Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Woo Hoo!!! One day closer to Friday!!! (is it too early in the week to start that???? maybe.)

It was a very beady day yesterday. Not a very bead-MAKING day, but a very beady day.

Mondays are the day that my Finding Your Voice classes get their assignments and I have 4 classes going right now... that was a lot to keep up with in one day.

It was the first day for them to start giving comments on Week One's assignment, so that took some explaining... to try to get them looking at possibilities for new ideas and NOT concentrate on technical advice. It's a lot easier to look at a bead and say "maybe if you put that dot in a different place" than to look at a bead and say... "oooh... this kind of looks like primitive dancers... maybe you could make a bead that......" VERY different and not what beadmakers are used to.

They're not used to sharing creative ideas with each other. There is so much territorial stuff that goes on... most (not all, but most) beadmakers don't DARE give up an idea that they might want themselves. But this class demands that.... and I think in the end, they see that they're giving up ideas, but they're also being SHOWERED with tons of new ideas from the others... more ideas than they could ever totally do anything with. And all of these ideas are based on beads that they don't usually see as anything CLOSE to their best.

SO... yesterday was about shifting some habits as well as presenting the Week 2 assignments for everyone. That took a LOT of my free-time yesterday. I know that at SOME point I have to stop teaching this class for free. I HAVE to. I don't WANT to, but if I'm going to make beads and teach AND design... I have to be paid for that portion of teaching as well. HOPEFULLY in the next few months more of the people who have taken this workshop will be talking about it and it will lead to some in-person workshops.

That's the hope anyways.

So, no beadmaking yesterday, but lots of beady stuff.

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - nope. I was in a coca-cola sort of mood.

music - listening to an audio-book. It's one I've listened to before, but I was talking about it yesterday and wanted a re-listen. Sophie Kinsella's Undomestic Goddess. I like this one even more than her Shopaholic books.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Monday Monday...

and it's FREEZING in Atlanta!!!!

March came in like a lion and out like a lion??? That's not the way it's supposed to work!! Of course, there are a couple of days left for it to turn itself around.

I had a very un-beady weekend. I'm hoping for more bead time this week... or at least beadMAKING time. I did spend beady time over the weekend, but it was all computer-oriented... and it doesn't feel very beady... but it's necessary.... and so was grocery shopping and home-mainenance and car-shopping and kid-hanging-out-with and church and every other non-beady thing I needed to do over the weekend.

I'm hoping to have LOTS of beady news in the future, but for now... just knowing that I miss my studio time is a big deal. I had lost that part of me for quite a while and it's really nice to know that I still have it... whatever "it" is.

I can't tell you all how exciting it was the first time I was back at the torch and actually made one of my tiny faces. It requires such control to get those little eyes where they should be and to put the nose centered on the face and not have it be a horrible growth on the forehead of a cute little fairy or mermaid!!! Having my hands do what I want them to again is SO SO SO good.

Knowing the things that cause my hands NOT to do what I want them to are out of my control... that isn't so wonderful, but at least I know what causes the tremors and I don't see it as career-ending anymore. I just have to deal with it and work around them when they happen.

Did anyone NOTICE that the blog is prettier now???? All 3 of you who read it???? No one said anything and I KNOW that the whole world is out there reading my blog... well... except for Delaware... doesn't ANYONE in Delaware have a need to read my inane ramblings??? (And just for the record... I'm not so vain as to think this blog is important enough for ANY of you to read... but it's nice that you check in on me from time to time. I know a lot of you personally and think of you when I'm writing. I know others of you personally and limit what I say because you ARE reading. LOL ... that was for you mom)

time for the tiny blah blah blah...

Coffee - Cinnamon Dolce Latte brought to me by... ME!

Music - My fun playlist. Currently playing Paolo Nutini's "New Shoes" I LOVE that song! I don't think I ever had it as a song of the week, but I should have. It's a couple of years old, but a great song for spring. Always puts me in a good mood!!! (even if I don't HAVE any new shoes!)

Friday, March 27, 2009


Longest week ever!

Short blog post. Not feeling talkative or witty... but in a good mood... just a quiet one.

Maybe it's the rain.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

tiny blah blah blah...

brought to me one last time by the wonderful Cheryl!!!

Thank you SO much Cheryl for my week of coffee!!!!

coffee today - cinnamon dolce latte - yum!

music - the radio. Was listening to Dave fm today

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here we are... Thursday... Stress Free Thursday...


and that's all I'm saying about that.

Beads? Don't I wish.

Hopefully will have more beady stuff to talk about on another day. Wish I felt like talking about stuff today, but you all know the drill... if you can't say something nice... don't say it in your blog.... call your friends.

GGMs... expect a call.

tiny blah blah blah...

no sponsors today... no coffee either (but not because of lack of sponsorship... I just wanted a coke instead)

music - no music today either! (this is explaining a lot) Will definitely play music on the way home.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Abby-normal Wednesday.

Kids have a half-day today.

I'm making snacks for kids (whose friends seem to be bottomless pits), fielding crazy calls and emails, editing photos (which is taking FOREVER), clipping coupons and shopping for a car.

