Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dinners with Marcy,

I'm off task with my "all requests August" (not that you all have given requests anyways!!) and I'm going to talk about something I feel like talking about today (doesn't that always happen though?)

I had dinner with my friend Marcy last night. Lots of people in bead world know her as Studio Marcy. I'm lucky to know her as my friend....and I'm even LUCKIER that my friend lives so close and we get to have dinner together now and then.

I absolutely adore Marcy and she is one of the smartest chicks I know. Her beads are totally whimsical and fun... but there is a very thoughtful, insightful side to her that I truly admire and value. I think that side of her is sneaking to the surface in her new work...which is absolutely beautiful. (click here to go check it out!!)

SO... this is a public "shout-out" to my friend. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR INSIGHT AND INSPIRATION!!! (and for letting me be the dessert chooser last night) You are the BEST!

tiny blah blah blah...

no coffee today.

no music either... my ipod wasn't charged when I went to the studio... bummer! I had songs that were stuck in my head... like YMCA and Weezer's Beverly Hills.... but I don't think those count.

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Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Aw thanks Sylvie, you're wonderful- as a friend and just being you. You made my day.