Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's wednesday and I'm thinking...

When I think too much it's usually a bad thing (says a close friend of mine). I do get a little overwhelmed and over-think sometimes and that's probably what he's referring to.

But I'm trying to decide WHAT to do this year and next... where to advertise (if I do) and what shows to I apply to teach or just do the show, etc. It's a LOT to decide and I get a little dizzy thinking about it all.

Especially when I'm doing the same stuff about buying a car! have I mentioned again how I hate buying cars???? It overwhelms me the same way. My son reminded me yesterday that choosing paint colors is the same for me... he watched me live with 15 swatches of color on my walls for quite a while before I decided! (and we laughed that now I want to change colors in the same room... he rolled his eyes knowing that the swatch painting was about to begin again!)

So... beadshows and advertising have become my new cars and paint swatches. I've got lists of them and prices and I'm trying to decide WHAT to do.

While at the same time designing projects and filling orders.

and on that note.... I need to think about that instead of blogging!

have a wonderful day everyone!

tiny blah blah blah...

no coffee no music... what is this world coming to??????

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