Thursday, July 31, 2003

Please don't call 911

I'm fine.

Sometimes you just need to be sad. No explanations necessary. I will wallow for a few more days and then the trip to Boston will surely kick me in the butt and make me come out of this....hopefully.

I go though this every once in a while and I don't OUT myself in my journal....this time I did. Not sure if it was a good thing to do. Sometimes it's better if everyone keeps the illusion of Sylvie instead of real Sylvie.

ok...I'm getting deep again...

back to the kiddie pool...

coffee - iced nonfat latte w/ equal -ICK ICK ICK - run away from this drink!

music - tv...don't ask

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I am a furniture buying goddess. I must say..

I went furniture shopping yesterday and bought a red sofa....which just happens to match my chaise and loveseat...for $235!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This sofa retails at $1200, I might add.

Thus...I am a furniture buying goddess.

Other news...I am not a life goddess. I am in a crappy state of mind lately and not good for much other than apparently, sofa buying. I have put off deadlines. I'm still not rushing towards them the way I should. I have NO beads for sale on e-bay. I have done NO beadmaking to get ready for the Gathering. And i don't really see either of those getting done any time soon.

I will have things to sell at the Gathering. That's not really the issue as much as that I didn't even make an attempt.

I am feeling like a beady-loser right now. This is one of those icky journal entries that happens every once in a while. You take the good with the bad, though. Some of my entires are nice and fluffy (like the beginning of this one) and some are just not.

I am still in life-avoidance mode. :(

coffee today - venti non fat no-whip 3 pump mocha (why bother right?)

music - not

Monday, July 28, 2003

I'm singing the old commercial for mounds and almond joy in my head today...

"sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't"

This is my journal and I know what I feel like today.....and you don't.

I made some beads today until a non-beadmaking person called and I picked up the phone (mistake) and they didn't wish to leave a quick # and let me call them back SO...I ruined the very fine bead I was working on. :(

Now am doing shipping stuff...hoping to make beads later...probably won't get to though.

still singing....

had coffee today - starbucks mocha

music -still playing in my head

Sunday, July 27, 2003

oooh! I just looked and my blogger clock is faster than my computer clock.

It's 9:00 it's bedtime for Frances :)

Thank you for helping me raise $273 for Gilda's Club!

So here I the hampsters (you) view my life as their "10 minute bedtime tour"

Thank you for checking in on me. Thank you for sponsoring me.

Thank you for putting up with much silliness.

Thank you for your understanding when I don't post for a couple of days?

1 minute till bedtime...................................1 minute!

(this is the part where you hampsters pack up to go)
My kids have a book by Peggy Rathman called "10 Minutes till Bedtime"

The plot of the book is that there is a count down till bedtime, being yelled by the dad, but while that is going on, the little boy's hampsters are having a sort of party cum family reunion....The 10 Minute Bedtime Tour.

Everytime the dad says "10 minutes till bedtime" the little hampster tour guide says into his megaphone...."10 minutes" and they rush through their tour which inclues brushing teeth, taking a bath...other bedtime routines which to the hampsters are entertainment fit for a tour (they've come from far away in R.V.s for this tour! A little caravan of hampsters heading in for the tour.

And after counting down with the dad and the hampster tour guides...

the next to last page says "One minute till bedtime" and the hampster guide repeats it....the visiting hampsters pack back into their vehicles and drive off into the horizon.

And we see the little boy in bed and his own hampsters back in their cage ready for bed.

I am about to end my 24 hours till bedtime tour. We're at the 3 minutes mark.....
I'm so so bummed about my 8:00 posting. :(

here is my 8:30 post, however and it's pretty darn funny.....

here are all the terms which people have put into Google or Yahoo and been given Eula's blog as an answer to their search....

hair piece road kill 28.74%

wine and dine sign 28.02%

hansome faces of boys 27.36%

kitchenette cabinet designs 8.28%

secret recipe chik-fil-a 5.62%

i want egiption woman 1.81%

my corns high heels 0.07%

judy crowell qvc 0.02%

nancy grace and fiance 0.02%

judy crowell teeth 0.06%

too funny! who does a searach for HAIR PIECE ROAD KILL???????????????????

who are these people??????

My other favorite is JUDY CROWELL TEETH. What's up with that????

one more posting to go after this!!!!

(still ticked that my 8:00 post disappeared!)

I SWEAR that I posted something at 8:00...where is it???

About that time I also got bumped offline, so that might be the problemo

BUMMER! I had not missed a single posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok....I'm sure it was witty, but I don't remember what it was!
Seven thirty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whooo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

not sure why I'm cheering, but it's like I see the light at the end of the blogathon

It's completely light outside now...maybe I'm waking up a bit because of that. Maybe not.

Will be very glad to go to sleep in an hour and a half!

thank you everyone who sponsored or even just tried to keep me awake!
Seven Seven Seven Seven

let's sing a song of seven....

how many is seven.....

Seven hours since Midnight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I am truly silly now, I'm singing old sesame street songs)

This journal has officially gone over the edge of reason.....please ignore any further postings until blogathon is over when things will return to normal

If you are reading this and are sympathetic for how tired and truly messed up I now am.....please click the button on the right and sponsor me.

because that's why I'm torturing myself!
ding dong

time to post....needing more chocolate.

after this post...will have to go raid frig

No one said this 24 hours would be easy OR healthy!

Only 5 more postings to go!!!!!!!
I have used my time so wisely this last 30 minutes (cough cough rationalize rationalize)

I have been doing typing tests...because typing quickly is really important when you do not have a clerical job, but make glass beads for a living.

Here is the URL for the typing test just in case you're bored when you have to stay up all night for charity...

Typing Test to Kill Time when you have other things to do or if you have to stay up all night


(she says like a person in a desert movie, crawling desperately searching for water...but in this case cofffee)
making myself laugh seems to be helping with staying awake....

qvc is doing the trick too...not sure why, but the fact that there is no END and no beginning helps...shows never end, so there is no tracking time

right now my cat Macy is sitting on my lap, on top of the laptop.

Macy is not a small kitty...she is a very robust and fluffy kitty

I cannot see what I am typing....hope this even says something not grjekltjkl;eak or something like that

anyways...humorous thing of the moment.... MikWright cards.

Many are very offensive to sensitive viewers, but most make me crack up!

Here's a linky link...

Mik Wright Cards

off to busy myself until 6....6!!!!!! that's when Starbucks opens!!!! (not that i can actually GO there, but i can dream!!!
good morning all...

it's you know where your blogathon sponsors are?

They're in bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm doing all the work :)

Next year, someone remind me....the money comes from the people who get to SLEEP! I can do that really well!!!!

Spent the last 30 min. shopping online and surfing again.

what happened to my plan to get all these things done while I stayed up all night???? not happening.

it's almost time for starbucks to open
here i am....wooo hooo over here!

I am truly silly now. So tired that I'm not even making sense to myself. Do you think this is what the blogathon people wanted? For people worldwide to pick one day and totally humiliate the bloggers participating by forcing them to have sub-conscious non-coherent babble on the blogs for one day???

I will be archiving this collection very very quickly..

Had thought of the following topics for discussion...

Refrigerator Magnets...why?

forgot the other one, though at the time it seemed life changing!

happy little dingie thing just rang to tell me "time to post" et voila
here we are again...

same bat time...same bat channel....same bat clueless
my little alarm dingy is not dinging as loudly as it should be.....

need to fix that...yes, am snoozing from time to that cheating/?

i am still posting!

I haven't been awake this late in a LONG time.

All nighters used to be a regular in my vocabulary....when i was overworking myself and causing myself to cross over the fragile line that is sanity.

Oooooh that's too much thinking....."cut off that light" turn on QVC....divert any depth here.

very tired, as I'm sure all blogathonners are.

I'm still here

I have resorted to T.V. to keep me company

I'm bored

I need to do work, and this is an excellent time, but I'm just not feeling very productive

not a happy happy journal entry. :(

Need a new theme song.....

"who can turn the world on with her smile....." "you're gonna make it after all!" do do do do doooooooooot! (throw the hat)
Here we are...2 a.m. I'm draggin' but not nearly as much as I could be.

I've considered resorting to Eula stories, but I'm really working hard on the twists and turns of the new you'll just have to wait...those 2 people who are concerned with life in East Egip.

While I've been surfing around goofing off...I found a blogathon site that I really liked. She is raising money for first book an organization promoting literacy through providing books to kids at an early age.

what I liked is that in each of her entries she quotes children's books. Ok...she didn't have any references to Frances the Badger, but I still liked her site and I pledged!

.Brandy's Blogathon Blog for First Book

Speaking of pledging (and you knew this was coming) GO PLEDGE if you haven't already. If you are awake and reading this, you have nothing better to do than to click on that button to the right and PLEDGE....NOW.....I'm waiting (she says tapping her foot)

enough silliness off to goof off more
surfin' USA........

