Friday, October 22, 2010

So, I've been avoiding the blog for a few weeks... sorry.

I just haven't had anything wonderful to say. I came home after 2 totally inspiring classes/shows and was truly UN-inspired on my return.

I have SO much to do, SO much to make and my muse has disappeared. I know it's temporary, but I hate that it went on vacation right now when I need it.

Shows that are upcoming are really important for marketing purposes and I need to kick it into high gear... BUT I need to always have something new and exciting on the back burner. My burner is empty at the moment. :(

I hate for this to be a depressing posting, but I'm keeping things real and being honest about the ups AND downs of doing art as a profession. There were some SOARING times in the last few weeks... truly high points of my year.... and for every high, there has to be a bit of a low (otherwise those wouldn't be high points after all)

I'm going to the studio today with no expectations other than making something. Sometimes the good ideas appear in the middle of the mundane. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for that.

tiny blah blah blah...
coffee - I apparently need more
music - too early to tell you what I'm listening to. I'm predicting something motown-ish


CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Sylvie, I so appreciate your honesty! There are highs and lows and I've been avoiding my own blog for the same reason!

Sylvie said...

You're welcome, Holly. Sometimes I avoid talking about things here because I know there are people who read my blog that aren't really in my corner, so to speak.

BUT I started the blog as an honest look at being a studio artist... so I need to stay true to me AND the other studio artists who read the blog and probably go through the same things, but think they're alone.