Thursday, July 29, 2004

Here we go....

Sort of lots to talk about, but nothing really important (like there is usually something important here?)

1st...I want a Mac Pro store in Atlanta. Why? I don't know, I just don't like NOT having something that other cities have! I want to play with the Mac pro pigments and they don't sell them here! Why do I care about these makeup items when I hardly EVER wear lots of makeup? Because like playing with glass colors, playing with makeup colors is really fun for me. These pigments can be mixed into lipgloss/lipstick/eyeshadow, moisturizer, NAIL polish....the list goes on. I'm just fascinated by the thought of mixing my own colors! Bring the Mac pro store to Atlanta...pleeeeeeeeeeease!

I priced last night the following options...

Paying for Rob's next semester of college
Buying 4 pairs of Stuart Weitzman boots (I don't really need 4, but it's a math comparison here)
Flying last minute to the Gathering in Portland
Flying to NY or LA to buy MAC
Buying an Oxygen Concentrator (or 2)

All of these options add up to pretty much the same figure. I see, looking at the list, that only ONE of these does not directly offer any benefit to me. Sure, I can hope that there would be future income based on the tuition, but no guarantees. I would not gain any real happiness by having Rob go to school. HOWEVER, buying shoes or makeup would be a happy thing. Buying an oxygen concentrator would directly benefit the income making ability...since right now I'm out of oxy and Rob is out of town, so I'm stuck w/out oxy until MONDAY! Finally, the Gathering would be a happy-ish thing. If not happy, at least educational.

I've pretty much narrowed my choices down to oxygen concentrator, boots and tuition...for various reasons....Hmmmmmm what to do?!

I'm going to spend my non-beadmaking weekend beading. I'm really wanting to play a bit with creating something new and I need to finish up a couple of samples, so that will be the real alone time accomplishment of the weekend.

I have ordered a new photo setup. It was expensive, but I spend SO much time trying to get photos to look good that I decided that the $ spent would be worth it. I hope so.

Ok...this whole entry has been about shopping. Hmmmmmmmm. With Nordstrom having a sale this weekend, that might be a BIG temptation.....I hear shoes calling. People go bid on my auctions I want some boots!!!!!


did my workout today with the evil piece of equipment which looks so UN-evil. Beware the exerball! Really a good core workout, but OUCH!

off to find food (funny that the food thing came after talking about exercise?!

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