Monday, September 01, 2003

La La Monday Monday...

Very Very happy about my shopping excursion yesterday...Had 50% off coupon for markdowns at Parisians in Atlanta. Went thinkinng...we'll see what there is...there's usually only one or two decent things left when it's this marked down...but I'll check.

BA BING! I found 4 (count them 4!!!) Sigrid Olsen Sweaters marked down on the rack!!! say...50% off of Sigrid Olsen...which are usually $120-$195 and up per sweater...Even marked down and with a coupon...can't be that cheap.



They were marked down 75%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I got to use my 50% off coupon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so happy I wanted to kiss the czechloslovakian (I probably have offended Czechs with my mis-spelling of their country) sales woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So...I bought 4 Sigrid Olsen sweaters PLUS 5 tee shirts which with my coupon ended up almost Canadian cheap! They almost had to pay me for them. I think they were less than $2 each!!!!!!!!!! They will become beadmaking shirts should I ever get to make beads again...(not looking real good right now)

In other exciting news...I have officially lost one size in clothes!!!!!!!!!!!

I am just a happy camper today!

I must go out and forrage for more good deals....Maybe Starbucks is having a Labor Day Sale!

Wishing you many bargains...

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