One beady thing out of 5 isn't TOO bad.

Hopefully things will turn around FAST and I can have some sort of normal again. (I feel like I've been saying that here since 2002!!! oh wait... I HAVE!)

so maybe abby-normal is just the new black???

oooh! did you notice??? The blog is prettier!! Thank you Ginny!!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

Coffee brought to me once again by Cheryl. Aloha Cheryl!!! You rock!!!!!!

coffee - cinnamon dolce latte

music - more female country artists. The Wreckers are my favorites of the playlist

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Tuesday.... made it through Monday!

This is a super short post.

My website is almost done... don't look yet because there isn't anything there yet... just the structure. Ginny (www.designanddetail.com) did a fabulous job with it and I'm SO happy with the finished product. I just need to put the actual beads into it... which requires finishing the photograph editing and stuff that is keeping me busy.

BUT life is never simple and I'm having to buy a car at the same time.

I hate buying cars.... I hate that I HAVE to buy a car... I hate that it's keeping me from focusing on what i need to be focusing on right now.

so... no beady news other than that my website looks pretty.

I'm still in a bit of a blue funk over the stuff I wrote about yesterday. Hope that changes soon.

tiny blah blah blah...

No coffee today. Having Chick fil A instead

Music - a very mellow playlist of sort-of-country female singers... Dixie Chicks, Lori McKenna, and The Wreckers. Right now it's The Wreckers - Stand Still, Look Pretty. (this stuff fits my mood today)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Monday Monday...

and all I'm going to say about that is that it has DEFINITELY been a Monday, so far... oy!

So, staying off personal topics and back to beady business....

If you have been following my blog since "way-back" you know that it's not all shiny happy talk around here... even when it comes to beads. And this is one of those kinds of posts. I wish it wasn't, but I am honest about stuff, so I'm writing what I feel about this...

I am feeling TOTALLY INFERIOR to the beadmakers currently out there. I almost feel like I should just pack up my stuff and move on. That sounds ridiculous I know... but this morning, I turned on my computer and some stuff showed up on Facebook's "news" page (whose new format I hate) that other beadmakers had posted. I purposefully avoid looking at the galleries on the bead newsgroups, so I don't see a lot of people's beads.... and try not to. I don't want to be influenced by their designs, don't want to compare myself to them, don't want to hear whose beads are selling for more than someone elses (because I always compare myself and that's not good for me).

But this unsolicited eye-candy appeared on my page today and TOTALLY made me feel like giving up. That sounds SO STUPID... I know. I was never "the best" beadmaker out there, but I knew who I was in "bead world"... sort of where I stood. But I've definitely loss name recognition in the past 2 years and there are SO many beadmakers now... so many GREAT beadmakers and I feel like a no-one... and a no-one who is not all that good in comparison to these people.

I've always been one of those people who if she can't be the best at something (or at least really really good) doesn't even try. It's a bad trait, but I know it's one that I have... one I've tried to teach my kids is NOT GOOD... but alas, I am that way and I'm not sure I can change.

SO... what do I do with this new revelation... that my work sort of bites in comparison to the fabulous stuff available out there... I'm not sure. I just am feeling down about it and that's not a good thing... but I'm open enough here to say that's what I'm going through. I'm sure a million gazillion other beadmakers have felt the same... I'm just not used to it. I want to be queen (which again, I know is stupid).

ok... off to pout....

tiny blah blah blah brought to you again by the wonderful Hawaiian beadmaker Cheryl

(sorry you had to have a bad-mood post as the one you sponsored... but thank you fo my yummy coffee... which I sipped as the nice policeman gave me a ticket for expired tags which I forgot to renew while my car was being worked on... and it was totally my own fault, but NOT what I needed on a Monday morning in the Starbucks parking lot... yes, I got a ticket IN THE STARBUCKS PARKING LOT!!!!!!!)

coffee today - Cinnamon Dolce Latte

music - the Long Mellow List - currently listening to Robbie Williams "She's the One" which is playing for the 2nd time this morning... it's on shuffle. Not sure why it's playing twice... maybe the ipod is trying to tell me something.... hmmmmm... not sure what that would be other than "update your playlist!"

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's FRIDAY!!!!!


It's the first day of Spring!!!

It's absolutely beautiful in Atlanta today. I absolutely love where I live. I know I've said lots of times that I'd like to move to somewhere with a beach, but I truly truly love this city. I like the winding roads that change names 5 times and confuse anyone that hasn't lived here forever.

I like the pockets of great shopping and restaurants, that like our roads, unless you're "in the know" you would miss because they're off the beaten path. It's a city with little towns within it. To people who have only driven through our city on their way to somewhere else (because you pretty much HAVE to drive through Atlanta to get to Florida from most places) or if you've changed planes in our airport, or just visited for a down-town convention or something like that... you haven't experienced Atlanta.

We're a city full of diversity, full of history and eccentricity. I love it here. :)

(ok... that was my "visit Atlanta" tourism plug of the month... Mayor Franklin, please send me some free coffee!!!)

ANYHOOO.... it's springtime in Atlanta... the most wonderful time of the year!

