Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Huey Lewis inspired this post.... and Nancy Reagan

I have that song "Want a New Drug" in my head this morning... not because I need a drug, but because of his whole attitude.... he needs a complete change... but also wants to remember how it feels when he's with the girl(do we know the sex of the person he's singing to?) he digs.

My take on it is this... I don't need a drug or a person, but I want to feel the same way about my beadwork as I used to... I want to feel proud of it and excited and I want others to feel that way too.

Thing is... the projects I've felt that way about in the last year OTHER people haven't been as enthusiastic about.  So, I'm wondering what the "new drug" is going to be that turns things around for me so that I can dig what I'm doing, but can also make something that other people dig as much as I do.

What is that???  No clue.  This morning I started wondering if that "new drug" is swarovski crystal.  Seems like everything that everyone else is being successful with has crystal crystal crystal OUT THE WAZOO!!!!  So... do I need to skip the lampwork and glitz it up???

Would my mom say "just because everyone ELSE is jumping off a bridge, (using swarovski crystals) doesn't mean you should!!"

Should I go the Nancy Reagan route and "Just Say NO!" or should I sell out and become a sparkle-ho just because it would sell better??????????  (and for the record, I'm not calling other designers who use crystals ho's.... seriously!  I'm just saying it's never been my aesthetic, so I would be compromising MY aesthetics if I did that... that's what I mean)

Very frustrated, and it's probably because I just got that dreaded rejection letter from Bead and Button... wondering if I'd sent them a box of crystal-encrusted beadwork if I'd be in the same mood.

Sorry for the debbie-downer posting today.  That's just how I'm seeing things today.

more coffee needed....  drug of choice.
music - switching from Huey to something else!

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