Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I should be blogging regularly.

I should have things to blog about.

I don't.

I wish I did, but I don't.

You come here looking for me to say SOMETHING interesting I guess, but I just don't have anything artsy to talk about this week. Sorry!!!!

It's the end of the summer vacation and it's been all about kid stuff lately.... school supplies, back to school clothes, having fun.... stuff like that... not beady at all!!!

BUT things will be very beady in a week and I will do my BEST to keep you informed of every little beady thing. :)

OOOH! I do have a beady thing for today! I got Barbara Becker Simon's new book!!! It's gorgeous and TEMPTING! After watching her demo at the Gathering, I was definitely lured into the evil land of PMC (precious metal clay) Teaching the creativity workshop to the PMC gang on facebook isn't helping anything either! I'm wanting to play with this stuff.... to see how it would work in my mixed media pieces. SO very tempting.... thank you evil Barbara Becker Simon!!!!! ;D

coffee - a latte at Barnes and Noble. I haven't had Starbucks for a while.... working at home changes the pattern of the mornings.... and working out does too. I don't want a latte before I work out (duh) and afterwards, I'm too hyped for coffee.... so we'll see how things develop on the Starbucks front. I'll keep you posted.

music - I SO wish I could find my old ipod. It's really starting to bug me. I can't IMAGINE that it was stolen out of my car.... I don't remember leaving my car unlocked EVER, but that's the last place I remember having it. Maybe the squirrels stole it when they broke in!!! (yes... a squirrel broke into my car... sad but true... THAT is what seems to be the problem with my van...the reason I thought it was about to break down... the reason I was hurrying to trade it in... too late... utter break down and apparently it's caused by...squirrel damage! Totally unbelievable. Waiting for the scary grand-total from the car dealership now...and then to begin dealing with insurance to find out what they're going to cover and not cover with this incident of "animal vandalism") See? This is the kind of stuff I've been busy with this summer!!!!


Regan said...

I want to hear how you got into beads! I'd love to see that post. (there may be an old one about it I never saw, but thought I'd throw that topic out there!)

Sylvie said...

there probably is an OLD one somewhere, but we'll revisit the topic. :)