in the "Sylvie" color. (purple, lime, aqua and white) I'm working my way through the colors... tomorrow is Florida. I'm on schedule to be ready in time, but it's still a bit daunting, looking at the blackboard to-do list full of beads to make. I just don't have the same beadmaking stamina I used to have. Too much other stuff that i have to balance in my life. Single parenthood plus single-girl life plus volunteer stuff plus plus plus........ I'm just working on juggling skills this month!

ok... off to do non-beadmaking show stuff... ordering supplies, filling out forms... stuff like that.

I've got a full day scheduled for the studio tomorrow.


tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - yes! it's goood stuff!

music - Dixie Chicks... all 3 albums on repeat!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Honey... I'm home!!!!

OK, I realize I haven't been very diligent about blogging lately. I guess I'm just so focused on getting my studio work done that I haven't been checking in here to report on what I'm doing.

SO, here's what you missed...

The chalkboard in the studio is boss. It has the "to-do" list for Bead and Button and I'm working my way through the list. The only exception is Splish Splash beads. They're on "the list" but I've only attempted one so far and it wasn't good. SO we'll see if they stay on the list or not! I didn't take any to B&B last year and had lots of requests for them, so I really WANT to have them... it's just a matter of whether my hands want to make them or not.

You also missed my May classes being canceled. I'm not going to go into the details here, but I'm not a happy camper.

BUT I believe there is a reason for everything and sometimes we don't see that reason till much later, if at all. I'm not going to get bogged down and worry about it... I'm just focusing on the next big thing which is Bead and Button. I'm working hard to be ready as early as possible. I will have 1 new project, 1 re-vamped project, and 1 out-of-retirement for one week only project! That's going to be a LOT of kits when it comes down to it and I will be really happy when it all comes together!

ok... lots to do, no more blogging!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - YES!

music - 80s playlist (I was going to blog about the playlist... maybe I'll do that another time. It has lots of funny stories that go along with it. I smiled and "danced" through the whole thing!)

Monday, April 19, 2010

A few of my favorite things.... (not raindrops on roses....)

Because I know you care. :D (and I do know that I'm not the center of the universe and that probably no one will read this anyways... well, maybe my mom and a few "regulars")

SO...because I need a quickie blog post while I take a break from the studio)

in no particular order ...

A Few of My Favorite Things...

(I was thinking of this at the beadstore the other day when helping someone find a color and then the list grew to non-beady things as i drove home)

399J seed beads - YUMMY grape color
431 - my go-to green! (both of these colors are available at if you are in bead-need!)

CIM glass colors - I'm just discovering these and how much I love them

Starbucks (duh)

Pure Taqueria's Margaritas
The Mansion's Lady Sapphire (neither of these places are visited often, but they are good enough to make my favorite list and I'm thinking I need to visit the Mansion again soon!)

Chick-fil-a's Sweet Tea
Chick-fil-a Sandwiches

Corner Bakery's Swiss Oatmeal (who'da thunk that cold oatmeal could be so good??!! Thanks CCB band guys!!!)

James Taylor's Greatest Hits Volume 1
Corinne Bailey Rae's self-titled album
Adele - Chasing Pavement
Glee - Somebody to Love re-make
Dixie Chicks - Wide Open Spaces
(these are all the g0-to songs that I sing along with while making beads when I'm in production)


Cinnamon Rolls

MAC cosmetics

Mac computers and ipods

Firemen (that was for you, Regan)

Jennifer Crusie novels
Sarah Addison Allen novels
Regan Leigh

Westin Hotels (I'm all about the Heavenly Bed!)


Vancouver, WA
The South of France (inside joke... I've never been there)
Maine... pretty much all of it that I've seen
Port Townsend, Washington (shout out to my friends there!!!)

My wonderful friends that I see all the time... and the ones that I rarely see, but enjoy every minute when I do AND the ones that I never see, but enjoy our "conversations" online!

Chaco flip flops
UGG boots

Everybody's Pizza Salad (I think I must be hungry... I keep coming back to food... better go eat lunch!!)

ok... that's it for now!

tiny blah blah blah
coffee time is past...time for lunch and then back to singing along with Corinne!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday Sylviebead peeps!!!!

It's going to be a fun weekend for me, so I'm really looking forward to it! Seeing friends, going to an art show, going to a glass-beadmakers meeting (where we'll be electing officers and since I'm running unopposed for co-president, I guess it will be my big day! lol)

I was co-president several years ago and I really enjoyed my time on the board. It's a lot of work, but very rewarding at the same time. I decided it was time to return and do some work and hopefully I'll do a good job directing our group along with the other co-pres Becky!

