Monday, April 26, 2010

Honey... I'm home!!!!

OK, I realize I haven't been very diligent about blogging lately. I guess I'm just so focused on getting my studio work done that I haven't been checking in here to report on what I'm doing.

SO, here's what you missed...

The chalkboard in the studio is boss. It has the "to-do" list for Bead and Button and I'm working my way through the list. The only exception is Splish Splash beads. They're on "the list" but I've only attempted one so far and it wasn't good. SO we'll see if they stay on the list or not! I didn't take any to B&B last year and had lots of requests for them, so I really WANT to have them... it's just a matter of whether my hands want to make them or not.

You also missed my May classes being canceled. I'm not going to go into the details here, but I'm not a happy camper.

BUT I believe there is a reason for everything and sometimes we don't see that reason till much later, if at all. I'm not going to get bogged down and worry about it... I'm just focusing on the next big thing which is Bead and Button. I'm working hard to be ready as early as possible. I will have 1 new project, 1 re-vamped project, and 1 out-of-retirement for one week only project! That's going to be a LOT of kits when it comes down to it and I will be really happy when it all comes together!

ok... lots to do, no more blogging!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - YES!

music - 80s playlist (I was going to blog about the playlist... maybe I'll do that another time. It has lots of funny stories that go along with it. I smiled and "danced" through the whole thing!)

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