Friday, October 19, 2012

Package full of Feathers

I just opened a box from a supplier and it's filled with..... FEATHERS!!!!!!!!!

(not loose flying around ones... they're all contained and in pretty packages)

I cannot WAIT to play with them.  They're part of some mixed media stuff I've been doing for art shows.  I'm putting things together for my Chastain Park (Atlanta, GA) show, which is the first weekend in November, BUT as it usually is... whenever I want to play and create, there are other busy-work things that have to be done first.

This week it's making the kits.... LOTS of kits.  I'm getting ready for my classes in California next week at Creative Castle   I'm teaching 3 classes and one of them is the PREMIERE of a project... my Steel Magnolia bracelet.  It's one of the classes I'll be teaching at Bead and Button in June 2013, but THIS is the first time ANYONE will get to make one of these stunning bracelets for themselves.

I've had a lot of fun creating the color palettes for this.... I have to whittle down the choices, which is really hard for me, but I want to offer a mix of neutrals and brights.  Right now, the neutrals are winning with FOUR kits (I'm counting the blue as a neutral... even though it's not REALLY... it's just super mellow and not "me"... but the brights are super pretty.  SOMETHING has to go.... we'll see what the CA girls have to say.  They have great taste!!!

Anyways.... I have this box of BEAUTIFUL feathers and I can't play with them.  :(

I'll have to wait till I'm back from CA to delve into the box of pretties!

Happy Weekend!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - nope... Dr. Pepper (I'm saving my coffee run for tonight.  It seems like a good night to hang out at Starbucks and chat with friends)

music - nope.... Project Runway finale on-demand..... maybe a chick flick to follow.


j said...

Can't play with the feathers? Don't let it get you down.

j said...
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