Thursday, October 30, 2003

I have been absent and I don't think it's an "excused absence"

Life is just too weird right now and I don't have much to talk about otherwise. I feel I must check in every now and then since people worry about me if I don't.

I am fine...

i'm singing Gloria Gainer a lot, but sort of wish there was some amusing back up group of drag queens to keep me laughing while I sing it. This is one of those things that I know what I'm talking about even if anyone else just reads this and thinks I'm completely nuts.

My weight loss has plateau-ed for a while. I have not been in the mood to go to the gym this week....was out of town before ankle hurts....and I want to eat chocolate chip cookies...... I haven't really gained weight (maybe a lb) but I need to kick it into gear again before we get too close to Thanksgiving.

And on that note....I am going to Disney World (can you believe it?) for the week of Thanksgiving with my husband, kids, mother-in-law and sister in law. This could be a very blog inspiring week. We'll see.

The clothesline pattern needs tweaking after teaching it in MI I found some confusing things that need to be fixed before officially putting it on the web as "ta-da" buy the kit!

I'm off to work on those tweaks. :)

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