Thursday, July 08, 2010

2 days in a row???? Could it be?????

This is accountability blogging. If I say I'm going to the studio to make stuff, then maybe it will get done! I have a long list of "to do" that needs to be written on the blackboard of bossiness. The reaction to some of the new things I took to Bead and Button and then to Best Bead Show in Baltimore told me what I need to make more of (and less of) before the Gathering in NY late this month.

SO... off I go to the studio to make tiny faces.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

coffee - SOON!

music - we'll see what's on the playlist for today when I get there!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

So very far behind in blogging.

Very busy creating.

Here's what's been brewing in my studio the past few months...

Flora Flora Bloom Boom!

This project will be launched at Creative Castle in Newbury Park, CA in September, so if you're in that area... come see me!!!

ok... back to work!

no coffee, but I really need some

no music - it's summer and I seem to be competing with kid's choices.