Which also means.... it's flip-flop time!!! The OTHER most wonderful time of the year!!! My toes will be happy to be free again!

So... what's all this got to do with beads???? NOTHING! But as I've said a million gazillion times.... this is MY blog and I can talk about whatever I want here... today I chose flip flops and my love of my town.

Beady news??? Working working working on photos and websites and the non-glamorous parts of being a bead-maker. Hoping that this weekend I'll get some serious studio-time and get some pretty things made. Can I just say that I love making pretty things??? (oooh... I just remembered... I CAN say that because it's MY blog!! LOL) Ok...I love that I am able to make pretty things that make me, and other people smile. I really really do.

This weekend, I'll be making more of my Mallory inspired beads (waving to Fairy Princess Mallory) and some Head Over Heels beads too. Lots of smiling little faces.

I'm getting used to using my new tools from Whimsicalities. They're called "micro-shapers" and they are REALLY cool. I've used the same tools FOREVER and these are taking some getting used to... but will be worth it once I figure out how to do the things I want to with them. The fact that they're brass and don't get lodged in the glass is why I'm switching from my utility blade tool and nail-punches. These are so much cleaner AND have some interesting edges that will really make creating small sculptures a lot of fun!

I'm HOPING to also break open my box of CIM glass from Frantz. It's been sitting there taunting me for a week now. I didn't want to open it until I got some of the WORK part of the business done. I knew that once it was open, I'd run to the studio and play and never get any pictures taken! SO... I'm planning to play with my new glass tonight as well. (yes... that's right... I'm staying in on a Friday night to make beads. My choice was frowned on by those wanting me to go out tonight... but I need some studio time... a girl must sacrifice for her art sometimes.)

well, this has been longer than I intended, as usual.

Enjoy your first day of spring!!!!!!!

tiny blah blah blah - brought to you once again by Cheryl who lives in Hawaii and creates beautiful beads!!! Her joy of glass has made it a lot of fun having her in the FYV classes. Thank you SO much Cheryl!!!!

coffee - wonderful Cinnamon Dolce Latte prepared by Omar. I have to say that since my sponsors have been buying my coffee, it even tastes BETTER than before. It's fun to think of the people who are sharing my coffee moment with me.

music - my long long long long long mellow list. It needs some serious updating. There are a lot of new songs I'd like to add, but haven't had a chance to play around on i-tunes in a while. I even have a gift card from CHRISTMAS and haven't spent it yet!! Right now I'm listening to Sade. She has the coolest sound. It's too bad she sort of fell off the map. (the song just changed to Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning... which makes me think of Bridget Jones Diary... which reminds me that I am way off track and need to finish this post!!!)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stress Free Thursday!!!!!!!!!

I'm hoping by saying it, I'll make it so... kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz...

After Glinda the Good Witch tells her "you had the power to go home all along." (in looking for the exact words of this quote, I found a really funny blog posting about Glinda's role in the story... here it is.."Hey Good Witch! How About a Little More Info?")

SO... I'd hate to think that I could have had stress free Thursdays all along, but didn't click my heels, say it three times and make it so!!! SO..........

(please imagine me clicking the heels of my oh-so-cute black suede boots. And since you can't see them, I might as well tell you that they have the palest pink soft leather linings. They're not ruby-slippers, but I love love love these boots!!!)

"It's Stress Free Thursday"
"It's Stress Free Thursday"
"It's Stress Free Thursday"

I truly hope it is. I need a stress-free day. But don't we all???

Well... that had nothing to do with beads!!! LOL

So, what's up in bead world with me????? No beadmaking or beading (which isn't good), but TONS of pictures. WAY more pictures than I want to edit!!! But that's necessary to get things posted to the website... which is getting closer to ready! WOO HOO!!! I love my web-designer Ginny of Design and Detail. She is oh-so patient and I love what she's doing and HOPEFULLY by the end of the month I'll be up and running!!!

Just have to find balance between the making and the behind-the-scenes stuff that has to get done (as well as being a mom and employee and any other hats I'm currently wearing)

Speaking of which... time to wear another hat... so signing off for today.

Tiny blah blah blah-og brought to you today by the lovely Cheryl of my Finding Your Voice classes. She's graduated to the Finding Your Voice "People Who Just Won't Leave" group. They are all SUCH great people and beadmakers... I'm glad they're not leaving. :)

Coffee - Cinnamon Dolce Latte prepared by Krystal who is a very nice alternative to Omar. Guess he had the day off.

Music - haven't even plugged in the ipod yet. suggestions????? I need something peppy, so I'll probably go with my "groove tunes" playlist.... hang on... I'll tell you what's up first (because I KNOW you can't leave this site unil you know.... First song up "Hey Ya" by Outcast. So, go shake it like a polaroid picture and have a great STRESS FREE day!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday...

I have nothing catchy to write about Wednesday.

I got my refrigerator fixed! Woo hoo!!!!! Happy Day!!!

