Monday, September 15, 2003

I am alive...I guess that's obvious since I'm here and typing.

My life has been non-journal-y lately. Not that it's's just not journal material...not that any of my days are really that newsworthy :)

I'm home after teaching a 2 day class in Atlanta AND taking a trip to Disney over the weekend. That's a story in itself...we tricked the kids, didn't tell them where we were going...acted like we were running late for school then hurried them into the car, headed for the school and "missed the turn" spent the next 7 1/2 hours trying to find our way!!! The boys were totally confused when there were suddenly palm trees. They really didn't know what was going on until we drove in the gates of Disney World...then they still weren't sure that it wasn't a trick.

It was a great trip. The parks were very empty which meant we could do a lot in less time and enjoy the pool at the Polynesian!

So...before that...the class. I taught the new class (yes THE new class) for the first time here in Atlanta. Everyone really loved it, so that was a good good indication that I made something FUN to do!

So now, I'm putting kits together, making samples and finesse-ing the pattern after finding a few snafoos while teaching it (that's why I teach in Atlanta FIRST before going somewhere else and having strangers find my mistakes!)

BEFORE that....I had a complete computer melt-down and was fearing that my whole hard drive on the non-mac computer had been completely trashed.

After paying a LOT LOT LOT of money, they were able to restore data onto a new harddrive. No...I didn't have a shoot me! I will now! I had my new pattern in the computer complete with all it's diagrams which took me ALL summer! So, it was worth the $, but I wish I hadn't had to pay it!

I'm blabbing here, so I'm going to finish up.

I have had 2 starbucks drinks lately and I think I'm no longer hooked! Can you believe it???? I'm not kidding. 2 mochas in a row and I'm just not into them. Might be that I'm not having as many sweets, so they taste TOO rich??? I'm not sure.

On the diet and excercize front...I have now lost 16 lbs!!!! In addition, a full size and maybe a size and a half. Things are all not fitting right, so I look a little crazy...either too tight or too loose...I need to work a little harder to get down to that next size so that this won't be an issue any longer.

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