Thursday, January 19, 2012

Flower Power

My studio days lately have been flower after flower after flower. I'm prepping for my two Tucson shows and the kits I'm replenishing need flower beads... And lots of them. Luckily, my color schemes go from project to project, so I can make lots of the same colors and divide them between projects as needed.

At the same time that it's lucky that they are all the same flower... It's horrible! I'm going batty making the same thing day after day, BUT my hands are cooperating and I'm able to make flowers, so I'm being grateful in my frustration.

As a reward for the production, I've been letting myself make one or two of my "Unfortunate Pets" at the end of the day...when there's time.

My stringer control still isn't all the way there, but it's getting better. You can't see the whiskers on these guys so you can't tell how shaky I was on a couple of them, but here are a few (in the background you see a few of the hundreds of spacer beads I'm making too)

Back to work!!

Coffee- oh yeah... CDL thanks to blog readers
Music- not sure yet, but probably something to sing along with!

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