So, maybe it's Refrigerated Wednesday!!! Whoopee! Everyone's favorite day of the week! ;)

In beady news.... I've got nothing! I haven't had a moment for beads lately. I need need need to have a moment for beads! I've got too much other stuff to do to make beads this week, though. Hopefully by this weekend. HOPEFULLY.

so... due to lack of beady news, this is short today.

But BIG BIG BIG Tiny Blog Shout Out to Cheryl!

Thank you Cheryl for my coffee!!!! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the workshop. I'm looking forward to this next round too!!! (I'm on my way to Starbucks as soon as I turn the computer off!)

coffee - will be having a yummy cinnamon dolce latte!

music - we'll see what plays in the car... nothing right now but the clicking of the keyboard and the banging around of a puppy who sounds like he's on a rampage... running in circles chasing the cats. Poor cats.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am cursed Tuesday...

Everything I touch breaks lately.

I have no car (again) and it's a $1,000-1,400 repair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a refrigerator that likes to freeze everything OR not cool at all (the guy comes tomorrow... HOORAY!)

My washing machine has decided that it only wants to do the spin cycle SOMETIMES.

My garbage disposal doesn't work

I have no TV

I have no Computer for the Kids

I have a printer that only partially functions (which means only when I need it does it NOT function properly)

At work the internet keeps going in and out

And finally, the computer at work no longer wishes to communicate with the printer and keeps telling me "print spooler service is not running" which appears to be computer language for... "your really up a creek without a paddle on this one, chick"

I am cursed. If you wish to stay in working-order... please do not come near me.

On a positive note... I got free soap and a free pack of gum at wallgreens.... and my ipod works. :)

tiny blah blah blah...

no coffee - no sponsor

music - not on right now, I'm fighting with the computer/printer and it sits in the way of them.

oh boy.... what a day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Newsflash... I have no e-mail at sylviebeads.com right now.

I have no website either!!

Moving to new server and right now everything is down... so if you need to e-mail me... send me a message here or through facebook.


(that's it for today... no coffee or music report either! That tells you what kind of day it's been already!!!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Whoo hoo!!! It's Friday!!!!!!!

It's a day off from school, which means an abnormal day for me, but sometimes abnormal is needed. I'm glad to have a day with my guys!

Yesterday was NOT a beadmaking day. I wasn't sure if it was going to be or not and it ended up a "not."

I spent my evening taking pictures of beads. It takes SO SO SO long to do that. I am taking pictures of my baby beads... all the different color varieties to make sort of a sample-list. I made like 1,000 beads, so it shouldn't surprise me that taking pictures is taking a while. I'm taking 3 different views of them, so that takes even longer (no... I'm not taking pictures of ALL 1,000 beads! Just one style of them and in small bundles... not single beads)

I had a great picture of a pile of them to show here, but it's not wanting to load pictures today. Oh well. I still have a lot more pictures to shoot tonight. Hopefully I can get the project finished and have a little time in the studio this weekend.

My response to Halloween Head Over Heels has been WONDERFUL. Thank you everyone for your kind words. Hopefully people at Bead and Button will like it too AND will like the other holiday beads I have in store. Very excited about it all!!! I just need to find a way to speed-bead my samples. At least I've made Head Over Heels so many times that I can pretty much fly through the structure. The embellishment is what takes me so long!!!

In other beady news... I have 2 full classes (FULL FULL FULL) ready to go for the Finding Your Voice workshops. They're going to start a week from Monday. I'm taking this week to get everyone placed in classes, go over the guidelines, etc. Hopefully this gang will have as much fun/success as the past 2 groups. I love this class. :)

Announcement... I'm looking for a coffee sponsor for next week (and weeks after). If you're interested... check out the starbucks link to the right. Let me know that you've added money to my card and give me the info for your website or whatever else you need to plug. I love my free coffee, so I will GLADLY give you all the link-lovin' you'd like! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

brought to you one last time by Stacey!! Thank you so so so much, my friend!!! You're the best! I can't wait to hang out in Milwaukee!!!

coffee today - Cinnamon Dolce Yummy Latte

music today - just the radio.... and right now i can't even hear it!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Stress Free Thursday everyone!!!!!

That's right... we've almost made it through another week without the world crashing down around us. I heard someone on the radio yesterday say "it's not the end of the world until the world ends." I liked that. It's easy to get sucked into the scariness of it all. And it IS scary... I'm not pretending that it's not.

I started this morning listening to Bob Marley's - Three Little Birds. I think that's going to be my mantra for the next few days/months/years. I'm actually going to paint the lyrics to part of the song on the bathroom wall so that in the morning my kids wake up with "Don't Worry About a Thing" subconsciously playing in their head all day. I think we all could use a little of that song in our subconscious minds.

There was no beadmaking at my house yesterday. I'd hoped to. I NEED to. I even have a box of new glass WAITING to be played with (my CIM order came!!), but there was just too much LIFE stuff that needed to come first. Hopefully I'll find a little time tonight. I have a lot on my bead-plate right now as a whole.

I've got TONS of pictures to take. I've got web-site work to be done. (I have a wonderful web-designer helping me though, so at least I'm not trying to figure out this stuff on my own!! Ginny at DesignandDetail.com is WONDERFUL and patient and "gets" beadmakers! - I can't wait to see how my stuff turns out.) I also have samples to bead and just over-all stuff to get going.

