Friday, August 01, 2003

I just have to add this...

the guy who is the host on QVC coming up next is scary! He's like psycho friend of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" like if they had 6 guys instead of 5 and one of them was a homeshopping network guy who would wander in and say "hurry...operators are standing by" while they cleaned out the guy's frig.

Right now he's selling blender/juicers...selling them like he totally relates to every Indiana Housewife and how her life will be much easier if there were an easy-slicing pineapple slicer.....

(i am not kidding this is the product on right now)

And here's a rotating blade food chopper that "actually uses your own hand to do the chopping" Isn't that a knife?????

I truly love QVC...not kidding here....there are some wonderful things on QVC, like fake diamonds! But this guy is AWFUL and watching him is I must end this and change the channel!

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