Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's THURSDAY already????

wow! Time is FLYING by lately!!!

And I have NOTHING exciting to talk about!! I really don't! Truly!!!

Normally I would gab on and on about nothing... but I just don't have anything silly to talk about today!

We still have no readers from Delaware... I know that's been keeping you awake at night, wondering WHEN I will be able to color in that LAST state on my US map of blog-readers...

but alas... no Delawarians love me!!! So, while you don't have anything better to do (because obviously if you're reading this nothingness, you might be a little bored) see if you know anyone in Delaware and send them a link. I have GOT to conquer my own country before I move on to world domination!!!!!!

OOOH! I DO have something to talk about!!!!!!!

I just looked, while making sure no one from Delaware snuck in at the last minute, and checked out my "keyword searches" to see what funny things are being searched for. Here is something funny (and something not)

If you refer back to June 18, 2009 where I talked about this last... (click here to go to the entry)

I talked about the top 3 searches that brought people to my site, as well as the funny ones that made me laugh. Well there have been some changes, so I thought I should update you!!!

(see? I can always find SOMETHING to talk about!!!)

The top 3 searches are now...

1. Sylvie Lansdowne Blog
2. Okay I'm Ticked Sylviebeads (still a bit scary that THIS is #2??!!! and that it moved UP from #3??????)
3. Sylvie Elise Lansdowne New Blog (it's nice that you guys were trying to find me when I was hiding out!!)

and the funny search for "ick stractor for pools" is moving up the list, as well as several variations of SPELLING for ick stractor for pools!!!!!!! I'm now being found by people who don't even know how to spell it (which I guess is pretty normal since I didn't even know what it WAS let alone how to spell it, even a month ago)

What's funny is that I TOLD you guys that once I said "ick stractor for pools" in that blog entry, it would probably cause MORE people to come to the blog looking for info on those things! I was RIGHT!!!!!! I'm now a regular stop on the journey of people looking to buy something that takes the "ick" out of their pool! Sorry folks... nothing like that here! (but if you have a nice clean pool, invite me over... I love the pool!!!)

The new and interesting search is...

Roseanna Shalloe Facebook

Who is Roseanna??? Why is she showing up on my blog as a search result??? It's the ick-stractor mystery all over again!!!" So, welcome fans of Roseanna Shalloe!!! Hopefully you are from Delaware!!!

(and I'm off to do a search for Roseanna myself. Who is she and why is she a part of my blog search results??!!!)

oh yeah... and if you're looking for anything that I'm ticked about... you're looking in the WRONG place... I'm not ticked about anything!!! Tickled maybe??? Ticked... nope.

ok... time for the tiny blah blah blah...

Chick Fil a Sweet tea instead of coffee. It's hot and I'd just worked out... coffee didn't sound good, but when I DO have coffee it will still be sponsored by this week's sponsor, Regan!!!!

NO MUSIC right now... and I need to fix that!!!! Time for some chair dancing!

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