Monday, November 28, 2005

Another thing...

I read this today written on a forum and it was so poignant and beautifully worded that I wanted to record it here. It is on the subject of bipolar disorder...

snipped from the lampwork etc. forum, a response to the subject of bipolar disorder in an artist...(I've snipped out parts here and there to allow it to make sense in this context)

I am intimately familar with this "problem". I put that in quotations because, ironically, the very fact that some swing low allows them to swing high to places most never see. The low is the payment for the great insights of the high....

However, I just want to add one slightly politically incorrect thing: It might just be that those souls that are blessed/cursed with a free-swinging inner pendulum are the very source of human inspiration and imagination. They pay the price and we stand in the wake of their dynamic experience and say, "Gee, that is really neat! But how sad they..."

More clealy...don't be so quick to process this in the "bad column". You had a life altering experience, you learned, you evolved, and now are better equipped to deal with the inevitabilities of the future. What more can one wish for?

Finally, the emotions are like an ill mannered horse--energetic, uncontrolled, and dynamically beautiful. There is no need to tie the horse down though...only to attach a tiny strap to her snout and lead her in the right direction.

I just thought this was a wonderful way to look at things.
Rainy days and mondays (fill in the rest)

I did make beads today...7 focal beads which was a BIG day for me lately.

I need to get my samples finished, but I think that's do-able in the next 2 days. Could be unrealistic, but I really really really need to.

Bummer du jour - my planet smoothie is closing. sniff sniff. good bye shagadelic smoothies after workouts. (maybe it's a good thing, I don't seem to be losing weight lately and maybe this is the reason!)

swimming 2x a week now...whoo hoo.

making darn good mochas on my own espresso maker, so Starbucks is sort of out of business here. LOL

music today - groove tunes playlist and also "chick flick songs" playlist

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

food consumed - just enough
cakes baked - one yummy banana chocolate chip one
coffee - home made mocha
music - Christmas :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Day before Thanksgiving!!!

I worked out extra hard this week preparing for the holiday...not really, but we'll pretend that my workouts had those sort of good intentions. I am just trying to keep a regular workout schedule. I'm swimming again because I think that was the main form of exercise that kept my metabolism at a point where I could eat more of what I wanted without worrying so much about gaining weight.

Ok...that had absolutely nothing to do with my studio work. I am trying to keep my blog on-subject, but I guess it's harder than I thought it would be.

Studio-wise, I've been making samples of mermaids. It's been several weeks of me saying that now, but it's true! I had to make the beads to be the torsos of the sample mermaids...choose the colors for the samples/kits which takes the longest because it's lots of beading and tearing out and re-beading until I find colors I like.

I now have 4 out of ___ samples made. One is Sylvie colors, one dark purples and greens and burgandies (a deeper Sylvie-colors), one vivid florida brights, one hot hot hot Rio reds and pinks. I'm finishing one that's autumn-rich tones. I have plans for a blue mermaid and a turquoise-y hawaiian one. It's just taking way too long to get all the samples made. I want to be able to send out an e-mail and say...They're here! Time to pre-order! I just need to have several more hours in the day to sit and bead!!! Work out time does cut into beading time, but it's necessary to keep my beader's butt in check.

having coffee - mocha (with whip full whole milk whipcream thing...not good girl drink)
no music at moment...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

It was a dental day...once more. I am not happy about spending so much $ this year on my darn teeth! I could have had a wonderful vacation somewhere for the price of my teeth!!!

Back to beading. working on samples samples samples. Hoping that this is a project that people will really like and ORDER. Hoping to have something ready to roll into a premiere by the beginning of Dec. and that's not far away! to bead!

no coffee today, but my sore mouth had a smoothie...mmmmmmm

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Exercised until I almost near died....well not really, but my legs feel like Jello after swimming for almost an hour. I hadn't been in the pool in over a year and it was time to get my rear in gear, so I did. Ouch!

Back home now, cking e-mail and other junk. Won't say that I'm being health nut today, because I did have caramel corn after exercising. Guess it would be worse if I had caramel corn and DIDN'T exercise.

Going back to making samples in a few minutes. Have 3 out of 6 finished. Woo Hoo!

music - no
coffee - no, Planet Smoothie - Shagadelic w/ Soy protein and no yogurt...took out the sugar and fat by doing that!

to work I go!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Things seem much more sane today, in my life and those of others.

I have such a great support system of friends and family, I can't imagine the life of one without such a great group of caring people. I am one truly blessed chick!

So, back to normal, back to work today. Am beading samples for the new project...can't order beads for kits until I know what colors I'm ordering. I'm really really excited about getting this launched, but I can only bead SO fast! If someone is e-mailing me (cough cough maybe you?) because they've read this blog and they are waiting anxiously for the kits to be ready.....they will....soon! I'm beading as fast as I can!!! :)

Off to bead and watch t.v. (my son asked me if that's what I do all t.v. I don't think he understands Mom's job!)

music today - no, as I said above am watching my Tivo
coffee today - no, Planet Smootie - Shag-a-delic w/ added soy protein. mmmmmmm

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I blog therefore I am? Probably not, but it sounds really important huh?!

someone blogrolled me and it made me so very happy.

All in all a sort of happier day today (is that vague or what!) Am definitely feeling more up and more in control...leaving things I don't have control over alone as much as possible. Today was all about socialization with normal happy people, so that helped muchly.

I know that everything i'm writing here this week is kind of nonsensical (sp?), but it makes sense to me and that's what matters, huh!?

no coffee today, though I'm jonesin' for a latte right now.

am addicted to poppycock stuff with chocolate on it. must say no to popcorn-drugs.

Friday, November 11, 2005

started my day with a good cry.

now ready to go make beads.

needed to do pta stuff today, but need some quiet torch time more.

ipod and I are off to studio never to return to webpages again.

It's one of those days that I want to rant and rave here, but know better.

think I'll go have some James Taylor with my coffee. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Still working on Mermaid samples

spent too much time today reading things that didn't need to be read.

I don't wish to talk about it here, but lots curiosity about things that I shouldn't be curious about. Would hate it if people discussed my own emotional train wrecks (and we all have them to one extent or another) in such public forums. YET...I am lurking waiting for news that everything is ok...really ok, not just "ok".

This makes no sense, but again, it's my blog.

Made my own starbucks latte today. mmmmmmm

no music - should have played music instead of reading stupid computer stuff all day!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

It's almost mermaid time!!!!!!!!

I'm really excited about introducing a new project and want to do it with all the fanfare that it deserves. It's like waiting to give a Christmas present that you're really excited about someone opening. I'm trying to make my samples as fast as I can so that people can see all the color varieties.

I'm going to be taking pre-orders for kits and will have a gift with purchase thing (like they do at Clinique!) for all orders placed in the introductory weeks. I think the gift is a fun one too!!!

OOOH! I can't wait can't wait!!

coffee - can you tell? :) Mocha!
music - just radio....nothing special