Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I'm writing with my hands covered in paint. I have been painting test swatches for the past 3 days!!! I'm too picky. My house has all the furniture in the living room YET I continue to hold up moving it back because I'm putzing around "watching paint dry"

I now have a new studio...It's official. The shelving is up, the desk is there, the torch is set up. Everything is a big mess, but that's about how it was before. I want it all in place SOON! Will have to get past this paint indecision to get that done!

Watching Court TV...the Peterson case is quite interesting. I am addicted to court tv.

watched the Trading Spaces "they hated it" yesterday. They all had a reason to hate it. Those were horrible rooms....but someone could walk into my house and say that too!

caffine today? STARBUCKS! I had a grande light mocha mocha.

I have not been to the gym for the past week and a half and i'm actually bummed about it. That is the most unbelievable sentence I've ever logged here...yet it's true.

I have maintained the weight loss, but have not lost more due to sedentary (sp?) week.

Off to watch paint dry....

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