Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I'm checking in to squelch any rumors that I have been abducted by aliens or any other such gossip. I'm healthy and mostly happy...just having a roller coaster of a fall. No explanations about crazy personal stuff here...just the facts about why my beadmaking journal is so empty beadmaking.

I did teach classes in Michigan this last week and had much fun. I introduced the new project.....duh duh duh...... (big trumpet-y music) THE CLOTHES LINE!

It is ready ready ready (other than fixing a few mistakes we found in class) for advertising!!!!

I'm hoping to have it online for PURCHASE and 2 weeks!!! Just in time for your christmas shopping....snicker snicker.

Need to buy lots of seed beads....this one requires lots more of certain colors of I need to re-stock.

Ok...that's it for now other than the counting song.....

25 25 25 25 lets sing a song of 25!!!!!!!! How many is 25?

2 1/2 sizes!

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