Monday, August 09, 2004

School day 1 - complete.

Sylvie made lots of beads

Kids happy with classes

Harrison changed his name to Ethan. Apparently the teacher called roll using his first name and he said "ok" and at that moment chose not to rock the boat, but to go by his first name since the teacher used it. That's my little "pleaser". I told him to let me know which name he wants me to call him. If he wants to be be it.

I did get a lot of beads made. It was a crazy quirky day of color.

Received a shipment of something I had ordered through e-bay. It was something I was saying I was interested in selling on e-bay...I'm just wanting to avoid directly mentioning who and what I purchased.

I just have to say, that though the product received was just what I purchased and quite fine. The packaging was the absolute most atrocious (sp?) thing I have ever seen. It was a small jar (of what I ordered) wrapped in paper and postal tape sloppily then in some paper then into a USED business reply envelope which was then re-taped and stickered with return address and my address. I might have to photograph this just to show how absolutely unbelievably bad presentation it was.

I KNOW that I am so much better than this in my packaging and presentation. These people selling this product are just so so not artists, though I don't really know who would be interested in this product were they not artistic. Their photography stinks, the ad copy is ok, but this was just such a crazy way to ship (and the shipping charge was around $3.00 for FC) I would understand that if it was well packed, but for that???? Oh well. It was exactly why I ordered. I wanted to see what the potential competition was doing.


off needing some dinner. Griffin is asleep due to the no nap factor of 1st grade. Ugh. Won't be easy to wake him and he won't want to go to sleep tonight if I don't.

starbucks today! _ Iced almond latte (I'm on a kick of that I guess, but today was the last for a while due to the shakes I get from Starbucks) :(

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