That is the song of the hour (you notice I have a song theme going on?) because that is just what I am doing. I am goofing off surfing around the net, reading blogs, checking out shopping things...doing basically NOTHING because I have 7 1/2 hours in which to do so!

I am doing something good for the world by doing nothing right now. Seems odd, yes?

I am looking at other blogathon people and am really really admiring those with no sponsors who are still up and plugging away. That is sponsors and still blogathonning.

so back to surfing! which reminds me of surf girls and the fact that I need to make sure to record the finale this monday

(don't hate me because I'm beautiful says April as she loses!) gag!

why do I watch these girls surf...I don't surf....I have no idea what is good surfing and what isn't.....I am a reality tv (especially MTV) junkie!!!!!! Get me to a rehab place!


but before you do....

Please sponsor me during the Blogathon by pressing the button on the right. Not only will you be doing something good for Gilda's will help me stay awake because it will send me an e-mail telling me you've pledged and that e-mail going into my inbox will make a little ding when an angel gets it's wings

OK! i'm truly losing it. Must find caffine in kitchen!
It's 1:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just finished 12 more beads and my eyes are SHOT!

I'm going to close down the studio (for now...who knows what 6 a.m. will bring!) and go upstairs and clean the beads I made earlier....and watch a movie or something.

I might just stick with faking it on TLC...a funny show! to clean beads (ick! I hate that part!!)

Saturday, July 26, 2003

ok...I have more silly songs in my head. This one is thanks to Christine at who last week was "singing" school house rock songs on her blog.

Now I can't get the "I'm just a bill, yes I'm only a bill and I'm sittin here on capitol hill...." song out of my head.

Although, without school house rock I would have never learned the words to the preamble to the constitution...

sing it with me...

"we the people...

in order to form a more perfect union

establish justice and insure domestic tranquiliteeeeeeeeeeeee

provide for the common defense

promote the general welfare...........................ok...I forgot the rest of the words, but I knew them when I was in school.

Guess I need to go back and study my American Civics via school house rock some more...

Conjunction junction what's your function.......

Interjection for excitement and emotion...are generally set apart in a sentence by an exclamation point (or by a comma when the feeling's not as strong)

so when you're HAPPY (HOORAY!) or SAD (awwww!) or EXCITED (?!) or MAD (argh!) or frightened (eek!) or glad (?!) an interjection starts the sentence right!

this little school house rock vignette was brought to you by a woman who is really tired and punchy and has no idea how to spell vignette

and who made a total of 8 beads during the last 30 minutes (brining us back to the topic at hand...HOORAY!)

midnight at the oasis...

(wasn't that a stupid song...still is)

Well it's midnight in the studio. I just made 12 beads this session. Yes, it's much less than last go round, but I'm making beads that are a bit more detailed...just to keep me awake

Not feeling TOTALLY tired, but I'm sure by 6 or so I'll be really dragging.

SO....GO PLEDGE!!!!!

Make it worthwhile for me to stay up all night! We're doing good so far, but you can give more!

Click that button!!!!! Give to Gilda's Club.
oh...and one more thing...

I'm back to making beads again.

Currently exploring the wonders of light apple green enamel and it's relationship with pale transparent rose. (sounds like a soap opera plot)

Watching vern and Frank on Trading Spaces..

about to dip more mandrels

My mom is crazy! I just have to say it here and loud. is why I love Gilda Radner. Because my mom let me watch SNL...even though I was probably too young at the time and I LOVED Roseanna Danna and Emily Latel (sp?)

My mom is now Granna to my kids because of the silly thanksgiving song that Roseanna Danna sang...

"we gather to gather to ask the Lord's blessing...bless all the roseanna danna bananas today" or something like got us saying Roseanna Danna Banana voila a non-grandmothery name was born!

So....thank you mom for teaching me to enjoy Gilda Radner's humor... all about violins on TV, busting little school children, etc.

and thank you for being my cheerleader!
it's time to post something....


not feeling very inspired this posting....Rob is threatening to torture me with sci-fi videos. I think I can probably find something more interesting on Lifetime (which I'd rather die than watch)

Rob is now telling me that I'm am unfairly categorizing his movie choices which instead of being sci-fi, should just be called bizarre.

So....this ends the bizarre posting for 11:00

I am going to go make beads I think...much better than Lifetime television or bizarre movie-a-thon with Rob
I have been spending the last non-blogging 20 minutes or so listening to Sesame Street Disco Favorites...thanks to who listed this site in his mini blog yesterday (or today)...

Sesame Street Disco We like "me lost me cookie at the disco"

The guys and I are cracking up.

Might die of laughter and have to give up the blogathon due to death.
things to do between 10 and 10:30....

file my nails

paint my nails

admire my nails

blog about my nails
ok ya'll....

we have ZERO votes for Eula

we have ZERO votes against Eula...

given you've only had about 15 minutes to make up your mind...I'll give you a few hours and then check again. I have more stories and LOTS of time to kill.

This is my 9:30 entry...I'm going to go eat chocolate cake! :)
The following post has absolutely nothing to do with anything. There is no bead related content. If you're looking for that, scroll down several entries.

This is a piece of fiction that I've been writing for the past year or so...the continuing saga of Eula Mae Uggamuffin. If you need to catch up, click on Eula to the right.

If you like Eula....SPONSOR ME AT THE BLOGATHON and I'll write more

If you hate Eula....SPONSOR ME AT THE BLOGATHON and I'll make Eula disappear from this journal

Well here we are again...ya’ll need a life losers checkin’ in on ol’ Eula wondrin’ where’s she been what’s she been doin’ and so forth. Well, I’s doin’ good. Had a very eventful last year and I’ll catch ya’ll up on that a little later. First, though, I gotta give ya a little update on some of our friends in East Egip. Well, I told ya’ll about Wanda and her World of Tang. ‘Parrently not everyone shared Wanda’s enthusiasm over the beverage and her museum had to closed on account of she couldn’ afford the storage unit any longer since she’d done quit her job and moved to Valdosta to open World of Tang. When those big revenues didn’t turn up from the musuem, she done had to close the doors.

Good thing is that in settin’ up that there World o’ Tang, she met that young man CleatusTomaine from the prim’tive Baptist church down there near Valdosta. Well, Wanda done ran off to get married to him. Seein’ he didn’ have no job to speak of, ‘cept for his paper route, Wanda figued they should move back up to East Egip. An that’s what she done.

Now Cleatus and Wanda Tomaine are livin’ up here in East Egip. Cleatus, on account of his experience both with newpapers and the Primtive Baptist Church down there in Valdosta got hisself a job at the Church of the No Bingo Parking. He’s foldin’ their bulletins for their Wenesday night services.

Those Wednesday services tend to not be so crowded on account of that’s Bingo night at the VFW nextdoor. They ain’t got but 2 parkin’ spaces in front of their place, so there ain’t much room for a crowd no ways. Well, Cleatus he’s gotta go in on a Wednesday afternoon and fold up those 6 bulletins that they got for people comin’ in for services. He don’t make much, but he sees it as his mission.

Well, Wanda and Cleatus, they gotta eat, so Velma got Wanda a job at the Wafflehouse. It weren’t too hard since she had all that ‘sperience workin’ with foods at both Uppity Chuck’s Chicken and then at World of Tang. So, she fit right in right away at Waffle House. Specially since there’s already one Wanda there. Waffle House was happy cause they was able to cut back in buyin’ name tags. They just had Wanda One take hers off. Customers would know anyone without a tag was a Wanda.

So many postings....

So little content.

So, since you're probably as bored as I am...I'll give you a little bit of Eula Teasers. If you don't know might need to check out the Eula Archives which will soon be in the sidebar to the right.

In the meantime, just know that she's just Eula. Do not judge me by what she says. Do not take personally anything she says. And by all means, Do not use Eula or any of the happenings in East Egip as a barometer of normality (as Eula is even a little more off kilter than I am)
I'm feeling alone here.....................

Lots of hits, but no comments......

Are they scared off by my lack of content?

Are they not into my secret color formulas?

Should I push them to sponsor me more?????

puhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease sponsor me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(she throws herself on the floor in a desperate attempt to get attention and thus more sponsors)
I am really struggling to find anything to say here....

It was much easier when I was making beads and had a theme.

hmmmmmm thinking of a theme...............

I am absolutely at a loss. I could talk about reality television. I could talk about my presentation for the gathering... I could talk about how one's mental condition deterioriates after they have been trying to think of things to type on a computer for 11 hours already operating on very little sleep. theme.

Ok...I'll tell a story instead...

When I was in college, the first school I went to was a small Christian Liberal Arts College (to remain nameless in this story) and the BIG rule was "no drinking". Of course there were other rules like "no dancing" ('s sounding like Footloose right?)

Well...anyhooo...There was a fairly large music department. When people were seniors and had majored in music, they had to do a concert. For the girls, it was a time to get a gorgeous dress and be center stage. They had a reception afterwards for the performer, their family, friends and interested faculty members.