I'm also going to the Dogwood Festival (hopefully with my son who loves art shows). It's one of my favorites in town and the weather is supposed to be nice on Sunday, when I plan to go.... can't wait!

In the meantime... it's studio time. Time to make some Head Over Heels beads!

And this afternoon.... time to work on the website and work on a customer email for next week that has some big news!!!

In other non-sylviebead news (but sort of sylviebead related)... I'm a Swagbucks addict.

It's a site that is somehow connected to google where you search, like on google, but when you do, you randomly are awarded "bucks" that you can trade in for gift cards to places like There are other ways to earn bucks (watching promotional videos, movie trailers, etc.) because that's how the site makes money... advertising. But the big way you earn bucks is through searching.... stuff you search anyways. Every once in a while a message will pop up that says "you've won 20 swagbucks" and they go into your account.

Even better... if you refer people and they sign up through you... you get credit for THEIR searches too!!! So you both win. And they can then refer people and get double points. It cost me nothing and so far, in 2 months, I've earned about $40 in Amazon gift certificates.... not too shabby!

If you are interested in signing up... it's free... it's fun... here's a link...

Search & Win

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm back!!!

ok... I didn't really GO anywhere. I've just been busy and hadn't made blogging the priority that my readers might have liked me to have done. Oh well.

Those of you who are friends didn't worry because you've talked to me (or seen me) here or there either in person, on the phone, or online.

Those that don't really KNOW me, but are customers or other readers might not have known that and I'm sorry if you were worried (although I'm pretty sure that you weren't TOO worried)

I've been busy making samples for the new project, busy making beads for spring shows/classes and busy being mom over spring break. But today is back to normal... well, as normal as it gets around here.

Making beads for Head Over Heels anniversary edition today and still have a lot to do... so I'm making this short. Have a wonderful springy day!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

chick fil a tea and the Dixie Chicks. It's a very southern day in the studio!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Inspiration Tuesday!

I'm working on being inspired. I'm NOT inspired lately, which is normal for an artist... highs and lows of ideas and plateaus where you work on ideas. Thing is... I need a little nudge in the creative department this week. I'm fully energized and ready to work... I just am not finding the "it" that makes it happen. SO, until "it" shows up, I'm focusing on my inspirational room (see yesterday's blog post)

I've got it painted and today I'm moving furniture into it (all stuff I had in other areas of the house... just re-purposing/re-cycling), so that the bones will be in place. Next step is adding UMPH. Adding the things that make it ME... the things that will make me feel happy and ready to create. And as I started to write this post, I thought... SO, what ARE those things???

I'm not completely sure. I know that my old studio made me happy... for lots of reasons, but one of them was color. It was full of color. So, I plan to bring in a lot of accent pieces/pictures that fill the room with color. (and the clock that hung on the wall of the old studio, which I love... a funky garden-angel whose legs swing back and forth as the pendulum! I wish I knew who made her...she's so cute!... anyways, I miss having her on the wall, so I'm bringing her back!)

Next, I tried to think about other rooms I've been in/had and what I liked about them. My dorm room in college was one of my FAVORITE rooms I've ever had. My room-mate Elaine and I filled the room with all kinds of stuff... a mix of fabrics, an oriental rug, white christmas lights, movie posters... you name it, we had it. I LOVED that room and its coziness. That's one of the things I'm going for in my space.... cozy. (which is why in addition to having work-tables/chairs/storage stuff, I've got an over-stuffed chair and couch!)

In that room, we covered the walls with a collage from fashion magazines. It looked so funky and fun! SO, I intend to have a collage wall, where I can pin up stuff that makes me happy or makes my brain twirl around with ideas.

I have several artists whose work does that for me... so I plan on putting up pictures/prints from them, as well as snippets and quotes that make me smile. The book I referenced yesterday, talks about putting up a clothesline for hanging stuff like this. I love that! I'm pretty sure that's how I'm going to handle the collage idea. I have plenty of wall-space and that will be a great way to switch things out as I go along.

I LOVE having something to write on like a white-board or a chalk-board, so I'm putting up a "peelie thing" (I'm pretty sure these things have official names, but it's something that is easily removed from the wall) that's a chalk-board in a funky shape like an old picture frame. That way I can write myself notes or reminders or just write things that make me smile. I have that in the glass studio for "to-do" lists, but I'd like this one to be a little more fun.

I'll add nick-knacks that I've got in the studio downstairs, along with some glass pieces from friends that have never really had a home.