When I started my business years ago... it wasn't really a BUSINESS. I was just someone making beads because I really liked it. So the business part just grew as it needed to. I wasn't ever doing all this stuff at one time like I am now. Plus I had another person there to balance some of the "life-stuff" like picking up groceries or other just normal life stuff. Now that it's just me, it's a LOT to handle while working a regular job AND setting up a business AND being the person who manufactures the "product" that the business sells. (well... HOPEFULLY eventually sells).

I know that times are tough for beadmakers and this is not going to be an easy time to re-enter the market...especially as a full-time job-job, but I really don't have a choice as far as career-fields (unless I want to work retail or starbucks or something like that...which still might be neccesary...please don't freak out mom... go back to paragraph one and click the Bob Marley "everything's gonna be alright" link). Art IS what I do. I didn't go to school to become a lawyer or a teacher or an accountant or anything else. I went to school to be an artist. I'm good at it. I have supported a family with my art before and I'm totally confident that I can do it again.

SO... this is a stress-free posting. Seriously. Everything's gonna be alright.

Besides... look at what my niece made me. Who can be anything other than light-hearted when they get this????I'm Aunt Leesie to my niece and nephew. (Leesie from Elise. Logan's middle name is Elyse too... I just made my sister spell it with a Y so that people didn't call her Elsie like they did me!!)

ANYWAYS... this beautiful unsolicited greeting was there on my facebook page last night. Leesie loves Logan too! :)

tiny blah blah blah...

brought to you again by Stacey!!!!! WOO HOO for free coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (seeking sponsorship for next week... let me know if you need a plug. I'm here for ya!)

coffee - wonderful cinnamon dolce latte

music - my long mellow list... featuring Bob Marley's Three Little Birds. Right now I'm listening to Landslide by the Dixie Chicks (which makes me think of my Canada trip... read it if you need a laugh... see the side-bar under the category "Canada" to find it)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday!!!!

When I was a freshman in college, I went to a small private school in Tennessee, Milligan College. (some of my Milligan friends are blog readers... so hi guys!!!)

ANYWAYS... One of my fun memories there (among many) was that in the spring there was a surprise "skip day" for the entire school... "Wonderful Wednesday" it was called. I wonder if this is the REAL Wonderful Wednesday there... today.... I'm thinking it might be a few weeks later when it is REALLY spring.... feels like it here today though!

SO anyhoo... what's so wonderful???

I got my camera set up!! And some pictures taken!!!

so... without further hoopla.... here is the newest of Sylviebead projects...

Holiday Head Over Heels!!!

This is Halloween (obviously) but there are a few other holidays as a part of the collection as well. More on THAT another day!

I'm going to finish this posting later.... when it is ACTUALLY Wednesday! :)

ok... it's actually Wednedsay now, so I can finish the posting.

I thought I'd have some bead time yesterday, but that was not to be. I'm HOPING that I'll get some in this afternoon, but again... one never knows. I have so many fun ideas to work on... but I also have SO much photo-editing and web work to do as well. We'll see which one wins.

Hope you enjoyed the picture. I'll try to get some more posted soon.

tiny blah blah blah...

sponsored once again by the beautiful Stacey of Stars by Stacey!

thank you for my coffee chickie!!! :)

coffee - Cinnamon Dolce latte from my favorite Starbucks location - Holcomb Bridge and Old Alabama Road... stop in and tell them "sylvie sent you" (snicker)

music - radio. Listening to Mara on Dave FM today. Some days I need a little more chatter and she's SO fun to listen to during lunch.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Tuesday!!! TIRED Tuesday!

I LOVE this time of year... love the extra daylight, but the first few days after "spring forward" KICK MY BUTT!!!! Hopefully I'll be adjusted in a day or two.

I have nothing beady to talk about today... lots of beady stuff to do, but nothing to talk about really. (ok... i lied. I always find SOMETHING to talk about!!)

I'm winding down the 2nd round of the Finding Your Voice as a Glass Beadmaker classes. I am really enjoying facilitating these workshops. There are people who are telling me that I need to start charging for them, but for now, I'm ok with things the way they are. I get free coffee as "thank you" gifts and that's kept me from having to eliminate that one luxury I have from my budget.

So... I'll just leave things as is for now.

I'm winding down round 2 though and about to start round 3. I have 2 FULL classes again, which is really exciting considering I don't talk about the classes too much. I was going to mention them in the class announcement area on one of the glass sites, but didn't have to. As soon as I said I had 6 spaces to the people already in the group, I had 4 people notice that they hadn't added their names to the list... so I now have 2 spots... that's it.

And I have LOTS of people who have stuck around from round 1 and will stick around after round 2, forming a group that is continuing the exercises... basically just staying in the workshop, but in a different group... becoming more self-sufficient.

