Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So... it's a night-time post again. That might be how things end up on my blog from now on.

If I'm concentrating on beady/beading/glass things during the day and away from the computer... computer time will be at night when the house is quiet.

Today was about being mom to sick kids again. They seem to be a day apart in working their way through this crud. I totally feel for them since I had it last week. I felt like a truck ran over me for 4 days, so I know what they're going through!! (and I didn't run a fever... so I know they probably feel worse than I did). Sounds like lots of their friends have it too. :(

Hopefully it will disappear from my house FAST! I need some well kids!!

Because I need to get more work done!!!!!!

and I need to buy a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have prospects. I have a loan. I have no trade-in because my van is totally worthless now... but I WILL find something to drive before next week. I have to! I can't keep renting a car forever!!!

I think everyone will giggle when they see my new "ride" if I end up with the one I've been looking at. I don't think anyone would have predicted this as my car. (I'll post pictures once I actually own something!)

ok... that's it for today. It was not a beady day!

tiny blah blah blah

music - Chris Tomlin's Sing Sing Sing has been in my head all day and I keep re-playing the Youtube version... even though it's not as good as Kyle and the guys at CCB

no coffee - I haven't had starbucks since Sunday. It's mostly a Sunday thing now (shocked?)

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