Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Monday!!

And it really is! It's freezing, but it FEELS like Christmas and I'm loving it!

I'm going to venture into the tundra that is my studio in a bit and start making the list of what needs to be made for Tucson. I need to have the same organizational plan going in that I did for Bead and Button. It's a different crowd, so the inventory plan will be different, but I still need a PLAN.

After that, the "blackboard of bossiness" can track my progress and I'll hopefully be ready with a full table of beads by January 30th!

Hope you are having a happy Monday and are ready to "smash it" (as my friend Rashan says.) I am!!! So, ugg boots on, sweaters layered, time to head to the studio and get busy!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

music - radio
coffee - Keurig (hoping for Starbucks giftcards for Christmas!)

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