Pretty crazy... I've had 60 something people take this class in 8 countries!!!!! I wouldn't have had the opportunity to even MEET most of these people... let alone teach them. That's pretty cool. And I continue to be amazed at the INCREDIBLY unique things that are made in the workshops. I hope that the people who are making the beads see their assignment beads as WONDERFUL spring-boards for completely fabulous bodies of work OR as compliments to work they're already doing. I really really think that a lot of the pieces I've seen, if polished a bit (because I don't let them do that... they only get to make the assignment bead ONCE) could be KNOCK OUT beads that would rock-the-beadworld. Seriously. There are some things I've seen that would be MAJOR best-sellers out there too...

SO even though people like to say "there is nothing new.... it's all been done before" to justify unoriginal work... it's just not true. There is ALWAYS something new to be done... some new song to be sung/art to be created. I'm glad I've helped these 60 people who have done the workshops so far take a step towards finding their own voices. I'm really proud of what I've created in those groups.

(and that feeling goes a lot further than a class fee does as far as a feeling of self-gratification)

.... but I do love the coffee... so thanks guys! :)

tiny blah blah blah...

brought to you this week (well... brought to ME this week) by
Stacey!!!! Thank you Miss Stacey! It's yummy!!!

coffee - Cinnamon Dolce Latte

music - NONE!!! I forgot my ipod again!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Good Morning Blog-reading friends! (well hopefully you're all friendly)

Happy Monday!

It really IS a happy Monday because.... it's flip flop weather!!!!!! woo hoo!!!!

If you know me well, you know that I really hate shoes that have backs... I like to slide into my shoes and kick them off quickly. Last year, I added to this that I like having my toes uncovered too when I found these FABULOUSLY comfortable flip-flops made by Chaco.

(please note... the link i've provided is to the particular pair I would like this summer. I'm thinking I should add a flip-flop sponsorship thing to the blog here too since the coffee one has been so successful. If you wish to sponsor these flip-flops in the pink collage color in a size 11.... please let me know. (---I seriously don't expect anyone to buy me flip flops...but then again I didn't expect to have my coffee sponsored either!----- )

Back to the flip-flop story...I have never been a total beach-bummish flip flop person. They're usually not all that comfortable... ok most of them are REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE, but I bought these to wear to the pool at Disney last spring (at the recommendation of the girl at the toy store...long story) and can't bear NOT wearing them they are SO comfortable! They aso come in cute colors, so that makes it even better!

ANYWAYS, I was very sad when I had to put my chacos away for the winter, but this weekend I got them out and my feet are very happy!!! YAY!!! flip-flop season is here!!!! Soon (well, not REAL soon, but sort of soon) it will be pool season and I'll be happily hanging out in the sunshine with friends at the pool... wearing my flip flops!

I had a wonderful weekend. It started off with a couple of speed-bumps, but Saturday was a day filled with beadmaking, sunshine in the afternoon and friends in the evening. It was a GREAT day! Sunday was church, family and picture-taking. I've got out all my bead-photographing gear and am getting set up to take a bazillion-gagillion pictures of baby beads in all different color combinations for my records. YAY!!! Hopefully, I'll be selling these baby beads at some point and it will be nice to have some sort of visual of the different colors I've made them in.

PLUS I wanted to take pictures of the first of the limited edition Holiday Head Over Heels. She turned out SO cute and I needed to get some pictures taken. Hopefully the ones I took will look good when I get them edited. Photos and editing take up a LOT of time. I'm still finding balance between all those different parts of what I do. It was much easier to balance when that was ALL that I did.... and it might be again... we'll see.

I'm doubting that I'll be making beads tonight, but hopefully I'll be editing some photos and can get a couple posted here or on my website gallery later this week.

tiny blah blah blah...

Today's coffee is brought to me by...
Stacey! Stacey is a beadmaker and silversmith. Her work is FABULOUS and she was generous enough to be the coffee sponsor of the week! YAY!!! Check out Stacey's etsy store too because it has some GREAT silver toggles that would look really good with lampwork beads. (she didn't ask me to say that.. I just think they're cool so I'm giving her some link-love)

coffee today - Cinnamon Dolce Latte - YUM!

music - NOTHING. I left my ipod in the studio.

I DID listen to lots of music on Saturday while making beads. That was the point of this portion of the blog anyways...what I listen to while I MAKE beads, so I'll tell you....

On Saturday, I played my sing-along playlist which is great for beadmaking. I make better beads when I sing. It made me laugh thinking that my old beads by design studio was kind of "public" in that it was in the back of the store and I probably unconsciously sang when I was making beads there too. I can't help it!!!!! Freddie Mercury and I do a MEAN duet to Somebody to Love and Annie Lennox and I have some great duets as well. :)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy friday world!!!!!

OK... have you ever been to the home-star runner website? Probably not. My kids love it. I think it's funny. One of the main characters is Strong Bad and he has this e-mail thing where he answers "viewer" e-mails... very snarky replies usually and very funny. I think I could totally date one of the Homestar writers because they are hilarious and funny is attractive... that and cowboys and firemen...but that's a whole NOTHER posting.