There was a student while I was there who was very very interesting. First of all, he was probably WAY in the closet at the time and if he hasn't come out by now....I'm not sure, but he must be lost in that big 'ol walk in closet. He had hair which came to a pointy little curl section in the back (waving back from his perfectly feathered sides...remember this is the 80s). The back flipped up in a way that friends of mine referred to him as "duck butt".

He really was a nice guy...just had that hair thing goin' on. Anyways...I get off track. This guy, we'll call him GUY appointed himself caterer of all of these occasions. He would ask the girls what they were wearing and then create a punched up punch to match their outfits. Sometimes it was rather difficult to find an alcohol which would be easily hidden taste-wise AND at the same time not ruin his coloration of the punch. He refused to use food coloring as far as I know...because that would have made things much easier.

Why am I thinking of this now? I have no earthly idea. Just thought of it and it was something fun to log in with.

took a long time to write though...

So here's to you "GUY" and your fantabulous Blue Punch!

p.s. even though hoardes of uptight faculty members drank his punches...he was never caught. No one suspected a thing....they just thought he catered wonderful parties!
I am now completely vegging out. Watching the Braves play the expos...and thinking that I should have something much more witty to say.

I did surf blogathon people for a while and decided that mine is no more lame (is that a term) than most of the others out there. My favorite concept (I didn't go to the site) was someone who is protesting for a different cause each hour...and on the half hour saying the work she's doing for that cause.

That's a lot of causes and a lot of protesting.

There is another one where the blogger is trying on a different pair of shoes each 1/2 hour. Now, that I can get with.

Enough with the protests...

"all we are saying is give shoes a chance"

I am taking a dinner break...which is allowed. :)

I may eat, drink, go to the long as I check back in every 30 minutes.

I just took an online blogathon quiz which says I only have a 50% chance of making it through the blogathon!!!

Little do they know what a determined/pig headed/rebel I am. You tell me I won't gosh...I'm going to make it even longer than you thought! (ok...not more than 24 hrs, but I'm going to make it through till 9 a.m.)

need more food....and chocolate...

back to dinner

STILL really hungry...going to ramp down the kiln and finish the beadmaking for now.

might go back on torch later tonight...if my eyes are ok for it...right now they feel tired.

What I made this round...

med ameth/dk aqua enamel/med ameth dots (some no dots)

med ameth/purple enamel/med ameth dots (some no dots)

med ameth/purple enamel/med ameth dots/violet pixie dust (some no dots)

tally this session 45

total bead count 370 WOW!!!! that's a bunch-o-beads!

QUICK QUICK...turn on Bravo!

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is on!!!!!!!!!

ok...back to our regularly scheduled programming...

still making beads...blah blah blah
Quick post...

really hungry, but want to watch the show...and finish more beads...on a roll...don't want to lose the rythym

the list...

med ameth/lt apple enamel/med ameth dots (some no dots)

med ameth/pink enamel/med ameth dots (some no dots)

med ameth/pink enamel/med ameth dots/violet pixie dust (some no dots)

tally this session 35

total bead count 325

watching a funny episode of Queer Eye for the Straight it! (she says in her best "guy" voice)
and now for a beady update.

I am still plugging away...though honestly getting a bit bored. I know that I wouldn't be able to make any larger beads in the 30 min. time frames that I the tiny beads are really my only choice if I'm on the torch. I know that later I'll be bored to tears...or too tired to make beads...and I'll have to move on to other for now...color exploration continues. i've strayed from my list by moving into medium amethyst...I'm supposed to be working on medium grass green beads...but oh well!

here's the list for this session...

med ameth/grey blue enamel

med ameth/grey blue enamel/med ameth dots

med ameth/grey blue enamel/med ameth/violet pixie dust

med ameth/lt apple enamel/med ameth dots/violet pixie dust

med ameth/lt apple enamel rondelles

tally this session 50 beads

total bead count 395

I'm abandoning my current tv show...gotta hunt for a movie or something. Need more entertainment value...less reality/documentary (right now there is some mummy history show on TLC...ick)

Thank you new sponsors!!!

We are all doing really good things for Gilda's club. You all rock!!!

Remember...these color secrets are brought to you by "viewer dollars"

do you sit there and enjoy these programs without sponsoring?

for as little as a penny a day, you can become a part of the PBS (Please, Blogathon Sponsor) family.

Call now.,.our operators are standing by (well, click to the right...those are the folks standing by)

and now back to our exciting programming...
I'm jammin'!

I'm a little off track, but making a good variety of little beads. These tiny beads for me are essential for putting together my bead bundles. The more colors, the better. I hate having bundles that look the same. I will make all these beads...then puddle them with other similar colors and voila...bundles! ('s a bit more complicated, but these beads will make the bundles more interesting color wise)

Here's what I made this time...

med topaz/pink enamel/med topaz dots/violet pixie dust (some no dots)

med topaz/pink enamel/med ameth dots/violet pixie dust (some no dots)

med ameth/grey blue enamel

tally this session 48 beads

total bead count 345

still watching Surprise by Design...

getting hungry for a snack...might have to disappear for a while to find chocolate...we'll see
quick tally...I'm forgetting what I'm making before I come back to computer, so I might have to do this as I go along, though that might slow me down....not sure if I'll do that or not

med topaz/lt apple enamel/med topaz dots (violet pixie dust?)

med topaz/pink enamel/med topaz dots/violet pixie dust (some no dots)

med topaz/pink enamel/med topaz dots (some no dots)

med topaz/purple enamel/med topaz dots (some no dots)

tally this session 40 beads

total bead count 337

music is off now...watching Surprise by Design....the guy Robert cracks me up! (though in person he might be obnoxious, on the show he's quite fun)

off to make beads...ta ta
My little timer on the computer makes this pretty little chime sound...

makes me think of those old storybook records (during the days that there were 33rpm records and a little record player for kids) and the record would go...

"beep" "turn the page"'s what I got done this time

med topaz/dk purple enamel/med topaz dots

med topaz/dk purple enamel/med topaz dots violet pixie dust (some no dots)

med topaz/grey blue enamel/med topaz dots (some no dots)

med topaz/lt apple enamel/med topoaz dots (some no dots)

tally this session 45 beads

total bead count 297

children update...everyone major hospital need to go to injuries. It appears any injury quickly disappeared once the promise of movie AND video game was mentioned. A left handed boy cannot play Galaga with his left arm in a sling. Ba da injury! fancy that?

music - got tired of B52s, plus they were starting to skip....hints from Heloise says to spread them with peanut butter then wipe off to remove skips...I have not been daring enough to try this. It just sounds dangerous!

going to ck out tv schedule before returning to beadmaking...there won't be as many beads this session (unless I can make them at warp speed)

'what they want to do...they can't do...cuz it's a dryyyyyyy countyyyyyyyyyyyyy" random landed on b-52's. love that song!

ooooh! and now it's deadbeat club!!!! (bear with me as I gush over my own cd's) "get a job!" "what for?" "i'm tryin' to think!"

Denise...if you're watching this train wreck...that song's dedicated to you! ;)

and now back to beadmaking....

took me a bit to get color stuff ready, since I was officially putting the mustard I didn't get as many beads made...but i'm back on list (sort of)

med topaz with dk amethyst dots/violet pixie dust (some no dots)

med topaz with purple enamel

tally this session 32 beads

total bead count 252

forgot to update what I'm drinking...I'm currently drinking Rick's Kickin' Hot Limeade (which he brought to the glass beadmaker's meeting last weekend" WOW! it packs a punch!!!!! Great for a hot day like today.

"we were wild girls...walkin' down the street...." - B52's

quick thank you to all of you pledging!!!

you can keep pledging even after the blogathon is over. Just use the button to the right that says "sponsor me...blogathon...."


Keep those pledges coming (she says in her best pbs voice)

We cannot continue to give out these color "secrets" without your support!

(feeling a little silly, but having fun....need to change CD....what mysery cd will be next?????....stay tuned)
ok ok ok

I sort of cheated so that I could spend a LITTLE more time with that mustard color. I didn't quite clock in at 3:30...I also forgot to set the alarm (she rationalizes knowing it was the seductive mustard that made her be late)

I did jam on these beads...should listen to crowded house more often

mustard w/ grey blue enamel/dk ameth dots/violet pixie dust (some no dots)

mustard w/grey blue enamel/dk ameth dots (some no dots)

mustard w/ lt. apple enamel/mustard dots (some no dots)

mustard w/ lt apple enamel/dk ameth dots (some no dots)

mustard w/ lt apple enamel/dk ameth dots violet pixie dust (some no dots)

mustard w/ lt apple enamel/mustard dots violet pixie dust (some no dots)

mustard w/pink enamel mustard dots (some no dots)

mustard w/ pink enamel dk ameth dots (some no dots)

seems like I listed an extra we'll have to see what I didn't really make tomorrow when they're out of kiln

tally this session 66 beads

total bead count 220 I rock!!!!


