Friday, October 28, 2011

Re-packaging the artist

I had a fabulous weekend in Maine both in classes AND talking business with my great friend, owner of The Beadin' Path in Maine, savvy business woman and designer extraordinaire, Heather DeSimone.  I love having someone who GETS what I do available for great conversation... someone I can talk REAL business with and bounce ideas off of.  What we do is similar in that we're in the same industry, but different in that we have totally different parts of that industry, so it makes for great outside insight, but from a perspective of someone who shares the same sorts of customers.  I have no idea if that made any sense at all, but what it boils down to is...  it was a GREAT weekend of classes AND conversation!

I came home re-thinking a lot about what I do... fresh approaches, fresh markets and over-all refreshing of what I've already got.  One thing that needed refreshing is ME.  It's been FOR-EV-ER since I got my hair done... really done... made funky and fun and artsy and my clothes need a little "lift" as well... BESIDES the fact that I have none of my own jewelry... I REALLY need that (but that will have to wait!).  The packaging of the artist is sometimes as important as the art itself... and I need some re-packaging.  I'm looking forward to a "new" me via the hair salon arriving some time next week.... just in time for shows and classes rounding out the year.

ok... back to work on Head Over Heels Zombie Girl.  I know some of you are DYING for me to finish.  I'm on my least favorite part... legs.  I HOPE to get the 2nd one finished today then all I'll have to do is assembly, embellishment, a little direction tweaking (although I did most of that already) and photography.... just a little to do.  ;)

Happy Weekend ya'll!!

and p.s. this is October 28th and there has still been no word from Bead and Button... everyone else I know that applied to teach and was accepted heard weeks ago, so it doesn't look like i made the cut, although they said "teachers that are accepted will know by October 31st"  Again, doesn't look good... and I'm bummed, but not going to waste a whole blog posting on it... please don't start letter writing campaign (ha!) until I officially say "no go on the B&B thing" but I promise I won't waste blog space whining about it.... ok, maybe a little.

tiny blah blah blah...

music - nope.  Project Runway and Accessory are keeping me company while I bead

coffee - YES!  Coupon for Starbucks!!  woot!!!

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