Friday, September 26, 2003

I'm taking a moment to write and say I exist. I do...I think I do anyways...currently I am burried in the middle of my living room under all of our posessions. We re-floored the entire house this week, so all our belongings have moved from room to room as the process went the floors are finished (well almost) and now EVERYTHING is in the living room! My other rooms look like the "let's clear the room" pictures on Trading Spaces.

While my life is in chaos, I think I'll paint!

I'm am also finishing the moving of my studio (didn't we do this already???) from one area of the basement to another. I am installing an organized shelving thingy so that I will have the appearance of normality if nothing else. The only bad thing about the new room is that I already painted this room (just a few months ago) for Rob's it's khaki!!! Khakki is NOT a good color for my studio...but it's done...I really really don't want to paint another room than I'm already going to have to paint...but I just can't live with khaki!!!! to work on finding my shoes in this craziness.

starbucks today...still seems way too sweet
lbs lost - 15
inches lost (this always is bizaare because you lump them all into one figure) 9-12 (hips waist bust...didn't measure feet, legs, arms, fingers, neck, head) :)

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