Thursday, January 12, 2006

I hate saying "happy dance" again, but it is!

The Gap now sells Talls online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is huge, (no pun intended) I can buy a t-shirt that's long enough to tuck in!!!!! I love their jeans and their clothes, but had only been able to buy their jeans since they came in long and x-long lengths. Now I can buy shirts and jackets too.

Can you say....BIRTHDAY IDEA?!!!! Yes you can!

Someone tell my husband that I want a jacket! There's a really cute one that comes in black or white and a cute jeans jacket too! Oh my! So many good choices that will actually fit! woo hoo!!!!!

As for beads, which this is supposed to be about. I spent a good part of yesterday beading samples. Will it ever end?! Will I ever be able to MAKE the darn kits?!!

The beads are all here, but I'm trying to get samples and pics done so that I can market the kits. UGH. It's tough being a one-man show!!! Although Marie, the goddess of Beads makes it much less of a one man show than it was before. Three cheers for Marie!!!!!

coffee and tea today.
no music. forgot my headphones. :(

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