The reason I'm talking about Strong Bad is that he has this little "song" he sings when you click on the page where he does the e-mail answering. It says something about "come on and show me some scroll lovin'" (meaning scroll down the page). It keeps playing in my head today because I'm about to ask all of you in all 31 countries... all 49 states (sorry Delaware... you're just gonna miss out) to help give my friend some "click-lovin'" today by clicking below and going to her new business page.

There is nothing to buy..... JUST CLICK. I want to help her website stats, so that it moves her up the search engines as quickly as possible.

Her business idea is the perfect one for her. It's called Yard Sale Frog. The purpose of it is to have a map-locator for all the yard-sales in the Middle Tennessee area. She is a MAJOR yard-saler and was frustrated with the lousy signage/information out there for people shopping. So she set up an informational site to help buyers and sellers get together.

I LOVE that it's a great idea AND that it is something that she was already passionate about.

SO... give Lee Anne some "click lovin" today and go to


Thank you BUNCHES for doing something nice for me and one of my GGMs. (see previous posts about the Girls Gone Mild)

Love you Lee Anne!!!!!!! Best Wishes for a GREAT launch today!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

brought to you again by Rosemarie!!! Don't forget to check out her blog or her etsy shop!!

Thank you to everyone who has been buying my coffee this year. It really is WONDERFUL of all of you guys! I already have sponsorship for next week!! (but I'm still looking for the next week's sponsor. LOL)

coffee -delicious Cinnamon Dolce Latte made by Yolanda (but Omar was the cashier... he missed me when I cheated on him at the Dunwoody Starbucks)

music - Sylvie''s fun summer mix. It's SUNNY here today. FLIP FLOP weather!!!!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's Stress Free Thursday!

That's right... I'm going ahead and taking the risk and saying that. As I've stated before, my friend and I have labeled Thursday "Stress-free" but half the time when I say it, something stressful happens completely ruining the name. But I'm living on the edge today.... Happy Stress FREE Thursday to you all!!!!

Guess what else it is???

Roll Call Thursday!!!!!!! Woo hoo!

I sort of feel like Romper Room here a lot of days knowing who is reading this (because I know most of you guys pretty well by now) and I want to say "hi" to you...

SO... check in using the "comments" and know you stopped by today. I'll wave at you from this side of my computer. Tell me what state you're from too. That way just in case you're from Delaware and Google is calling it "unidentified" we can check that state on the list and have....

drumroll.... TOTAL US domination! We got the other 2 states (Vermont and West Virginia) we ONLY need Delaware. SO... if you're in Delaware and reading this, make SURE to check in and tell me.


Hi Angie!!!
Hi Laura!!!

I know you guys have already been here, but maybe you'll be back to see me waving at you. :)

(I love my Google map!)

In Bead news.....

I finished cleaning the 1,000 baby beads!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! BIG WOO HOO!!!!!

OMG... that took FOREVER!!! I will not let those pile up again. I'm going to try to get through some of them every day. That was WAY too much to do at once and BORING BORING BORING. The dremmel helped, but it was STILL a lot of work. That said, I now have 1,000 beads ready to photograph and start bundling. YAY!!!

Bead and Button here I come!!!!!!

have a great day everyone! Don't forget to check-in and say "hi"!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

Brought to you by Rosemarie!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

coffee - not yet today... but I'm going to! On my way to the car dealership to pick up my van that I've been without since FRIDAY. I'll definitely stop and get a CDL on the way. The line at my regular starbucks was WAY too long this morning, so I skipped it. But don't' worry Rosemarie, I'll have some later for you!!!!!! :)

music - I'm still on a Dixie Chicks thing. Today is Wide Open Spaces on repeat. I love that album.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Woo Hoo Wednesday!!!

No... not woo hoo because I won the lottery. I've found that if you don't actually buy a ticket, you don't have a chance of winning. :)

I had such a great studio day yesterday. I can't WAIT to get my beads out of the kiln. I stayed on task for about 30 minutes then made art. Art, to me, is doing something that is more from my heart and less "from the list".... not stuff I HAVE to make, but stuff I WANT to make.

I played with a new design. It probably will not turn out the way I envisioned it, but I'm hoping that it will be somewhat of a success and I can take some lessons from it and try it again from that perspective. I'm playing with my bead-totems again. Having learned a very very cool way to make bead stands from my friend Marcy (her blog has a tutorial on making a simple bead stand using old mandrels) I want to try more of these.

The first ones I made several years ago, I LOVED, but I made copper stands for them. They weren't as stable as I would have liked them to be. I'm hoping that the glass stands that I learned from Marcy will be a nice and more colorful alternative. We'll see. I made one last night just as a test. After making that one, I think I'll try it again with a few alterations tonight. I have a TON of bent up 1/16 mandrels, so I'm armed and ready to go supply-wise.

But the new beads I made last night were for a new totem design. (I really can't think of a better name for them than that right now... they're a little too girly to really be considered TOTEMs though).... but "component bead sculpture" seems much less fun to say. ANYWAYS... I'm looking forward to see how the pieces I made fit together (or not). They were fun to make.