I'm also bringing in a bunch of different fabric swatches because colors and patterns are a great place to draw from when doing beadwork... PLUS I've got some new mixed media stuff brewing that i'll be using fabric for... so it's going to have a dual purpose.

I'll add a small stereo because I can't live w/out my music.

What else?? Not sure. I'll keep you posted!

What inspires you??? Maybe it will give me some ideas too!

tiny blah blah blah...

no coffee, but I really need some.

music - about to turn it on!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Rainy Monday my friends!

Well, it might not be raining where you are, but it definitely has been raining here in Atlanta. I'm ready for more sunshine... no more rain!!!

(and this concludes the weather portion of today's blog) :D

I've been reading a wonderful book on handmade craft and marketing written by Kari Chapin, "The Handmade Marketplace" In the book, she talks about artists needing a space to call their own. A space that inspires them to create.

Well, I don't have that. I have a basement glass studio which is also housing for kilos of japanese seed beads, but there is NOTHING inspiring about it. Even the walls are bleh taupe. I think I've talked about it not ever being intended as a studio in the first place and how I'd like to relocate it. After reading this book, I've decided that I need to MORE than relocate the studio. I need additional space. And you know what??? I can have it!!! I have a whole house and it's ALL MINE and I can re-purpose spaces to be what I need. So I am!

I began re-purposing another room as MY space. It's not going to be my glass studio (although that's getting an overhaul too.) This is going to be my work room. My inspiration room. My ME room.

SO... there is now a Granny Apple Green room in my house. The color makes me happy. It's the color that was my favorite wall of my old studio in Marietta. I kept telling people how much I missed that green wall... so I made a whole room of that green. And now it's time to finish the room, add a work table, add storage and add inspirational STUFF for the room! When it's all done, there will be photos. I promise! In the meantime, I've got a lot to do!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - nope
music - a mix of mellow stuff while I painted.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Just sent out the Sylviebead News!!!

If you're not on the list and wish you were, then go to my website and sign up!!

If you'd rather not sign up, but really feel you're missing something that everyone else knows (or you're afraid I'll know it's YOU signing up and for some reason you wish to remain confidential, but STILL want to know what's going on with me) you can go here and read it online....

(see? I'm all about your needs... even those of you who wish to remain anonymous. I'm looking out for you!)

In other news, I did research and development stuff today and I'll talk about that another day.... but it's fun stuff!

and in OTHER way more important news... It's FLIP FLOP SEASON!!!! woo hoo! Spring is finally here!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

tiny blah blah blah

coffee - OH YEAH... I totally needed it this morning! Cinnamon Dolce Latte (a free coupon too!)

music - just the type type typing on my keyboard getting the news out!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It was back to being cold and grey again here in Atlanta, BUT the trees are starting to get some color and that means SPRING IS ON ITS WAY!!!!!! It's even OFFICIALLY here next week!!

And in honor of spring... here it is, the official announcement of the spring retreat. Isn't it pretty??!!

You're going to have to click on it to see it larger... I can't figure out why it wants to stay tiny here in this blog entry. OR you can go to the site and read all about it!! GO GO GO NOW!!! I'm really hoping that when I send out the announcements on Friday it will book as quickly as the New Years one did. That was REALLY fast though... so I have to remember to be realistic in my expectations.

ok... this was a short entry, but I've got a lot of stuff to do besides blogging tonight! I'm still working on the color samples for You Are My Sunshine. I'm hoping to have the "new project announcement" in a newsletter SOON! (and I have to do some laundry too... but you don't care about non-beady things do you??!!)

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - nope. iced tea felt better in a sore throat.

music - nope... unless you count the radio in the car. It was a run-around and do stuff sort of day, not a studio day.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm only slightly behind in my blogging!

Sorry. I know sooooooo many of you depend on my updates (ha!)

So.... what have I been up to while away and not blogging?? I've been busy in the studio making beads! I've been busy planning the next retreat. I've been busy working on samples for the ring project and the spring Head Over Heels and I've been busy brewing ideas for future things!

The invitations for the spring retreat were mailed to the New Years Bead Divas yesterday and the remainder of my email list will get notices later this week. I'm hoping that the demand for the retreat is like it was for the New Years one... hopefully it is! We had such a good time, I'd like to have another weekend like that!

Having a bead fairy (Marie) again is really really helping things get done in the studio. I've got my big "to-do" list going for Bead and Button and I'm going to work my way through it in the next two months. I'm excited to have a head start... beginning early getting these things in order. It will make the first week of June a LOT less stressful!

ok... got to run and be mom. Kids are home!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - nope. Lunch with Marcy

music - nope. Great conversation!