OK! no more mustard!!!!!

More beads....more not on list color combos! :)

I'm still into mustard!!! (guess you'd guess that after the last 3 posts)

mustard w/ dk ameth dots/violet pixie dust (some no dots)

mustard w/grey blue enamel/mustard dots/violet pixie dust (some no dots)

mustard w/ grey blue enamel/mustard dots (some no dots) more round with this mustard, then I promise I'll get back on track...which will be with medium topaz and purples....not too far off from mustard, but it's ON the list of beads to make...unlike that darn mustard!

tally this session 32 beads

total bead count 186 beads !!!!!!!!!!!! (wow...I should do this more often!)

still listening to Crowded House...about to put this song on repeat...don't know the name, but I love it enough to listen 3-4 times! it is one I can really groove to...


have eaten and now it's back to our show....

in the meantime, Harrison has fallen and his arm is hurting when he moves it. Rob has it in a sling and is analyzing whether or not he needs to go have it x-rayed. Argh.... I think this is the life of being the mom of boys. I would have expected the first broken arm to be Griffin's though.

Rob reminded me of the genetic disposition of arm breakage in my family. I've never broken an arm BUT, my mom broke hers into a gazillion pieces when I was a kid and my sister broke hers one year and then the following year (i think it was the next year) broke BOTH her arms. Hopefully, nothing is broken,'s just bruised and the curse of the arm breakage will skip their generation.

back to beadmaking and that gorgeous mustard...

listening to Crowded House...starting the CD over again so I get to listen to Always take the weather again. :)
dk ameth w/ lt apple enamel/mustard dots and violet pixie dust (some no dots)

dk ameth w/ lt apple enamel/mustard

mustard w/ dk purple enamel/mustard dots (some no dots)

mustard w/ dk purple enamel/mustard dots/violet pixie dust (some no dots)

can I just say right here and now that I love murano mustard (i think it's also called vetrifond) and it just rocks. I'm almost out of it....booo hoo. Must be time for a glass order! It is just a gorgeous color.

May I mention also that NONE of the beads above are on the to-do list and that I got way off because of that darn mustard!!!

that color will also appear in the next session.

taking a break, so might be less beads next session....hopefully lunch delivery (wonderful Rob) will be here soon!!

tally this session 44 beads

total bead count 154

music - Crowded House (Jan I always think of you when I listen to this) "things ain't cookin' in my kitchen" -that's the truth!
and here's the tally from the last 30 minutes on the torch (minus about 5-10 while I putzed with sticking 2 rods together and posted on WetCanvas)

dk ameth with mustard dots/violet pixie dust

dk ameth with purple enamel/dk ameth dots (some no dots)

dk ameth with purple enamel violet pixie dust (no dots)

dk ameth with purple enamel/ dk ameth dots/violet pixie dust (some no dots)

tally this session 40 beads

total bead count 110
more beads....

pale ameth w/ grey blue enamel/med ameth dots

DItto w/ violet pixie dust on top

pale trans. rose w/ lt. apple (?) enamel

pale trans rose w/ purple enamel

pale ameth w/ rubino dots/ violet pixie dust

total this session 50ish (going to have to round numbers)

total bead count 70

p.s. these are all small spacer beads...don't be impressed by quantity. This is one of my fav. days...just playing with color combos in small quantities

taking a moment to change cd...and the winner is....Bob Marley Exodus

don't forget to sponsor me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! click on the right...I'm staying up all day/night blogging and it's for a good cause
inbetween beads, so is a good time to post...even if it's 3 min. early

finished dipping

began w/ pixie dust is the name of this segment

pale lav/med ameth/violet dust

pale lav/pink enamel

ok....i'm telling you my secret color combos........

GO SPONSOR ME! click on the's not too late!

bead tally - 21

I am now in the basement set up and ready to rock and roll and make beads!

I have no idea how this is going to work, but I'm going for it!

coffee - mocha-licious!

music - about to turn on...not sure what yet....ooooh Random chose Allison Kraus!

(just realized I have to dip mandrels)

For those reading who do not make beads...this is the super boring part where you put junk on a stainless steel welding rod to keep the glass from sticking....dipping is not an artistic's dirty and I hate it! But Allison is making it bearable (maybe?)...she says trying to convince herself.
ok...I have now had my coffee....

am going to put on shoes and head down to the studio to set up blogathon central at the torch.

this sounds rather scary....

short post...much to do in 30 minutes time!
I have coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Ok...continuing the mindless postings for this a.m. (waiting for my starbucks to arrive before i begin to make bead)

I will now sing.....

Ok...not sing so that you can hear it, but sing along with Larry as he sings the Water Buffalo song which never fails to crack me up. If you don't know should. Adults and Kids alike should know Larry and his fabulous lyrics...

And here for your listening pleasure....The Water Buffalo Song

Narrator: And now it's time for Silly Songs with Larry; the part of the show

where Larry comes out and sings-- a silly song! So, without further adieu...

Silly songs with Larry.


Everybody's got a water buffalo.

Yours is fast but mine is slow.

Oh, where we get them, I don't know, but everybody's got a water buffalo!

I took my buffalo to the store,

Got his head stuck in the door,

Spilled some lima beans on the floor,

Oh, everybody's got a...

Dr. Archibald: Stop it. Stop! Stop right this instant! What do you think

you're doing?! You can't say everybody's got a water buffalo when everybody

does NOT have a water buffal! We're going to get nasty letters saying,

"Where's my water buffalo? Why don't I have a water buffalo?" And are you

prepared to deal with that? I don't think so! Just stop being so silly!

Narrator: This has been silly songs with Larry. Join us next time to hear

Larry sing:

Everybody's got a baby kangaroo.

Yours is pink, but mine is blue.

Hers was small but then it...

Dr. Archibald: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!


Coffee - YOU wish!

music - Silly Song Singalongs (in my head)

watching t.v. just saw a commercial for the amazing egg-stractor. I'm wondering about anyone who has a need to de-shell so many hard boiled eggs at one time. Granted, it's convenient, but WHY do you really need it? Are there people who are eating so many hard boiled eggs that they must have them peeled immediately!??? And it comes with a slicer too....are these egg peelers so inept that they can't peel OR slice??? Come on egg people...get it together!

(I did not promise substance...or seriousness...just sylvie-ness)
This is going to count as the 10:00 posting...because I have to go to the "loo" (that's so much nicer than b.r.) RIGHT NOW!

ok...have convinced Rob that going to starbucks for me is only fair.

he is awake and chipper....... this is NOT fair!

need a mocha..............................NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(yes I realize that there is realitively no substance to this blog right now)

WOW! 30 min. goes by fast! This is going to be crazy today!!!! Right now, still surfing around trying to catch up with dopey websites...such as what did the Big Brother participants do last night after show aired. Dumb Dumb Dumb...I know. I don't claim it to be high-brow viewing...I'm just trying to wake up a little bit before I tackle this crazy day!

still no coffee

still no music my first post entered at 9:04....that's actually pretty on time for me!

Now I can take a breath and talk about today, etc.

I did NOT get enough sleep last night. That does not bode well for today.

Rob went to the movies last night...was aiming for a 10:30 show, missed it, next one at home at 3:15...woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep. Tossed and turned and slept off and on until about 5 a.m. Now am draggy tired.

I'm sitting here trying to figure out how I am going to get Starbucks today. I don't think I can drive there and back in 30 min. I don't think that's probably legal either, blogathonny wise.

ok......any volunteers to deliver starbucks? I'm going to wake Rob's sorry butt up in a minute and make HIM since he's the reason I'm so dopey this a.m. (though I'm never a great morning person)

We'll see how dopey I end up being tomorrow a.m. at 8:30 or so. :)

starbucks - I WISH!

music - not yet...can't even think of moving from this bed right now.
I'm here I'm here!


thought I'd be REALLY didn't want to connect to the internet!


Friday, July 25, 2003

I'm watching Big Brother 4.....I'm hooked on reality tv, as I've said here many times before.

Dana is not playing smart and it drives me nuts when people just are not smart players! This seems silly that I think about these people on shows....I just want to scream at the T.V. and say "hey! You're a moron!"

It is almost 12 hours until blogathon....I have sort of planned my day/night...we'll see if I can stay on one plan of action or if I switch paths 19 times. to find chocolate

sponsor me if you're reading this!!!! click on the right hand's for a good cause! think of it like a pbs pledge drive where they make you feel guilty if you're watching and not pledging. If you're reading this....go sponsor me!

coffee today - starbucks mocha light on the mocha....made correctly, I might add

music 80's radio and court tv on the tele.

It's Friday! Today is the kid's camp program. They are doing a program at 12:30. I know it will be great and we will have fun...BUT I have to wonder....why am I paying for 5 days of summer camp when they are actually only at camp without me for 4 1/2 days??? Not that I'm being cheap or a bad mom or anything, but I need to work!!!!!!