I also made a couple of big holed beads. I hate the big mandrels. I don't care if they're big sellers or not... if I can't comfortably hold the mandrel, I seriously doubt if I'm going to be able to make any of those!!!!!!!! My beads were wonky and terrible!!!!!! Not seeing that as something I'm going to be taking to Bead and Button!!

I spent the latter part of the evening cleaning beads. I'm a bead cleaning MACHINE. Well... I'm using a bead-cleaning machine. I'm pretty much just the pruney-fingered operator. I got another 100 or so beads cleaned. I'm getting closer to conquering the tiny-bead pile that I had. I haven't cleaned any of the focal beads yet... but I've got to get through this stack of baby beads first! I also counted some of the beads... OMG do I have a good stash of beads going on!!!

When I do get to a point that I'm ready to sell again I think I'll have a nice selection to build sets from. But we are a ways away from me selling beads online. I'm pretty sure that Bead and Button will be my first selling-attempt and hopefully, like I said before, I'll be able to make expenses for the show and break even. I just need to get my name back out there. Slowly but surely I'll get back into the "game". :)

ok... this was way too long! But I was excited about the beads I made!!!

time for the tiny blah blah blah...

brought to you again by Rosemarie!!! Thank you for my coffee Rosemarie!!!!! Please visit Rosemarie's blog and see the lovely things she has posted. There is a bead posted from the Finding Your Voice class that is really cool AND has a cool story that goes with it. It was from my "personal bead" assignment. She really made a powerful bead.

coffee today - trying something different... will be returning to CDL because this just wasn't as good. Vanilla Latte with cinnamon dolce sprinkles. (I'm trying to do away with whipped cream and thought if I changed things up a bit I wouldn't miss the whipped cream AND it would be less expensive, letting my free coffee last a little longer, but alas... it just wasn't as good)

music today - Dixie Chicks. I realized that the point of this section of the blog was originally to tell what music I listened to while I made beads, not while I sat in my office, SO I'll tell you about that as well. I had my long fun list playing. A little of this, a little of that, but there were some good sing-a-long songs. I love the Queen song "Somebody to Love" and found myself singing along the way I used to aways sing in my studio. I'm turning back into me again. :) (sort of...a new me, but one with the same beadmaking gift that I used to have. Makes me happy to know that all of the facets of me can somehow merge... the happy NEW me...the one that is much more fun and content and happy, with the artist OLD me) boy... I'm talking a lot today! I'm just in a good mood.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It's TUESDAY!!!!!!

And I'm going to win the lottery tonight!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!

(which means I must buy a ticket. That's necessary I think.)

We had our big snow day yesterday and enjoyed a day at home just chilling. Well, the kids chilled. I cleaned beads....

LOTS of beads. Like 800 beads!!!!! I've still got a lot to clean, but I was piling up mandrels of baby beads and not cleaning them... just making them. So, since I had a day to sit and do mindless bead-cleaning work... I dremmelled (that's a word) my way through a lot of them and made some good head-way.

Next I need to take pictures of them, just to record my color-study I've been doing. I'm going to eventually be teaching a class at Flametree Glass on using pixie-dust, so it will be nice to have some sort of quickie hand-out to show them all the different effects you can get with the fun sparkly stuff.

Some people have suggested I write a pixie-dust tutorial. I'm going to have to look at some of the other tutorials out there and see what exactly a tutorial looks like. (I actually bought one from Jen Geldard, but haven't even opened it yet!!!) I think it would be something that I could definitely teach to, since I AM the self-professed Queen of Pixie Dust. I love all the exciting colors you can create with the stuff.

And speaking of color.......

I have NEW glass colors on the way to my house!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I finally broke down and bought some of the CIM colors. Frantz Art Glass was having a sale over the weekend (they're still having some other sales, but not sure if the one I bought with is still running). If you bought 5 lbs, then you got the 30 lb. price break. I couldn't resist that one, so I placed my order with a little of this and a little of that of the CIM colors that I liked. A lot of them were too neutral for me, but there are a lot of colorful ones that I can't wait to try. AND can't wait to dip in pixie dust to see what OTHER colors I can make out of them!!!!

More crayons for my crayola box!!!! (need to reorganize the glass drawers to accommodate these new colors though!)

Hoping for a little bit of beadmaking time tonight. HOPING. We'll see. I need need need to set myself a schedule and spend a couple of hours in the studio each day until Bead and Button time. It's just got to happen.

tiny blah blah blah...

Brought to you this week by Rosemarie! Thank you so so so much Rosemarie!! This is a link to Rosemarie's blog - www.SpawnofFlame.wordpress.com. She's got a great entry there right now about silvered ivory stringer. She's done some tests with different brands of ivory and shows her results. Very cool stuff. Thank you thank you Rosemarie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

coffee today - CINNAMON Dolce Latte. YUM! (it's cold here today, so it was nice to have some warm yummy coffee to start my day. I didn't get any yesterday!)

music - forgot to plug the IPOD in!!!!!!!! gasp! I'm in a James Taylor mood though... so I predict THAT will be what's played after I hit "publish this post" here. :)

Monday, March 02, 2009


SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no coffee
no music
lots of hanging out at home

will return to normal tomorrow (I hope)