Thursday, February 23, 2006

Why is it that when you're ultra ultra come up with your most creative ideas...ideas you don't have time to develop. Then when you do have the time, you're all bogged down in not being busy and you don't feel creative! Is that irony? Not sure. Wouldn't want to be Alannis Morrisette or anything singing songs about things that are supposed to be ironic when most of them are things that just were bad coincidences. Guess that woulnd't be such a good song...

"isn't it a bad coincidence...don't you rain on your wedding day." That's just not irony, even I know that!

But is the creativity thing? Does it matter if it is or is not? No.

And on a completely different note, I want to know what has happened to Jay who won project runway. I saw a special on him last night, but like life, it didn't really have an ending and i'd like to think he's off somewhere being successful, but the show was all about the struggles of launching his own line, etc. I am rooting for him wherever he is.

I was going to say no coffee today, but then I remembered I DID have Starbucks early a.m....Cinnamon Dolce Latte mmmmmm (but apparently a bit forgettable!)

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