Tuesday, July 06, 2004

spent the holiday weekend sick...allergies hit and turned into icky sinus stuff. Makes it hard to make beads when you can't breathe!

I did go back into the studio yesterday to get more beads made for bundles. I'm desperate to have enough to sell on e-bay again. I need to have enough stock to do that though. I seem to have a ton of beads...none of them work together. :(

Hopefully, after at least another 2 days or so, I'll have enough colors to make SOMETHING to sell. Need to sell. Time to make some money.

Hating the relation of money to beads right now. I am just telling myself that my "job" right now is a beadmaker and making little beads is just a job...not an art form for me. There are those whose small beads are art. I just don't view mine that way. My heart and soul are not in those beads.

I'm wanting to have the freedom to make whatever I want without having the monetary factor in there. I really really would like to spend more time doing one of a kind mixed media sculptures, but for now, that's just not happening.

ok...off to do other work stuff (not even bead work stuff)

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