Friday, April 09, 2004

I'm actually here.

I don't know why I haven't been as into making entries as I once was. Maybe I should just go back to the whole beginning of what I made and just keep it simple and up to date.

Maybe it's because I have basically stopped drinking starbucks! it's true. I even have a full giftcard....I've never had a FULL giftcard. They would get spent in a big big hurry. I still have one that I got from my Dad for Christmas!

I am a busy beadmaker these days.

Made little beads today (don't know how many...a few mandrels) and 3 angel faces. Must make HOH faces/feet next week.

Am officially a smaller person than last week. I weighed at the Y again today and I'm 5 lbs lighter than the last time I weighed there a few weeks ago. I have not been as diligent about going to the gym and need to get back on that too.

So...note to self...

Blog beads and gym....not court tv?? on demand movies?

Today I watched Bullets over Broadway (no good court cases on today)

Made beads

Swam 500 yards in 15 min.

Lifted 5000 lbs (not all at once! LOL)

Had chick fil a tea and m&Ms for lunch. (I had a sandwich too, but the m&m's were the best part of lunch) I like to eat the same number of calories in fluff food like candy that the gym computer says I burned today. I figure...they're free calories if I do it that way!

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