I am making a promise to myself right here and right now that I won't let my husband talk me out of camp next year....waiting until the last minute to get a 1/2 day camp only. The boys are loving camp, so it's a good thing for them to go....AND I am enjoying camp...drinking my starbucks in peace...not having to say "don't touch your brother" in that scary low voice that sounds like a horror movie demon or something....and actually getting a chance to make beads without griffin coming in every two minutes saying "can I make beads?" "can I dip mandrels?" "can you play uno?" It's not fair to him OR me for me to try to work while he's home. Harrison is much more independent, so it doesn't seem to have the same effect on him.

okie to camp and starbucks :)

Venti Mocha here I come!

Thursday, July 24, 2003

I made beads TWICE today!!!!

I wrote a whole long thing just now and deleted it. I didn't like saying what I was saying in front of the little party I'm throwing here. Kind of un-fun to censor yourself, though. It was basically about my need to find a bed in an oreo factory...mentally I'm just wanting chocolate and bed. :)

On a light funny note...I just watched the new show that's been on Bravo Queer Eye for a Straight Guy. I think I need them too!!! Can you ask for an intervention??? I don't like the meanies on the "what not to wear" show. This would be much less painful....more fun! They came in and decorated and gave him a new look in one day! What...are they superheros? I did notice a plethora of Ikea in the apartment. I guess, given a T.V. budget and an Ikea...I could quickly change my home.

That's it!! That's MY reality show! Ikea Survivor!!!!!! You have 6 hours to find your way out of the store, $1000, only one cart, a beetle for a car (which must hold all purchases and still operate) AND you have to take your whole family. Can she do it???? Will the evil competitors cut her off at the funky cart-holding escalator? Will her children throw themselves in front of the cart in a screaming fit to go back to the lame-o toy section one more time? Will her husband run interference OR try to befriend all the other competitors and try to throw a cocktail party in the kitchen section?

Ok....national television stations....pick up my little show idea here. I don't want to be a participant....just one of those "technical advisor" types. I can make up the rules, the roadblocks AND be employed and paid by Ikea!!!!!!!

Looking back at this post...I've gone through a whole mood swing in one posting. Can you say "rapid cycling?"

I guess I don't want a life in an oreo bag. I want a life in an ikea store....located inside a giant oreo bag.

Pay attention to the right hand column....sponsor me for the Blogathon. Pretty Please???????? i promise, I'll try to be interesting for 24 hours. If all else fails, I'll start writing eula stories. I've been working on them offline, so you never know.

no starbucks today :(
way too many sweets (brownies, oreos.....I don't need any real food...just chocolate....hmmmmmmmmm)
Sponsor me for the blogathon for Gilda's at right. back to our blog...

About to leave for day camp run. Will try not to be sucked into the vortex of the starbucks drivethru. Must get right home and WORK!!! (well not work, but make beads)

I will not avoid my studio....why am I avoiding it???? I have no idea. I really need to get a good selection of little beads going so that I'm ready to re-start e-bay. I also need to make a few focals for the show at the Gathering. (I still can't write the word gathering without immediately thinking of some stone-henge our coven will be meeting there at midnight for a beadmaking conferenece!)

I am feeling a bit off from my regular work-y self. Not feeling like working lately. I go through this about twice a year (or so I've been told by those observing my life) but this one seems much longer than ususal.

Ok...right now am avoiding finding my children's shoes which are somehow located one shoe at a time across the two shoes that match can be found within 10 feet of each other. There seems to be some sort of physics thing like magnets repelling each other. The shoes, if too near each other, shoot away from one another, rendering them impossible to find in the morning. They also can weave invisibility spells so that children who walk past them cannot see them when "looking" for them in the morning.

And one more (I promise just one) kid story. My kids yesterday took their lunches to summer camp. One had peanut butter and jelly, fritos and oreos...The other had ham and cheese, lays potato chips and coconut cookies. Yes, I was short order lunch cook yesterday...that was not a big deal.

Here's where it gets crazy.....they get to summer camp, open their lunches and low and behold they have the WRONG sandwiches. The pbj one has ham, the ham one pbj. Did they figure out that they were just switched?????NO!!!!!!!!!!! They just didn't eat their sandwiches and complained to the teacher that their mom had made things they didn't like. ARGGGGGGHHHH!

What's bad is they were sitting right next to each other when they realized they didn't have the sandwich they liked!

I double checked sandwich placement this a.m.

coffee - no

breakfast - brownies.....a la "little chocolate donuts...the breakfast of champions" (from SNL John Belushi)

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Ok...quick post...haven't made beads yet...just dropped kids off at summer camp. one wants to know why he can't just stay home....should I tell him how much psychiatry costs vs. him being at camp?????

Anyways...reason for post...Starbucks
Yesterday went to Starbucks where "employee of the month" boy tried to push chai latte on me.

Today...ordered my same old same old...

Venti Mocha light on the Mocha. Well I think she took me literally! There was only 1/2 a drink in the cup!!!!! I guess that's "light on the mocha" in her books. In mine it's a TALL not a VENTI! Didn't notice until I took a drink far down the road. Bummer. Will have 1/2 the caffine, though. Gotta look on the bright side.

I have been trying to plug the blogathon...if you're here....PLEDGE! You read my journal.....PAY FOR IT! Click that "blogathon" button on the right! NOW!!!!! Gilda's Club needs your money! I need an excuse to spend more time on my journal! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Big news!!!

I am a part of Blogathon 2003!!! People world wide have committed to "blogging" for 24 hours on July 26th to raise money for charity. Think of it as a journaling telethon. I will be continuing the theme of my journalblog which began as a record of the beads I was making in the studio.

I will make beads as long as I can during that 24 hour period. I might take breaks from beadmaking, but I will continue to post every 30 minutes for the WHOLE day. People (anyone reading my blog hopefully or even non-readers) can sponsor me via either as a flat donation OR per post. The money I raise will be going to Gilda's club and will be paid directly to them.

I think Gilda's Club is an excellent charity. I loved the idea of it the first time I heard about it. I was a big fan of Gilda Radner and still love seeing re-runs of her old SNL sketches. Through this charity, the laughter that she brought to people while she was alive lives on and benefits those who really need a laugh and a place of comfort while dealing with a serious illness. To learn more about Gilda's Club Click on this link...

Please help support me in this endeavor. It's a bit crazy...I know, but it's fun for me and it's for a very good cause. If you aren't interested in my blog...there are other blogs who need sponsors AND other charities that they have chosen to contribute to.

So click that link and sponsor me!

I actually made beads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 8 of them or so (and we're talking little ones that don't take long to make) but I made beads!

One only need to go back to June somethingth I think to see that it's been FOREVER since I actually sat down at the torch. I went straight to the torch after taking the boys to day camp. After about an hour and a half a bad storm started blowing in w/ lightening (sp?) and I don't like to make beads in I shut things down and dipped mandrels/cleaned beads.

But I made beads today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just read about something called a blog-a-thon which is like a telethon/rockathon/jumpathon...whatever athon to raise money for charity. People commit to blogging for 24 sleep in order to raise money for their particular charity.

I am really thinking about doing a bead-blogathon where I make beads then post how many. Can I make beads for 24 hours? probably not...maybe I should re-think this. If i do decide to, then I'll do some sort of public announcement to help raise money. my charity would be Gilda's club. I have to decide pretty quickly, as the day is the 26th I think. need to do more research.

Coffee- Venti Iced Skim Almond Latte (notice there was no mention of a chai anything there in that order) yet mr. starbucks employee insisted that I'd ALSO ordered a chai latte. I did not, so I did not pay for it, or take it. He was a little adamant that I'd ordered it. Not sure what was with Mr. Starbucks Employee, but I think he didn't have his coffee this morning. by the way, it was NOT my normal Starbucks which is full of happy caffinated starbucks employees

Music - Pink and Annie Lennox.....funny they really get me into a beadmaking groove...just like old times!

p.s. I have always joked that my mom is the only one who reads is now verified, as she is the only one who has commented thus far....oh yeah...Nick as there are 2 people reading. Blair where are you???? I'm a constant train wreck, so you're really missing out!

Monday, July 21, 2003

I am a reality show junkie

It is now it wasn't already, but really...I'm addicted. I need help. Someone call 911 or a support group for an intervention.

I'm sitting here watching Surf Girls which is the LONGEST day of surfing ever. It's been 3 weeks worth of episodes and I still think it's the very same day. Is this 24??? That's the name of the show right? where there is 24 hours and one whole season???

This should be called Surf Girls 24

This should be called "when surf girls whine"

ok...I'm lamer than they are for WATCHING their show!!!

