Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I should be here saying important life-changing/affirming things.

I'm not.

I have absolutely nothing of real importance to say, so instead I'll go back to what I used to do and just say what I made today.

Today I made beads. I spent the morning playing with techniques that I learned from Michael Barley last year, interpreted with a Sylvie-esque spin (can't really say what that is other than the fact that they don't look like Michaels! LOL) I made a series of beads...not trying to make any 2 the same...this is a BIG deal for me! I love matching things, so this was really living on the edge.

I later came back to the studio and made some smaller more monotonous e-bay esque dot beads. Played with color to make it more interesting. THEN found out that I'm down to relatively NO oxygen and Rob is leaving out of town early a.m. I thought I had a back up tank, but turns out...this WAS the backup tank!!!!

I immediately began planning a weekend alone WITH NO OXY! Can you believe it? I have a whole weekend to make beads in peace and NO OXYGEN!!!!!!!! I'm a little frustrated with myself for getting in this predicament. Guess I'll paint the house instead. :(

Not happy about this at all. In fact starting to really pout about it.

In other things...I want a mac pro shop here! I just saw a bunch of stuff on e-bay that came from can make your own eyeshadow colors, etc. I wanna do this! Guess I'm trying to do something else since I can't make beads.

I'm bummed bummed bummed.

Can you say "going to buy a concentrator?????" I thought you could. :)

no starbucks

(been really really off of it lately. No starbucks = no shaking hands)

Chik fil A tea and 2 dunkin donuts. Breakfast of Champions.

Swam 800 yds in 30 minutes...thus negating the donuts (sort of)

no weight gained, nor lost

court tv viewing in studio - stupid but true

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