Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good Afternoon Sylviebead Blog readers!!!

Happy STRESS FREE Thursday to you all!!!!!!

We're almost there... almost to the weekend!!! WOO HOO!! My weekend will be filled with beadmaking, swimming pool lounging and fun nights OUT! woo hoo (I said that once didn't I??)

I have worked HARD this week on all sorts of bead-related stuff, as well as some work at my not-so-busy office job. (I wish it was busier there, but luckily, it's letting me have some bead-time to kick things off again).

I have orders to work on for Bead and Button customers. I have tons of paper-work kinds of stuff and I've been working until the wee-hours every night/morning on the website. You can't TELL I've been working on it because it's mostly behind the scenes stuff, but I have.

I've also got to get myself focused on doing teaching proposals. I've already mentioned this to some of you, but this is something that totally intimidates me.... applying to teach at big venues. It's not that I don't think I can DO it... it's just that the process is very intimidating to me... the same way that juried shows are. I have absolutely no qualms about sending a store a teaching proposal... especially if they've ASKED for one, but for some reason, doing these forms, applying to teach at a place like Bead and Button really intimidates me. Silly,huh?

Thank you to those of you who are strongly nudging me to do this! I need it.

In other bloggy news... we still need Delaware. What is it with those people???? Don't they love me like the other states do????

I always check out my stats... at least once a week to see how people are getting to the blog (evidently it's NOT through the Delaware Loves Sylvie site)... to see what other places have links to my blog... what people search for when they're looking for my blog... what CRAZY words people search for then come to my blog... Some of them are pretty normal... some are NOT normal at all!!!

Here are some examples... some normal... some interesting...

The top 3 searches....

1. Sylviebeads (obvious)
2. Seed Beads Sylvie Lansdowne (makes sense)
3. okay I'm so ticked Sylviebeads (I'm not even going to ask.... yikes! And it's in the top 3 searches???)

Then there are a bunch of variations on the normal things having to do with me... my name, my blog name, my old blog, my new blog, my projects, beadmaking, classes, etc.

but THEN we get to the funny crazy ones...

Planet Smoothie Shagadelic Recipe (I think it's funny that they - MORE THAN ONE actually came here and read several pages looking for a recipe... poor lost people!)

Discontinued Barnes and Noble Turquoise Journals (huh???? and why did SEVERAL PEOPLE think I'd have them??!!)

Kroger Whimsical Whoopies (I've mentioned this one before... it makes me laugh)

but this one is my favorite.....

"you like me, you want to kiss me" Miss Congeniality (see? very funny!!)

but the winner in the WEIRD searches that found my page.....

the craziest search of the week... maybe the craziest search of all time...

"Ick Stractor for Pools"

HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is an Ick Stractor???? And WHY am I listed as a search item for those words??? I went and googled it myself and I didn't see my page listed for at LEAST the first 50 entries.... I didn't have time to go the 4,000 pages or so of results... so how did these people find my page with those words??? And WHY!???!!!

I'll keep you posted on any future silly searches. It's necessary to keep up with the other sites that are linking to my blog, but it's an added bonus to get this funny (and interesting) info that the stat site provides!

NOW that I've actually said those words in a sentence though... I'll probably be the TOP entry for those ick stractors and people will be coming here demanding that I sell them!!! (ooh! but maybe they're from Delaware!!!!!!!!)

ok... enough silliness... time for the tiny blah blah blah... Have a great Thursday everyone!!

coffee - nope. I'm on a chick-fil-a tea thing. It's hot here.

music - nope... but I did have to buy a new credit card machine! (and that makes sense to some of you)

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