Thursday, December 08, 2005

Today's post is a rant about Christmas in particular.

The song that the "we are the world people" did about Christmas...

Do they know it's Christmas-time at all.

Well, here's my view. NO! They don't! They never did. It is not really a holiday that I expect they celebrate, so they don't know it's Christmas and why are you singing those silly lyrics?!!

"There won't be snow in Africa this Christmas time" - well, duh!

So, if it wasn't bad enough that people in the 80s (and I was one of them I guess) thought this song made sense...the Barenaked Ladies have done a remake of it!!! I thought they were witty and intelligent songwriters, but they could have done a better cover...or at least edited the stupid lyrics and put in good ones that made sense.

Every time I hear this song it makes me giggle....They don't know it's Christmas time at all.

(this has been a brief Christmas rant from me)

tea and coffee today - a big caffine day
music - Christmas (could you tell?!)
reading/listening to - The Mermaid Chair
making - small beads
buying- Christmas gifts and shoes for me

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