Thursday, January 05, 2012

Back in the saddle...

Back in the studio today... for reals.

It wasn't a long day because, as I told my followers on Facebook yesterday, my hands are NOT wanting to cooperate.  Of course, they wait until right before Tucson to do this... but that's part of WHY they do this.... stress and anxiety.

My hands shook for almost a year from 2005 to late 2006 and then almost overnight they quit.  Looking back, I see that I was under a lot of stress and much of it was below the surface... I didn't know I was stressed and anxious till I wasn't.  Sure, we all have stuff, but mine comes out in my hands.... which is OH so helpful since my hands are how I make a living.

Anyways... I was back in the studio for a couple of hours today and it was almost funny... whenever I was singing along with a song, the tremors would almost disappear... but then inexplicably, on the next song, they'd be back.  (apparently the Black Eyed Peas are not calming, but Cee Lo Greene and Usher are... and I wasn't even singing along with Usher!)

Tomorrow will be another stab at getting back to normal.  Blackboard of Bossiness is up, but today I erased it and just wrote "chill"  I needed that.

Thank you to all the people who told me they were praying for my hands.  Seemed like such a funny thing to ask for, but I know that it helped.... it helped to calm me down more than anything.

back to work (on non-torchy stuff... seems like there is MORE of that to do between now and Tucson than ever!  But that might be because someone INSANE (me) signed up to do TWO shows!!!  aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!)

coffee - oh yeah and it was GOOD and it was paid for by my other blog... and that just ROCKS!
music - my "Groove Tunes - extended version" which has TONS of songs that make you wanna dance (which is hard when you're working with fire, but somehow I manage)


Nancy said...

Could the coffee be contributing to the hand shakes? Just saying? 8(

sue said...

Try Adele!

Sylvie said...


It's always a possibility, but I've had the same amount of coffee every other day or so (I only have one cup and I don't do it every day since Starbucks is so $$) and I haven't had
any tremors since February 2007. There is a direct correlation between stress and the tremors that several people have noticed, as well as an issue of medication that could be the cause. (but I WILL watch the coffee intake!)

Sue, I LOVE Adele! She wasn't on this playlist... but some of her songs might mix in... Rumor Has it would really fit. Adjusting playlist next time I'm on! (but I love her slow stuff too!)