Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Tuesday Blog-world!

Today begins the OFFICIAL countdown for the Girls Gone Mild annual Christmas Soiree. I know I know I know... you all don't care. My mom has told me this. And you know what???? I don't care!!! This is my blog and today I will talk about my favorite day of the year.... The GGM Christmas Party!!!

If you've been with me the last few years, you KNOW that I'm obnoxiously excited about this occasion each year. My very best friends and I get together for our own Christmas celebration... to celebrate another year past, an exciting year ahead and that our friendships have stood the test of time. I mean... how many people have the same best friends they've had since the age of 13??!! We have! (plus add one that we've been friends with since our 20s that we couldn't live without!) And it's this friendship we celebrate!

Drinks at "our" bar which we fondly refer to as Tiffany's (because nothing bad can happen there...it's our escape on days when things are NUTS or when things need a celebration) even though the owners of the place seem to think it has a REAL name...and I don't even know what it is! We're excited because they've rennovated "our" bar...just for us, I'm sure and we'll be enjoying it's art-deco poshness, shimmering for the holidays!

While we're there we will open gifts.... similar to Oprah's favorite things, where she gives her audience her finds of the year... we do the same. Each of us gives OUR favorite things to the group. It's always an adventure trying something new that someone else loves. I'm excited about my gifts for the girls.... and to see what's in store for me!

We'll move on to dinner after drinks. This year, we won't have to travel far, as dinner is just down the street at a new French restaurant that opened this year.... and we'll talk and laugh forever (or at least until the waiter makes us totally uncomfortable for staying too long...at which point we will beg him to take our pictures and record for history the 5th annual Girls Gone Mild Christmas Party)

SO... come Friday night, think of your very best friends... and make a toast to friendships that last a lifetime.

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - no. Iced tea... what was I thinking? It's like 15 degrees today!
music - christmas christmas christmas


rosebud101 said...

It sounds like you are in for a great time! Enjoy your celebration, Sylvie!

Sylvie said...

Thank you Mallory! We always have a great time!