Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Home again, Home again, Jiggity jig!

I'm back from Bead and Button!!!!! I was actually back a day ago, but I let myself "turn-off" for a full day to re-energize. It was a LONG trip, but it was great!

Quick notes, then I've got to get back to work....

1. As usual, whatever you have is NOT what people clamor for. lol I had PLENTY of Head Over Heels kits.... the ones people always complain that I don't have anymore, but what did they want???? Splish Splash and Clothesline!!!!!!

2. People love a sale. I am clearing out colors of my Halo kits because I'm re-designing the project. I've never sold so many of those kits! They had been overlooked for a while and suddenly, they're the belle of the ball! I'm not going to get the big-head and think it's because it's the best project known to mankind. I know it's just the sale.

3. I have to decide how much I want to travel and how far. Being invited to international venues is very flattering, but the logistics are difficult to figure out.

4. My customers are SO fun! Every year we spend a lot of time laughing at my booth!

5. I was brave enough to make a bead at the flame-off!!! That was a huge step for me, and was a bit trying (since I didn't bring tools or my glasses with magnifiers), BUT I successfully made a cute mermaid baby for the auction that benefits breast cancer research. (I have no clue what she sold for... hopefully she sold!)

6. I came home with more work to do than when I left! My blackboard of bossiness is about to fill up again with "to-do" lists!

that's it for now...

tiny blah blah blah
no coffee or music so far today. Sorry to disappoint. :)

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