Thursday, December 29, 2005

I feel like I'm spinning my wheels a lot lately in my beadmaking/beading. It's frustrating and I had to vent here.

I have so many balls up in the air right now, that they are bound to all fall on my head and cause a concussion.

coffee - shouldn't have, but did - Mocha
Music - wish I had it, could use it today, but am doing office work sans ipod.

Not necessarily pertinent (sp?) here, but must say that my new favorite thing is My Name is Earl. It cracks me up over and over again. I've been Tivo-ing it so that I can watch it more than once. I have added many Joy-isms to my vocabulary, however I haven't found a way to use "boob glitter" in my every day venacular. LOL

posting number 2 from today.

Am now sure that I am certifiable. Watch out e-bay seed bead sellers, I'm on my way! After visiting a store today who told me "make sure you check out all our seed beads (and they had MAYBE 30 colors...I could be exaggerating, but I think so), I went home and counted mine.....I AM a beadstore times a gazillion! I have 24 columns 10 or more tubs high each...over 250 I'm sure, colors/sizes of seed beads in my very own basement.

So, having thought of this for a while, I went to e-bay tonight and there are only a very few people selling seed beads! wow! I had already decided to add them to my storefront as just an aside for customers who regularly shop with me to pick up a little bit extra of the colors they liked from my kits. Having seen that there is a big void in seed bead land, however, I'm taking my tiny beadies to e-bay! Am in process of photographing the 250 some-odd varieties of japanese seed beads currently residing in my basement and will soon be a bonafide online beadstore! whoa! that's scary!

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