Friday, August 22, 2003

not much news here...

working working working working on tweaking the new pattern and working on color-ways for the new kits. I am trying really really hard to limit it to just a few color schemes...BUT I CAN'T! I'm addicted to color, so it's just hard to say no!

In other not so exciting news...I have been working out at the gym EVERY day except 3 days during the last 3 weeks. I couldn't work out today due to my stupid ankle needing a day off from treadmill and anything that could cause it I was going to swim and do aqua aerobics...and THE POOL WAS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!! argh!!!!! So...I decided today would be my 3rd day off from working out.

I'm not happy about it...especially since I was not the best nutrition girl yesterday. I will have to do better today to make up for lack of exercise. (does this even sound like me?!!! ugh! I am not loving being healthy-girl...but it's necessary)

starbucks - I wish! I'm just not loving "skinny lattes" lately. And I'm only indulging in REAL starbucks once a week...used that one already. :(

watching -Court TV (I'm lame...I know)

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