Friday, May 28, 2010

Fairy Godmothers instead of Fairies and Mermaid Babies instead of Mermaids...

I just realized that I'm not making any of my "traditional" Sylviebead focal beads for Bead and Button (see the redhead in the title heading...that's what I'm talking about). I think I've just moved on from those and don't need to make them anymore. Not sure, but I'm thinking that's where my head must be at or I would have spent time making them for the show.

I got the Glass Bead magazine today from the Society of Glass Beadmakers and there was a whole article about various glass mermaids that are out there. Mine weren't in the article, but there were several that were similar to my "old school" mermaids... the ones I was making in 1996-2000ish and then again here and there after that. BUT my heart wasn't in it after 2000 and I guess I finally acted on that realization for this show. I don't WANT to make those mermaids anymore and I'm not going to! (unless I change my mind LOL)

SO... the mermaid babies, which I love, will be at the show and the Fairy Godmothers. I was looking at them today trying to figure out where they came from in my head (I know the mermaid babies came from an old book my mom had that had the story of the water babies. I loved the illustrations and my tiny girls sort of took on that look.)

But where did the fairy godmothers come from???

As I was making them today I had an OH MY GOSH moment and realized that they were inspired by none other than Holly Hobby... truly. Truly sad, I might add, that this bit of pop culture from my 70s childhood has rooted itself in my subconscious.

(I had a home-made version of this one... not sure who made it for me or where she is today)

But why Holly as a Fairy Godmother??? I then had to figure that out and was pleasantly surprised by the answer... it's not Disney's Cinderella's fairy godmother that I was thinking of.... it's Sleeping Beauty's!

I love love love that Disney movie, for 2 reasons... I love Aurora dancing with the prince in the forest and I love the 3 fairy godmothers who took care of her. They were so quirky funny... their battle over the cake and dress is my absolute favorite scene from the movie.

Fauna, Flora and Merryweather

So, my little fairy godmother is an homage to Flora, Fauna and Merryweather (but mostly Merryweather...she's my favorite!)

And thus concludes... why I'm making what I'm making part 1 (because I needed a break from beadmaking/bead-cleaning/kit-making/jewelry-making and thought I'd share my thoughts)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!! Back to work for me!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - a FREE Frappucino! (cinnamon dolce of course!)

music - my long mellow mix which seems to be on repeat a lot lately AND a crazy old-school dance music playlist that makes me laugh whenever I play it!

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You know I love it when you facebook about old-school dance music that reminds me of college days.

And yes. . . I did just make "facebook" into a verb.