Unfortunately, I'm hooked. I must watch the train wreck of surf girls.

do you hear that?

it's quiet........................

that's the sound that my house makes while my kids are at summer camp! :)

It was a really nice day. Quiet house. Bead cleaning and sorting, shopping on QVC (don't ask), a little bit of writing on the Eula thing...visiting with the attorney (ok...that part wasn't that exciting, but she does have a quiet that sort of counts and the kids weren't there...) Ate bbq at mom and dad's.

it's been a very nice day. Earlier this morning when I dropped the kids off for camp, I thought it might be a bad day...there was a snotty suburban mom who was being really grouchy about the "noise level". Apparently her daughter has not spent a lot of time around other children at school ??? So, thankfully, she left without causing too much of a riot and I was able to drop the boys off and have a leisurely drive to we will now go into the daily blah blah blah...

I had a iced venti skim vanilla latte with cinnamon. If you're going to be high high maintenance!
Music du jour - 80s music on the radio....then tv at home (don't ask...not high brow)

Music in my head right now? "Stuck in the Middle with You"....I have NO idea why!

Sunday, July 20, 2003

I have been up researching Eula's life tonight....if you don't know...just don't ask...ok?

Well, anyways...I found 2 hilarious sites. One is a redneck translator which you can put any website into and it converts it into a sort of redneck-ese. I also found a redneck haiku site that had me cracking up. I sure do miss My Redneck Neighbor's site. Sniff Sniff. Why do all the good sites die young?

So...I give you redneck Haiku....

this un's my favorite...Gathering by David Burge

In early morning mist

Mama searches Circle K for

Moon Pies and Red Man

More Redneck Haiku

And just a brief translation of my site in redneck...I love this one!

Here's a bit from my last journal entry on the subject of americans moving to Canada.... (this just cracks me up!)

Here is th' articles fo' yer perusal, ah reckon....

Some article about varmints movin' t'Kinada

This hyar article goes on an' on an' on an' on about whuffo' South Car'linans is movin' t'Kinada. ah reckon they lacked t'menshun the dawgoned-est most most impo'tant reason, as enny fool kin plainly see.....BECAUSE of SHOPPING! Fry mah hide!! Fry mah hide!! Fry mah hide!! Fry mah hide!! Fry mah hide!! Fry mah hide!! Fry mah hide!! Fry mah hide!! Fry mah hide!! Fry mah hide! Howdy??? Wasn't they readin' mah journal this hyar week? Whuffo' is they movin' fo' political reasons when they c'd move fo' much less stressful ones an' jest tell varmints they're movin' on account o' th' Kinadian dollar jest sucks right now. W'dn't varmints be happier fo' them an' not hafta git into deep discusshuns on over it? They c'd jest say..."we is movin' t'go shoppin'" an' ev'ryone'd unnerstan'. No one'd hafta debate an' all'd be happy fo' them, dawgone it........thet is until they sat next t'irate French Kinadian Woomin on th' ferry. Mebbe ah sh'd e-mail an' warn them about her.

I am loving this little thingy. I'll be translating more of my life into redneck I do believe! (or is that I reckon' so?)

Redneck Translator...use with caution...lest you be hauled off to the nearest trailer park
I am SO wasting time.

Now I have little commentez-vous thingies. Now people can tell me immediately that they don't like my coffee drink du jour instead of spending the time e-mailing me. Apparently there is much dis-like of Mocha Valencias which I love. Remember...I didn't tell YOU to drink them (you're the one reading my dumb stuff anyways!) I just said I like them....HOWEVER I have now given you a place to comment on your like/dislike of my music/coffee/Canadian shopping/etc.


Just remember.....

"It's my journal and I'll blab if I want to blab if I want to...blaaaaaaaaaab if I want to....You would blab too if this happened to you!"
Ok...I'm back. After a little surfing around this afternoon I found two very interesting articles on our neighboring country of Canada...I'd like to share them with you. (why was I doing searches for Canadian stuff...I have no clue. I just got onto one of those surf things where you have no idea how you ended up where you did.)

FIRST of all, however, I must say that this blogournal does not claim any political views whatsoever...I think I've discussed that at length this week. If the reader is one that needs deep political thoughts and debates OR someone to agree with your own political philosophies...I WON'T and I really don't CARE. This again (say it with me) is MY MY MY Journal!!!

So...back to our show...

I was surfing around and found this site of articles most linked to by blogs...And I found 2 interesting articles on Canada....Why they were interesting to ME was not because of their political statements (because I really don't want ANY political discussion here) but because of their OBVIOUS lack of information for their readers...

Here are the articles for your perusal....

Some article about people moving to Canada

This article goes on and on and on and on about why Americans are moving to Canada. I think they lacked to mention the most most most important reason.....BECAUSE of SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!! Hello??? Weren't they reading my journal this week? Why are they moving for political reasons when they could move for much less stressful ones and just tell people they're moving because the Canadian dollar just sucks right now. Wouldn't people be happier for them and not have to get into deep discussions over it? They could just say..."we're moving to go shopping" and everyone would understand. No one would have to debate and all would be happy for them........that is until they sat next to irate French Canadian Woman on the ferry. Maybe I should e-mail and warn them about her.

Ok....the second article ended up being not worth was on a site which was just quoting someone else quoting someone else quoting someone else warning of a terrible bigotry against Canadians...let alone Gay Canadians in the U.S. saying that their were 2 strikes against them, etc.

All I have to say to that's just plain silly. If Gay Canadians want to be in the U.S.....great! I am happy to have them here! I do feel a bit sorry for them, however...not because of the bigotry that this article claims they will find, but because of the overall economic concerns they face. They are not good shoppers, apparently and should be told that they are paying a lot more money here to buy things. They need to remember that they'll be paying a LOT more for starbucks when they are here than when they are at home, so they might want to stick to other beverages. They have much higher taxes in Canada, though, so some things might equal out in that area, though I'm not really sure. This is an equal rights country however and I really do not care about anyone's sexuality. I do feel sorry for people that don't know a good bargain when they see one...and this is apparently one of those situations.

So, in service to those who are being mis-informed about these issues. Please let anyone you know whether going to or from Canada know of the exchange rate. I think it is severely being under-reported in the wake of all this political hoo-ha.

(she snickers to herself)

I did have my starbucks today....venti iced vanilla latte (purchased with American Dollars and a cute Canadian Starbucks Card)

Music - 80's o-rama (I love how not deep 80's music is. Safety Dance...what is that song about anyways????)


Hootie Hoo!!!!!! Why am I excited? I have no clue! I'm really hot and tired (we just got back from an afternoon Braves game...barely made it through 2 innings and the boys were just too hot and tired. glad the tickets were free...made it easy to leave if we wanted to) I'm also just plain tired from all the work on the auction thingy last night.

Last night was our silent auction (I know anyone else reading this really cares...but hey! It's my journal!) We raised LOTS of money for the group. I was stunned! We are buying equipment and such for the group to have more beadmaking classes/events which is really cool. Why is it really cool???? Because 6 ish years ago, I first organized a group of beadmakers from the Atlanta area. We were not a formal group by any means...but we were a group of about 10-15 people who were making glass beads and wanted to hang out once a month with other people who were as well. It was cool not to be the only one out know you were among others who were crazy like you about making beads...

So...the group dissipated (sp?) after I got pregnant with child #2 and didn't have the energy to organize things anymore...and it really was me doing all the organizing...paying for mailings...helping plan meetings, etc. So after a slow down of about a year or so...the group was re-organized by another beadmaker in town and formed a formal group. The group then gained a name (which I've discussed before The Southern Flames) and met monthly. The group didn't formally hold classes, though there were guest instructors who came to town and the members attended the classes. The group had some ups and downs...split at one point and it was an icky time for me as I belonged to both groups and felt really torn between them.

Anyhoo....the group slowly mended and their new incarnation was happy again and had great turnouts for meetings and has slowly grown in the past 2 years to be a group who is really supporting glass beadmaking in the Atlanta area. We have brought in teachers as a group and the costs of classes were much cheaper than they would have been if it were not a group sponsored thing because there was no huge profit made from them...just making sure we covered our expenses and left a little after the fact. Now we own equipment for renting to new beadmakers...a kiln...and still have funds in the account for buying more equipment and bringing in more instructors and furthering the beadmaking movement in our area.

Southern Flames...we rock! It's just really cool to look back and see how far we've come. I'm really proud of us. :) (even if we do have a name that I think is dorky)

Saturday, July 19, 2003

It's Saturday and today is the day of the big silent auction for the Southern Flames! (I totally hate that name!!!! I continue to add "the atlanta chapter of the international society of glass beadmakers" which is a little long but less icky as Southern Flames)

So...the silent auction is today. We are doing our fundraiser for more equipment and other group stuff. I must find beads to take tonight AND I must make my fantast-o-rific brownies. I will include my secret recipe below. Please if anyone out there is not share the secret of my recipe.

