Friday, December 17, 2010

Today is going to be crazy!

Sooooooo many different things to do... Not busy crazy, but dis-jointed crazy!

I'm starting in the studio because I need to keep some consistency in there working on "the list on the. Blackboard". I set up the new torch the other day so that I can get used to it. It's sweeeeeeeeeet! (thank you GTT, Flametree and voters!!!)

Next hat im wearing is shipping... I really need an assistant again. I'm so bad at this part. I have things that HAVE to go out today. I'm hoping the self-serve line at the PO isn't too bad (wishful thinking)

I have to wear the mom hat, making sure my kids do everything they need to before going away for the weekend. This is always a challenge. I've tried to give them responsibility for this, but there is always second-guessing by me of wardrobe choices...did they get schoolwork, etc. (honestly, I've Pretty much stepped out of the wardrobe department. They are so opinionated about their clothes these days. If they choose to take shorts for 30 degree weather, I can squawk, but it probably won't change what they pack.

Next I have to wrap presents for the party tonight. I'm going the gift bag route because there are odd shaped items and it's low effort!!!

I have to make myself look fabulous for my night out with the girls. Fabulous takes time (and glitter). To me, it's much more complicated getting dressed for a girls night out than it is for a date! Girls appreciate the clothes and makeup way more....and it's fun to be over the top glamorous for a night!

Lastly, I have to let my hair down and have fun! That part is easy!!

Hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend! (I will be Christmas partying the weekend away...I have one tomorrow night too!)

Coffee- yes! I needed a cinnamon dolce latte to jumpstart this busy day!
Music - I'm about to play pandora's Otis Redding's a great one!

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