Thursday, August 06, 2009


It had SO better be stress-free or I'm gonna have to wave my sparkly magic wand and kick some butt!!! (not exactly sure how I would go about kicking stress in the butt, so let's just hope I don't have to figure out a way!)

I spent a lot of time yesterday afternooon at the pool talking with friends (what does this have to do with beads???... I'll get to that!) about life and stuff and... my blog (ta da! back on topic) We were talking about who reads it and why (which I still can't figure out) and how it definitely is a tool for my keeping in touch with my customers... but it's a bonus that I get to keep in touch with friends and family this way too.

WELL... one of my readers (hi reader!) is NOT a customer or a beady person, but is a friend who I haven't known all that long and doesn't know the history of my beady life. She commented yesterday leaving a "request" and that sort of made me laugh. I wondered... what would the requests be if others of you picked topics, SO....

It's SUPER STRESS FREE ALL REQUEST MONTH!!!! woo hoo!!!! (are you just way too excited???)

Here's how it works.... YOU leave comments about topics you want me to talk about and as long as they don't fall into the category that I've told you I'm NOT going to talk about (which is my personal life... family, ex-family, dating/relationships, what-not) I'll talk about what you want me to!!!

SO... you want to talk about Art History? Cool! Have a lesson on pixie dust? Cool!

Need to know all my secrets to making tiny faces? Cool!

Curious who my favorite beadmakers are?? Cool!

Want to know if Delaware has joined the readers or any other fascinating info about my google statistics? Cool!

Can't stand not knowing what I do on a friday night (NOT COOL! gotcha!)

Want to talk about my favorite 80s music?? Cool!

Want to get crazy and talk about art vs. craft? (risky stuff, but ok. I can do that too.)

You make the call!!! And if I don't get requests.... well, then Regan gets her way and I drone on about how I got into beads and bore you to tears! ;)

so... Happy Stress Free Thursday to all of you! Put your thinking caps on and give me your best stuff!!!

off to find coffee and music!


rosebud101 said...

Tell me about your life in seed beads! Now that will be a challenge!

Sylvie said...


Explain... this sounds intriguing! You want to know about how I got into seed beads? You want to know how many seed beads I have? You want me to use seed-beads as an analogy for my life???? I'm confused (but that's not a surprise)

Please clarify so that I might grant your wish! :)