Secret Recipe - 2 boxes of Duncan Hines Chewy Fudge Brownies...follow all directions, doubling all ingredients so that you're making 2 full batches. Bake in one pan for 45 minutes at the prescribed temperature. et viola...killer fudgy brownies which for some reason people think is a "special secret-type homemade recipe". HA!

Finally, I must just say right here and now that the show which makes people change their wardrobes forever..."what not to wear" would be SO SO SO depressing to be on. I would totally understand if someone nominated me, as I wear stuff that isn't always flattering...HOWEVER I would have a complete and total breakdown if I knew everyone else thought so and thought so enough to have an intervention.

so....if you're out there pondering whether or not to call BBC America OR TLC....please don't. I don't think I could survive it.

coffee today - no, but I wish!
music - no...TLC (thus the bit above about what not to wear...why am I watching other people suffer???)

Friday, July 18, 2003

so...again I'm back. I have things to say (and if you know me you know how rare that is...cough cough).


I am not deep. There are no political statements here, nor do I ever expect there to be. I was not deep in college, though the professor of my painting class really tried to make me make STATEMENTS...on the subject of politics...I just don't. If you need deep political thoughts...they won't be spewing forth from my mouth. I might from time to time spew on the subject of art and the making of art, but even that won't be all that deep. I am just about as deep as the shallow end of the kiddie pool.


I love Frances the Badger. I loved it as a kid, thought it was a fun story. I love it even more as a parent....having kids that make Frances look like a rank amateur bed-avoider. My favorite line in the book is "The giant wants to get me. May I have some cake?" I think that passage is one of those universal truths.


I can't remember for the life of me, but it was the reason I started this entry and I'm sure it was life-changing information! LOL
One final thought for today...

Am I crazy to have a public sort of journal? I've had it all along, but did I do something that I can't take back now? Have I created a monster???? This is the way I was really feeling last year when Eula took over the journal for a while. It's funny, I'm feeling the same way tonight and without thinking of the link in between the two...I went to "channel" Eula tonight.

Ironic...just as soon as I get the blog thing started....I don't want to post.

I miss the Redneck Neighbor page. Maybe he felt the same way though. Sad, it was one of the funniest things on the web.


A funny note to self...."earth to Channel!"
Hey! I never had my starbucks today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok...I'm not crazy, just de-caffinated. Isn't that how this whole crazy journal thing started? Got out of hand? Because I noticed I hadn't had my coffee and I wasn't productive...then I started logging my coffee habit? Yeah! So, we're right back where we started from....I am unproductive and haven't had my coffee!!!

Guess I really could end the journal right here. I've come full circle and am about to start it all again!
Ok...I am frustrated.

First of all I must confess that I have wasted and ENTIRE other day playing around on the computer. This either means that....

a. I'm depressed

b. I'm manic

c. I'm in a "mixed state"

d. I'm sucked into the Internet Black Hole

e. I have stuff to do and am avoiding doing it.

f. all of the above and I am oficially Sybill all my surfing around today here is what I found out...

1. My little journal is SO boring. Not that anyone except me cares....but I think it used to be I just think I'm boring.

2. I have no idea what half the "blogging world" is talking about. I am a pretty quick learner, but I am lost on how to add a blogroll which is also supposed to simplify my life. Right now, I'm just confused.

3. I need to start a blog for Eula

4. I need a life.

In big big big news.......... (drumroll please)

I am no longer homeless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We bought the house we've been renting yesterday. The end to the whole fire/insurance/ick-fest incident!!!!!!!!!!

We are now the proud owners of a 1980 contemporary style ranch home located in the 'burbs! I figure, if you can't own a turn of the century farm house on an acre close to should go for the exact opposite. That way there are no comparisons!

Really, though. It's a comfortable (well priced) home with a great school. I'll learn to adjust to the traffic someday. But in the meantime, my ITP friend (ITP means inside the "perimeter" which is a highway surrounding Atlanta) is now moving OTP!!!! She no longer is bogged down with being cool!!! :) I laugh because I'd be ITP if I could. All the good restaurants/shopping are there. But now we live here! We've returned to our high school era homeland.

So...that concludes todays big news. I am now off to the movies w/ the boys. They've earned a treat for good behavior this week.

Braves won last night!!! I've been to 2 games this year via my parents season tickets and they've won both. Last year I was a jinx and I didn't want to go because of it. This year....I'm a good luck charm? Maybe??? Feed my ego and say "why yes!"

Coffee today - nope, but sure seems like it!
Music - not yet, but really want it.
Reality TV - nope...didn't even watch it yesterday (if you don't count Court TV)
Days till school starts - 24
I feel like Georgia Nicholson...I can add entries whenever I want....

The new system (via blogger) makes my life so much easier!!! I can say what I want without little HTML tags all over the place. It dates them....I no longer have to remember the calendar! My life is now a bonafied party! whoo hoo!

My little blog seems a little boring compared to others out there. I must remember that I wrote it for myself and not the opinions of others. HOWEVER...I did add a new guestbook and has anyone out there signed it....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Not even Blair who comes here for train wreck viewage. Not a single person who has criticized MY starbucks drink choices over the last year or so has contributed THEIR better drink ideas.

Hmmmmmmmm. They will all criticize anonymously but not in my guestbook.....hmmmmmmmmm (chicken?)

Am in a very silly mood today. Avoiding work thus far. (why do I always put off things that I really need to get done???) Therapist says it's because I enjoy the frantic state. Probably correct. Supposedly it's the same reason I eat too much (though I really try, I do not understand that part) and have a messy house.

Am ending this entry because I can! And starting a new one... (i'm so tricky)

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Wastin away again in bloggeritaville.

Yes. I have wasted a day once more putzing around with my website...surfing the net and other things which had NOTHING to do with beadmaking. And yes...I remember that this is a beadmaking journal NOT a travel log OR a "where I surfed online" UGH!

I am in a relatively good mood...I just need to get stuff done!!!!! YIKES!

In new semi-bead related news...My kids are going to summer day camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooo hooooo! I have 2 weeks of work-time while they're at camp. This means 2 things. I must work while they're at camp AND I must make money to afford the camp. Rob cringed a bit when I told him how much camp was. I reminded him of the expenses involved in sending someone to the mental hospital.....

One Psychiatrist 7 days treatment....$1,500

One Hospital Visit 7 days..................$3,000

Psychiatric Medication.........................$ 500

Childcare while at hospital..................$ 350

Summer camp...................... Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel free to use this same price scale anytime you need to go to the spa or any other "mental health" type activity.

Well...will be at the Braves Game tonight...again...not working.

Will be at home tomorrow and will have to have to have to get some beady stuff done soon!

Will be at Beads by Design on Saturday for the Atlanta ISGB (Southern Flames - I still hate that name!) meeting and Silent Auction.

Gosh...this is all so boring. Wish I had witty cute things to say today, but I don't.

I will say that I am addicted to reality television. It's the sad truth. Is their a help group for that? I'm sure there is but I probably wouldn't want to go there....I'd have to miss my "programs". That's such a eula-ism...."my programs". Oh no! I've actually become Eula Mae!!!! Look out East Egip...

here's the blah blah...

Coffee today (with Marcie) - Venti Mocha Light on the Mocha

Music - nope...internet junkie

Days till School starts....25!

Days till Summer Camp....4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (must sell beads to afford camp and my sanity)

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

So...after the intro to the new blog junk is is the scoopula what I've been up to.

Well...spent way too much time obsessing over my weblog, so I will begin it with a REALLY REALLY long entry, entitled...

I went all the way to Canada to see the Dixie Chicks!

That's right folks...flew all the way to Vancouver, BC Canada to see the chicks. Why might you ask??? Well, I will tell you! I know that my life is a train wreck ready at the click of a mouse for viewing, but this alas is no train wreck. It's a vacation entry! Sort of a Travel Log!

My best friend Denise and I decided we were going to see the Dixie Chicks. Since she's in Houston and I'm in Atlanta, one of us was going to have to fly to the concert. So...I couldn't go when it was in Houston because of something else I was doing. She couldn't go (or I couldn't...can't remember) when it was in Atlanta. We decided that if one of us was going to have to fly...we might as well both fly and make it a fun girl trip. we went to check out the tour dates. Well...they weren't as exciting as they could have been. (no offense to anyone reading from any of these cities but they weren't for us) Ames, Iowa; Oklahoma City, OK; Greenville, SC.....places we just didn't think were vacation-condusive.

Our next choices were West Coast...all of them we'd both been to before...L.A., Portland, Seattle. I loved Seattle and so did Denise and we thought about Seattle or Portland until we saw....VANCOUVER! Yes! Denise had been there while going skiing, but I never had. I said "let's do it!" So we bought Dixie Chicks concert tickets to a concert in CANADA! We're totally laughing at ourselves at this point, but it was a fun idea. Then after Denise buys the tickets, we remember the exchange rate and hootie hoo! We got a discount because they were puchased in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So...the travel date draws nearer. I find us a hotel in Vancouver by doing a search for "boutique hotels" in Vancouver. Find a gorgeous hotel (or it looks that way from the website) called the OPUS Hotel and make reservations. Denise makes our airline reservations and we wait till July...the trip time!

