Sunday, August 24, 2003

I've been working ALL weekend on diagrams for the tiny sweater (hint hint part of clothes line) and I finished!!!! Today I'm cleaning house..already been to walmart...and doing laundry.

My life is all too exciting lately.

Some readers might wonder...why all the cleaning all of a sudden. That is my life so that I can hire a housekeeper. Isn't that bad??? That I have to get my house to a point that I can even HAVE a housekeeper?'s bad.

I've just had to focus lately, for personal reasons, on things other than my beads. I can't tell you I'm happy about it. I can't say, it's who I am or wish to be...a house-wife-type person who doesn't do anything but maintain a home and my kids and self...without any other activities...but that's where I need to be right now. Maybe some day I'll figure out how to balance it. I know that other people do...but I have never been someone who can do IT ALL. I can be super in one area if I let the other areas go. I've been letting the house "go" for too long and for the benefit of those who live with needs to be the priority for the moment.

I've also let me (the physical me) "go" for a long time, so I'm concentrating on that too.

My schedule is no longer...get up, make beads, be mom, do beadwork, eat and sleep (with other breaks for chocolate consumption in there).

Now it is...
Get up (way earlier than I ever have)
Drink Slimfast
Go to bus stop where evil subdivision superior moms are...wait for bus feeling quite inferior because of one snotty mom
Go to YMCA (think terrible thoughts of evil snotty bus stop mom on the way)
Walk on Treadmill for 30 min.
Do Aqua Aerobics or Lift Weights 45 min.
Go home...clean, organize MAYBE work on computer for bead things for a while (no torch time)
eat tiny lunch
Meet boys at bus stop...evil mom is not there after school (not sure why she comes in the a.m., but allows her kids to walk home in the afternoon...maybe it's just to torture me)
Go home and be mom...homework, snacks, cards with Griff, referee...
Be chef Sylvie and make something that everyone will sort of eat
Clean or do laundry
Watch Baseball
Go to sleep

Not nearly as self-oriented as it used to be, which is good. Not nearly ENOUGH of self...which is bad. now depressed at lack of life.

off to do computer bead work...

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