Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Still blogging...though not daily, much more consistently!

Have been in a more upbeat mood than last posting which was really pretty dreary. Now am fine and am trying to keep ego at bay...not at e-bay. LOL, I'm pretty funny sometimes (she says to herself knowing that this blog is probably not read and that's just ok w/ me)

Have been busy trying to make beads at least 3 times a week...would like to do more, but it's not real practical to think I will. My life is in flux lately trying to be a balance of Mom, wife and beadmaker... new schedule...

Mondays - grocery shop (I know it shouldn't take all day, but somehow it does for me...don't let non-diagnosed ADD people wander down aisles at store...they don't necessarily buy everything, but are distracted by all those boxes, cans, colors!)- see note later re: groceries. Studio office work - photos, photo editing, auction writing...assistant for beadmaking in the afternoon- hooray for Marie!!!

Tuesdays - gym and beadmaking...fairly consistent day.

Wednesdays - office work for my dad and kids sports (sneak in blog posting while at work)

Thursdays - gym and beadmaking...fairly consistent again - hooray for Marie again, assistant for sanity and shipping (I think that's her new title V.P. of Shipping and Sanity)

Fridays - beadmaking and whatever appointment type things get scheduled usually fall on Fridays, so beadmaking can get bumped.

Saturday - kids sports and maybe a little beadmaking

Sunday - church and family...maybe babysitter and date night!

So, seems like a sane schedule. I have to add "computer work" to all the days with posting auctions, keeping up with e-mails etc...

Here is why all the grocery shopping....I'm cooking at home almost every night. Ok, now to some people, that would be completely normal, but my family has eaten out almost everynight since before I had kids...since about 1992? I know it's ridiculous and I've spent a ton of money doing so, but I've just never had a kitchen I was happy cooking in AND I always had an excuse why not to, etc. BUT while shopping for non-cooking items one day at grocery, happened to talk to someone in veggie section (not normal to talk to shoppers, but I commented on her cute kids or something as my 2 monkeys were terrorizing the produce section) she herself was bursting at the seams to tell someone about her new cooking experience...SIX O'Clock Scramble. something she'd seen on meals that are interesting but also kid tested. I went online, checked it out and decided that I'd try it. Well, I love it!!! I have to kind of commit to doing it once I'm at the grocery store buying all the items for the week (which come on a nice organized non-ADD grocery list). Once I've bought all those things, I think I HAVE to cook the recipes.

So this is week 3 of Six O'Clock Scramble and I'm LOVING IT (did I already say that?) I do. I really enjoy cooking and these recipes are easy, but really varied and yummy. The kids don't really get to comment on "I want this" or "I want that" it's kind of like this unseen authority of meals has dictated that tonight we have "Coconut Chicken" and they have no say in things...they don't say "oh mom" with a whine or's just "six o'clock scramble" to blame if they don't like it. And honestly, there have only been a few things they didn't like (and if one didn't like it, the other did).

So I have cooked at home for 3 weeks straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still trying to figure out if I'm going to save money or not. I'm sure that I will, but I'm still buying some things each week that normal cooking people would automatically have (flour and sugar, salt and pepper...really, I didn't have any which is very sad) But I'm cooking and I'm good!!! Hooray for me.

Coffee du jour - starbucks venti iced hazlenut latte
Music du jour - listening to classical at the office, but at home have been listening to my ipod playlist called "groove tunes" which is mostly r&b old and new from "Leavin on that Midnight Train to GA" and "Super Freak" to Mary J. Blige and Outkast. Very fun to dance in my chair to. :)

Friday, August 26, 2005

I'm a rollercoaster of beady emotion.

I have been so psyched to be back in the beadmaking/bead selling groove again...

HOWEVER...I do not wish to give my beads away!!!!! I feel like I am just about doing that on e-bay right now. What is it that makes someone hot or not is not really what I'm talking's just...why aren't my beads selling at all???? I don't ask to be the darling of e-bay, just to get a price closer to retail...I'm not even NEAR a wholesale price right now. I've only had a couple of auctions not sell EVER, but I've had at least 3 in the last week not sell. waaaaaah!

I probably shouldn't whine publicly, but that's what I'm doing here. waaaaah! I quit doing e-bay? I just don't know. I just want to pout.

coffee today - oui! Venti Mocha
music today - my "groove tunes" playlist on my ipod. From Tenderness (old school) to Mary J Blige it's my dance in your seat while beadmaking music

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

happy dance!!!

Kids back in school!!!!!!!

Been making beads again and actually got to grocery shop on my own (that sounds so trivial, but honestly it was a big deal to me)

Not much to say, but want to make a valiant effort at writing again....we'll see.

starbucks today - new drink for me...iced coffee (was cheaper than a latte, so I'm trying to save...right?!!)
music - no, but listening to a book on tape-ipod by sophie kinsella

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Back in the Saddle again.... la la la la la la la.

It's back to semi-normal here. Feeling better...not all the way, but better. Kids are getting ready for school to start next week. I guess I should really change that to I'M getting ready for the kids to go back to school next week.

I've entitled Monday Margarita Monday. I don't think I'll really go out and have a margarita while they're at school, but it's more a symbol of the PARTY I'm going to be having in my head. A few hours a day that I'm all alone....alone alone alone!!!

I love my kids...really! I just love the few hours of quiet too. Making beads is a solitary thing...I'm a solitary person. I need social time too, family time too, but if I don't get a few hours alone, I'm on the edge of crazy. Ok...I'm in the middle of crazy!

So...I am back to work for a few hours a day right now while they're at home and will be full time at work next week when they're at school. 8:30-2:30 I'm working again!!! Hooray!!! I'll have shoe money again! Maid money! Assistant money!

Yes, I have an assistant. Woo hoo!!!!! My life is much happier with someone who is organized doing the organizing!!! The studio is starting to look like a eral workplace rather than an explosion! Hooray for my new assistant...bead goddess!

off to shop for Rob's b-day.

so the big news of the day...

coffee - no, but wonderful sweet tea from Starbucks
music - no, but listening to a new book on ipod. (still in love w/ my ipod!)