Friday, July 23, 2004

Dear Blog,

This has absolutely nothing to do with beads or beadmaking, but I must voice my feelings somewhere and this is it.

My radio station has changed. In one day they went from classic rock to a new format of mixed alternative/today and some David Bowie and Clapton. This is not classic rock. How will I continue to teach my children what is right and wrong with music? Yes, many of their programming choices are good, but they have fired my DJ's and hired a computer. And worse...they named it a cheezy name Dave FM!

I have listened to some of these DJs since I was in high school! This is too much change for me. I don't like it one bit....ok only one little bit where they played John Mayer, but that was only a tiny bit.

Please let me wake up and find that this was only a dream or a bad April fools joke or something. Let me wake up to a morning DJ not a computer.

I will not be able to listen to the 5:00 whistle today, which has happened every Friday afternoon since before 1984 (the earliest that I remember listening to it) Is radio dead? Am I doomed to getting satellite radio? Will satellite have a 5:00 whistle? I think not. :(

Video killed the radio star? No, big corporate media conglomorate (sp?) killed the radio station.

waxing sentimental,


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