Some time in June I find this funny funny halmark card which says...

"This year for your birthday let's go bowling in that someday we can say we went bowling in Canada"

On the plane on the way to Vancouver, I give Denise the card. It becomes my running joke for the whole trip. "Let's go to the dixie chicks in Canada so that some day we can say we went to the dixie chicks in canada" and on and on and on.

We go through immigration (behind the family of non-english speaking people who were in the line that DIDN'T need a translator). They asked us "why are you coming into Canada?" and we said "to see the Dixie Chicks concert!" Laughing at ourselves at how silly the notion was. Then Mr. Immigration says..."Did you see them? They just came through a little ahead of you?". Of course, we didn't see them...we only saw the woman who had made us get up out of our seats so that she could go to the bathroom 15 times on the flight there. From immigration, we make our way through the airport without me actually losing any digits, though a family of French Canadians did try to prevent that from happening by trying to run me down with their smart carts. Finally...we made it safely to our rental car a gorgeous big car to hold our many shoes and took to the Canadian road! (with our strong american dollars in hand)

We get to Vancouver and go to lunch...very cute pizza restaurant in Gastown district of Vancouver (going to have to look up the name). Got lost at least once going there and had to go around 3 blocks to get back on track (the pedestrians and one way streets really messed us up)

Went to our hotel to check in. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! The Opus is such a gorgeous/funky/cool/spa-like hotel I can't even believe we were so lucky to pick it by only looking on line. And the bonus's Canadian! (which in Sylvie-speak means it's like on sale!)

We veg out at the hotel for a while and then go to dinner on Robson street at this wonderful Italian restaurant called "Cin Cin" (pronounced Chin Chin). I can't even remember what we ate for dinner, but it was wonderful and the desert was even better! Did a little shopping on Robson street then headed back to the hotel to crash....and we got great deals because of course...we were spending Canadian!

Friday morning we got up and headed out for a day of shopping. We began at Starbucks across the street from the hotel. I was so psyched with my american dollar power that i purchased a gift card...figuring $50 in Canada would be $80 in the US!!! Well cards don't work that way. Alas, they figure these things out ahead of time. Anyways...the coffee I got there was a discount, so whoopeee! Bargain starbucks! We got our coffee and hit the road!

Went to Gadsen Island which was way cool with little artists studios and galleries all over the place. We got lost at least 10 times trying to get there, because we kept taking wrong turns and getting back on this big bridge over and over and over. By the time we made it there...we were in a giggle fit just from the silliness of being lost so many times. We got a kick ass parking space, which in my universe means that you will find good shopping. Bad will find nothing you like or can afford. Well, we got a good space and the shopping was great. I would love to go back and spend more time AND money there!

from there we went downtown to check out shopping there. Went to their mall which was a colossal disappointment. Should have stayed boutique-y, but took a risk and failed. :( Probably because we had a bad parking space!

Went back to the hotel and took a little nap before getting ready for dinner and the concert. We got ourselves looking very concert cute and went to dinner at the hotel restaurant...Elixir. Delicious meal! Our server asked us where we were going and we said "to the Dixie Chicks" and he said.....(dramatic music pause) "Oh did you see them?...they're staying here."

OMG!!!!!!!!!! The Dixie Chicks are staying at our hotel!!! There are only 90 something rooms in the hotel, so it's not like it's a huge hotel or anything...we could be staying down stairs from us...or just above.... They could have seen naked man too! The man across the street who Denise saw out the window while she was getting ready...walking around nude in his apartment. (it was like a Seinfeld moment) The Dixie Chicks could be calling him "naked man" also. They could be excited about spending american dollars at the same starbucks I was. Who knows?!!

So...we head out for the concert. We get there and wait through security and what not and head in to find our seats. As we're coming in...we hear Michelle Branch! We didn't know she was opening for them!! She was not listed as opening when we bought our tickets. So the way I see it...Dixie Chicks, and Michelle Branch, plus canadian dollars. It's two concerts for the price of one AND it's that makes it basically FREE! We're jamming and psyched at Michelle Branch being there. As soon as there is a break between MB and the Chicks concert...Denise gets up to go buy a T-shirt. As she does, she says something to the 2 girls on the aisle who have to stand up to let her out.

They say to me after she's left..."hey, you're not from Canada are you?!!" Well, no...we're not. She asks where we're from. I tell her Atlanta. OMG! She just moved back to Vancouver from Atlanta last month! She was going to school there. So here we are at the Dixie Chicks in Canada sitting next to someone who is from Vancouver AND Atlanta. She thought it hilarious that we were there and begins to tell her friends who think it's funny too. Then I mention the silly card about going bowling in Canada. As soon as I say "let's go bowling in Canada for your birthday" she says "So we can say we went bowling in Canada!" She'd bought the same card for her friend! Bizarro!

So the concert was incredible! We head back to our hotel, write a note to the Chicks and leave it with the front desk thanking them for such a great concert. We find out later that the chicks had already checked out before the concert but the nice Opus hotel people faxed their office our note. Wasn't that nice?! It wasn't even a big deal. We just thought it would be funny to write a note since we were in the same small hotel and we'd come all the way to Canada for the concert.

Saturday we went to Victoria via ferry. It was a beautiful ferry ride. The island was beautiful! We went to an old mansion called Craigderoch (sp?) castle. As I walked around it, I was reminded of the PBS show Manor House. Denise hadn't watched it, but it was a lot more real to me after seeing today's people trying to manage/clean a huge house like that in the way that they did in that era. The house had a museum with all that historical stuff about the family. This family, however had juicy gossip in their past, so it was FUN to read about all their wayward daughters! One of them left her husband for Taluleh (sp?) Bankhead! (I have no clue if I spelled that anywhere remotely correctly) It was funny anyways that they had the gossipy stuff in their museum!

Shopping in Victoria was incredible and we barely scratched the surface of what there was to do on the island before we had to go back to the Ferry. On the ride home, I almost punched a French woman. I am NOT a violent person. However, sitting next to someone who says "zeees orrible americans" over and over was about to drive me mad! I controlled myself, but really wanted to let her have it. I didn't care about political views...just politeness. She had to know that there were lots of people from the US on the ferry. If you don't have anything nice to say...don't say anything at least not NEXT to the people you're dissing! Tres rude!

We flew home EARLY on Sunday. On my flight home, there was a near air-rage incident between a Brazillian couple and our less than polite flight attendant. The people around me were all truly afraid that these people would come to blows with him. Very bizarre ending to my travels.

All that considered...It was a wonderful trip with a truly good friend. We laughed like 9th graders, ate like gourmets, stayed at a hipster hotel where the beautiful people of Vancouver hung out at night, drove like crazy tourists, and shopped like true American-dollar-toting girls!

I learned on my trip...
-that many Canadians see us as less than they are. Sort of in a snooty way. That was sad.
-that Victoria was Beautiful,
-that Vancouver was Beautiful,
- that the Opus Hotel is FABULOUS,
-that I like Parisians (the drink ironic...huh?),
-that it is easy to get run over in customs and immigration
-that the Chrysler 300M is a cool car with funky mirrors that move to make it easier to parallel park
-that my coffee order is different in Canada "Venti Half Sweet Mocha"
-that the Dixie Chicks stay at great hotels AND put on a great concert
-that the American dollar in Canada ROCKS!
-and that you can't buy a Starbucks gift card and benefit from the exchange rate when using it in the US.

And thus ends Sylvie's trip to Canada report. :)

today's coffee - Venti Mocha light on the Mocha (american order purchased with Canadian Starbucks card)
So...Here we are a week? later.

I have been working on this for almost a whole week. I am finally done transferring all the old journal to this new fancified "blog". It makes me laugh that I was hip and didn't know it. It took someone telling me I was a blogger and me inside being totally offended (thinking it was some sort of fat remark) before I understood that it was a good thing! :)

Well...I have now joined the throngs of people destined to put our lives out there for public consumption. I was already doing it, so no biggie now. I guess if anyone out there really cared about coffee I drink or if I'm manic or not or if I went to work or not...they could do a search for something like "quit biting her nails" or "can't spell Osbournes spells them as Ozbornes" or "drinks too much starbucks" and they would find me! And then they would leave..having no idea what in the world I was talking about.

I don't even know what I said in that paragraph, so they would be in good company.

So here it is...the new improved BLOG!

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

This is the new officially a "blog". Can you believe it? I have had a blog all along and didn't know it. Now it's official! So I'm re-doing some of the old stuff. Sort of a "clean slate" after all the yuck stuff I wrote about Sunday. I needed to do something new and happy. And what better way than to kick things up a notch on the journal! Still have to figure out how to make this look "me", but at least I'm started!

Coffee today? Nope
Music today? Nope in car stuff